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Updated on October 15, 2012


Rich people, hide your money, fancy cars and vacation homes, Obama and the Democrats are coming to steal these extravagances and re-distribute them to the poor, like Robin Hood of old. They want to increase your taxes, while ½ half of the country doesn’t pay any at all. They’re Communists, Socialists, Statists, Marxists and every other type of “ist” Fox News can think of. Four more years of Obama means the end of the Republic and Western Civilization as we know it.

Mitt Romney told a group of wealthy donors that 47% of Americans feel the government owes them something: a permanent hand-out; welfare and food stamps for everybody; the professionally unemployed as Fox so charitably calls them. Rally the base by telling them the hordes are at the gate. Each side rightly accuses the other of inciting class warfare, but all the shouting and yelling hides the true meaning of this election- which set of millionaires will control the government.

The main trouble with the United States today is not that the rich pay too little in taxes, or the poor are mooching off the government. It is Washington itself. We must remember that the ultimate goal of any politician is to keep themselves in office, and according to statistics, they spend 80% of their time fund-raising to do so. In some respects, they have become similar to the aristocrats of bygone days in Europe: well-to-do, living off the people, puffed-up in self-importance, doing minimal of real substance. You can’t really blame the wealthy for not wanting to pay more in taxes. Giving money to the federal government is like flushing it down the drain. At the other end of the spectrum, what choice to most poor people have except to collect welfare and food stamps. They can’t find jobs that will allow them to feed their families, pay rent and other bills.

Perhaps the biggest fallacy perpetuated on the American people by Washington is that the budget cannot be balanced without drastically cutting services for our most disadvantaged citizens. Thus, Democrats feel justified in running up huge deficits, while Republicans are continuously screaming for reductions. Yes, the entitlement programs such as welfare and Medicaid are bloated and require reform, but change needs to begin at the top, working its way down to the bottom. Budget cuts inevitably fall on the weakest and those with the least political clout- the poor and children.

How about the president and Congress giving up some of their perks, beginning with a salary decrease? Heaven knows they have earned it. The salaries of their gargantuan staffs should also be reduced, starting with those making the most money. After cleaning up the waste, inefficiency and corruption in their own branches, then and only then, can the president and Congress look to fat-trim else where. Otherwise, all their talk about class warfare, government excess and such is just that, hot air being blown around the capital.

And think with all the money that would be saved, more could be spent on better education for our children, so they do not have to live on welfare and food stamps when grown. Which would save even more money, so Social Security and Medicare will be around when our grandchildren need it. The budgets would be balanced, while still providing relief for those most in want. What a wonderful world it could be.


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