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Our troops have a right to protect and defend themselves

Updated on July 29, 2015

The recent attacks on out military raises a lot of questions. Our military personnel have a right to have the ability to defend themselves especially with recent events. The policy of taking away guns from our military should be reversed immediately. We have had what has been called lone wolfs attacking our military installations but without the ability to defend themselves some if not all of those killed could be alive today. It is not just about the lone wolf scenario but our military and military installations have been threatened by ISIS who is causing enough problems in foreign lands. These threats should be taken seriously. Every individual needs to have the ability to protect and defend themselves. It is inconceivable that our military who risk their lives in foreign lands would not have the right to defend themselves here at home.

Putting our troops in foreign lands where dangerous conditions exist they have the means or should have the means to protect themselves and the installations where they are located. Taking the threats our troops face overseas and comparing it to the threats they face here at home especially with recent events they should have the right to carry guns. One thing to point out which apparently has been forgotten when you join the military your rights under the Constitution is not waived they are still in effect.

We have a great military organization with individuals who put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms we enjoy today. It is these individuals both those who have served in the past and those serving now that have made our country what it is today. Many individuals have made the ultimate sacrifice some under circumstances which could have been prevent such as the recent events. We owe it to all our veterans to provide whatever not only the protection we can to help them not only protect their lives but the military installations. They have the right under the Constitution to have weapons on their persons or at their disposal should danger approach.

The present assault on our second amendment rights is not just about private citizens it applies to all citizens. The military above all have the right and need to carry weapons to protect not only military installations where they are located but also their lives. Another point to make is that the recent events with our military being killed or wounded need to be identified for what they are. They are attacks on our very way of life.

Recent budget cuts in the Defense Department are wrong given the threats which exist in the world today. The world is a different place today and the size of our military is shrinking not increasing. In addition the means of protecting themselves has been taken away from them and should be reinstated immediately. The recent attacks are examples of the need to change the rules restricting the capability to of our troops to protect themselves and military installations.

Private citizens have more rights to carry guns than our military at this time and needs to change.

The protectors and defenders of our way of life are placing their lives on the line and the lack of weapons to protect themselves is putting their lives in more danger. The appearance or philosophy which seems to be in place if they do not have weapons there is less chance of being killed or wounded. The events involving shootings of our military in several locations proves that preventing our troops to have the weapons they need is unwarranted.

If the Defense Department does not take immediate action to reverse their policy Congress should act to require the policy to be reversed. If legislation passes Congress and is vetoed by the President it would be a slap in the face to all those who serve today and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the past. Our troops wherever they are should have everything they need which includes any weapons to aid in protecting their lives. It does not and should not make any difference if they are serving in foreign lands or here in country.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 2 years ago


      Thanks for commenting. I am not sure of the logic which was used to implement this policy but it needs to change immediately. Our military deserves nothing less.

    • claptona profile image

      John D Wilson 2 years ago from Earth

      Hi Dennis,

      Though I don't agree with some of your hub, I do agree the military, along with the citizens ought to be able to protect themselves with weapons.

      All citizens should have the right to bear arms - as stated in the Constitution.

      With that said, do you think there's a reason for the policy that the Military was NOT allowed to carry weapons?

      Keep up the good work.