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Overthrow, Don't Vote for, this system!

Updated on June 25, 2016

What will happen after a Revolution? Good question, dive in

The link I provide above is not the current issue of the Revolution Newspaper, but it challenges this voting atmosphere, that is way too much in the air right now and shouldn't be because of many reasons this article goes a little into- and people can dive into other materials that dive more into any questions readers have, through this website- I will be happy to recommend some. Now the solution is not anarchy, where there is no state. We would need to work on building a whole new society that is not grounded on the exploitation of people and the plunder of the planet. We would need a different way of organizing society- a dictatorship of the proletariat, not the bourgeois. The reason state power at the moment is essential is because the whole world is ruled by empires that are Capitalist-Imperialist. And therefore we would have to confront that- and the only way to do that is through state power.

Dictatorship of the Proletariat doesn't mean taking vengeance on the rich. It just means that the masses who would normally be subjected to the things they were subjected to under Capitalism, would no longer be exploited. There will be challenges, but the point is that we would be transitioning and working on things. We would transition to a socialist society (on that cannot happen under Capitalism), one that is working on going all the way towards Communism. I know Communism is a 'dirty' word, and people will either laugh, get shocked or scared, but there are a lot of misconceptions to what we learn about Communism. Learning about Communism through a Capitalist system is like learning about slavery by a white confederacy soldier. So I welcome people to dive into my blog notes, so they can get a better grasp to what I am talking about and feel free to ask questions. I won't belittle or insult you (which is the culture we have been conditioned to live under).

The book that gives the vision to how this society would look like is entitled, "The Constitution for a New Socialist Republic in North America." and the strategy for a revolution is called, "Revolution and Communism: A Foundation and Strategic Orientation." The book which tells you why Capitalism works (learned from Marx), why you can't change Capitalism, the shortcoming to past Communist Revolutions, and more on the strategy is called, "The Science, The Strategy, The Leadership, for an Actual Revolution, and A Radically New Society on the Road to Real Emancipation." Most of these works can be found online on website

We need leadership but not one under this system

Bob Avakian
Bob Avakian | Source


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