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PA Labor and Union Report--August 31 2015

Updated on August 31, 2015

A New Home

In 2013, I began doing a "PA Labor and Union Report" on On August 21st, my services were terminated. I have decided to place the reports here. I look forward to sharing news of interest to working people here on HubPages.

Voters Blame Legislature for Impasse, Back Governor.

A recent Franklin and Marshall poll, according to the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, show Pennsylvania Voters placing the blame for the State's budget impasse on the Republican-controlled legislature as opposed to Governor Wolf.

Fifty-four percent of voters surveyed placed the blame on the legislature, while twenty-nine blame the Governor.

The poll also shows that the pension privatization that the State's GOP is insisting is not even on the average voter's radar. Those polled see that issue as an insider issue and not tied to the budget.

A Victory For Fast Food Organizers

On August 27, the National Labor Relations Board made a decision that may make organizing at franchises easier.

According to the Pennsylvania State AFL-CIO, in a 3-2 decision, the NRLB ruled that waste managment company Browing-Ferris Industries qualifies as a "joint employer" with one of its subcontractors.

The case stemmed from efforts by the Teamsters to organize Leadpoint Business Services and name BFI as a joint employer.

This ruling may mean that workers in the service sector may be able to be organized on a mass-level, as opposed to a site-by-site basis.

Activities Abound For Labor Day

September 7 is Labor Day. While this day marks the end of Summer, it is also an opportunity to show solidarity and support for workers. The State AFL-CIO has a list of events here.


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