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Our dictatorial society

Updated on September 18, 2014

What has our society become. It is now more dictatorial than free. We are constantly being bombarded with new laws and regulations taking the freedoms we have engrained in the Constitution into a restrictive environment. I understand the need for some restrictions to protect the rights and freedoms of others and to some extent they make sense. Our country is not a dictatorship but the results of some laws and regulations create such an environment.

The expansive nature of the current culture in Congress forces us as individuals to search before we make decisions to ensure we are not violating any laws or regulations. It was not that way before and should not be that way now. Decisions are being made by elected individuals to made decisions related to what food and in some cases drinks can be sold in a business. Businesses should have the freedom to sell products for which they have customers without politicians invoking decisions they have no right to make.

Government needs to back off regulating everything a business does and let the market make the decisions whether they have the products individuals want to purchase. The basic law of supply and demand should be allowed free reign. I understand to some extent the aim is to impact the quantity of overweight individuals in society. It is not the job of government to invoke dictatorial decisions on business to change the culture in which an individual exists. Parents have some responsibility and in some cases it may not be the fault of parents or individuals if they are overweight.

It does no good for government at any level to be involved with what individuals should eat. Granted meals should have some nutritional value but if the food being served in such places as our schools are not what students will eat it is a waste of taxpayer dollars. I am not criticizing the objective of government to reduce obesity in our country but whose decision should it be as to what we should eat or what should be available to eat. It is us as individuals who should make these decisions. In other cases it should be up to parents to provide examples of what food is best to eat but in the end their children must have food to live and breathe and the menu should not be forced on them or us.

In another aspect restrictive regulations coming from the federal government are impacting the need to be energy independent and in some cases the laws and/or regulations being created will directly impact specific energy sources such as coal. Regulations or laws that directly impact any segment of our economy become dictatorial in nature if it will impact the survival of any industry. While there needs to be adequate laws and regulations to protect the environment other laws and/or regulations have created an environment which is not business friendly.

The expansion of government in areas where it may not be specifically within their constitutional authority goes against what the founding fathers envisioned our country to become. The current culture or appearance of the actions of government at the federal level and possibly in some state governments is that someone has an opinion and that opinion may not necessarily be based on facts. In these instances it has made no difference in many cases as the laws and regulations are created to invoke the opinions creating an environment which reduces the freedoms we have and the right to make our own decisions without government intervention. It is not the place of government to be involved in every decision we make as individuals or as business owners. A free society of which we are supposed to be should be one which the rule of law exists where individuals can control their destinies as free and responsible members of society.


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