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PWHS Student to run for Class President and School Board Liaison

Updated on December 3, 2014

Formal Statement of Intentions

He states, "To be a contributing member to the Student Council is to take on responsibilities required by elected positions. It is also to execute those responsibilities to the fullest beyond what is expected. The positions I am working to attain are Class President, and School Board Liaison. I am also more than capable and intelligent enough to hold either one and I am aware of the responsibilities that come with each position."

Disclaimer* - I am writing an article about myself.

Who is he?

He is a student at Port Washington High School. The rest is for you to decide. So what does he plan to do as class president? As school board liaison?

What will he do as Class President?

As Class President, he will work to:

A. Offer leadership to the council, which it has been deprived of for the past year under it's current class president.

B. Work with students to resolve serious issues and problems in the school.

C. Inform school leaders and the student council of thoughts and ideas from the student body.

D. Take on responsibility of leading class cabinet meetings.

E. Organize student activities and events as well as help raise funds.

He also states that he will work to increase awareness of the council to promote more student body ideas and communication. On top of everything he will work to improve parent, student, and council 3 way communication.

What will he do as School Board Liaison?

As School Board Liaison, he will work to:

A. Create an effective communication line between the school board, student council, student body, and parents.

B. Attend both school board meetings, and student council sessions.

C. Promote information sharing both to and from the school board.

He also states that he will work to remove the senior to freshman condescending mindset present in the council to promote fairness in power and to promote more ideas. He states doing that will increase the council's productivity from all grades.

Read his Letter of Contributions

His letter can be read on Google Drive by following this link: (Copy and Paste into a new tab):


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