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Updated on November 8, 2015

True issues out of agenda

Just one year away from the 2016 Presidential election in the United States of America, so that’s the hot time for the campaigns to be focused on big issues to captivate the electors, a tough time for voters to hear from the candidates the deep message they want to share with them. But what voters are watching right now on TV or learning from the candidates of both sides is personal troubles, nothing to do, of course, with the huge problems the electors are confronting daily.

On Democratic side, Hilary Clinton, the front-runner candidate, has her emails do deal with. Emails controversy is sounding more loudly than her program. Her serious rival for nomination, Bernie Sounders, has to justify his strange socialist status in a country where socialism means communism. In the same time, Republican camp looks like a mess with its multi-candidates. Also personal dilemma affect the candidates in sight such Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio. Do you hear something about Donald Trump’s program? What is in the front page is the immigration controversy related to Latino immigrants he will put out once elected, the women bleeding and ‘’rapists’’ comments. His rival, Ben Carson, has to face controversy about his autobiography qualified as a ‘’bunch of lies’’, his comments on Muslims ineligible as US presidents, on Egyptian pyramids built for cereals or on gun control and Hitler role in Holocaust. Jeb Bush had to apologize to France because of his workweek remark. He criticized Rubio attendance in the Senate that he compared to France workweek. All these comments on personal troubles ring up and overshadow the true campaign speech.

Meanwhile the current administration says avec triumph economy is fine and the unemployment rate is down to 5%. The security of the population is optimal. And then it adds, the country’s leadership is brilliant. Bad feeling pushes now the voters to ask themselves, because everything is reported looking fine, why they have to waste time to wait for a new election. The matter is that the candidates have chosen to take off their electoral agenda the true issues needed to be solved in order to make really the country better and better. This justifies all over the world the high abstention rate in presidential race.


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