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Our five senses and the world around us, reality.

Updated on August 2, 2015

Our five senses and the world around us, reality.


Our five senses and the world around us, reality.

Our five senses and the world around us, reality.






The human anatomy is a mirror image of all that surrounds us in the material world.

Everything that we have preserved over time with the aid of culture, education,

as well as religion, comes to life physically, digitally and materially.

Newspapers and Magazines.

We use our hand to hold a newspaper and magazine.

We read the articles with our eyes.

We then process the various information we see, sports, entertainment and

The weather report.


We listen to our favorite radio programmes with our ears.


We watch our favorite programmes with our eyes.

Internet and computers.

We open a website and catch up on our music, movies ‎and research. We can

also send emails.

The ‎Telephone, land lines and cell phones.

We listen with our ears, when we receive a call.

We talk with our mouths, when we make a call.

We speak to our loved ones from our cell phones to check if they are well‎?

When we want to order fast foods, we use a telephone.

When informing our subordinates at work we will be late for work we use a telephone.

When we are in danger we call someone close to us, to get help if possible.


Wheat, sugar, bread, milk, meat, fruits, vegetables, crisps and sweets

all come from mother nature.

We eat for survival.

Yet human being have the ability to reflect, so we acquire a taste

As well as eat the food we love, hopefully they are tender and healthy.

We live in the comfort of our houses.

We eat, play and listen to music on the television radio or computer in our homes.

We sleep in our homes.


We travel to work holiday and home, using cars, buses, trains, and airplanes.


We acquire knowledge.

Build schools, universities, high ways and go to hospitals and clinics when we are ill.

We have faith, and we practice our religion.

We get married and we start our family.

We are governed by politics.

We live.

We love.

We die.

Do we rest in Heaven?

Do we re incarnate‎?

Do we simply cease to existence?

Do our loved ones keep us alive through memory.

Gods.Poet Nkosi



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