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Pakistan; with allies like these...

Updated on March 28, 2015

On May 1st, those with fully operation brains stared at the Google Earth image of where Osama Bin Laden had been living and asked;

how is it possible for him to have resided in this neighbourhood
and none of his neighbours noticed?

By the 2nd of May, those with fully operation brains, had gained the data that Bin Laden had resided in this mansion since 2007. Further, the mansion is in a town similar to Sandhurst; that is an upscale neighbourhood where retired senior military people live.

The presence of a military training base in virtual walking distance of the Bin Laden mansion added to the incredulity.

By the 3rd of May, law makers in Washington D.C. began to ask the same questions.


It is apparent to those who have some knowledge of cultures, current events, history, that there are few nations as anti-American as Pakistan. This isn't 'new'. This anti-American sentiment goes back to it's creation.

Unlike other nations, there never was a Pakistan.

The state which exists was created on the 14th of August 1947 out of the two Muslim-majority wings in the eastern and northwestern regions of British India. From inception there have been riots, coups, murders; in short it has never been a stable nation.

Christopher Hitchens visited the country after 9/11 to find tee shirts with Osama's image being sold and when he tried to buy one was nearly set upon and subjected to raw hatred to the extent he quickly left the area.

Yet, America seemed, up until May 1, 2011, willing to believe that Pakistan was an ally.

Uncommon Common Sense

Osama Bin Laden is a mega millionaire. A two star hotel is a cave in his experience. Further, he has a kidney disease and needs dialysis.

Does this sound like a person who could live in cave?

Despite the various videos which made it pretty clear that he was not speaking from a cave but some place that had electricity; despite inferences that he had crossed the border into Pakistan, America kept up it's war in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is pretty backwards. The only time it had a look into the modern world was during the Soviet Invasion.

Since the Russian departure and arrival of the Taliban, it is year naught, with people living at a lower level than when Moses parted the Red Sea. The only 'technology' in Afghanistan are the imported weapons.

For a man born to one of the richest families in Saudi Arabia, a man with a kidney disease, who is used to the finer things of life, Afghanistan would be a highly unlikely residence.

Considering the nearness of Pakistan and the pro-al qaeda attitude of the vast majority of its people, it seemed rather likely the Bin Laden family would be resident in that country.

Further, Osama Bin Laden is remarkably tall. He'd stand out in any crowd (save at an NBA game). Yet no one ever saw him.

For ten years.

Foreign Aid

The American Taxpayer has spent Billions in Pakistan. The amount of money could give every single American a few thousand dollars pocket warming. Could build lovely homes for the homeless, and provide free health care.

But Billions were sent to Pakistan to assist in their 'fight against terror'.

That is like giving oil companies billions to assist in the development of solar power.

How stupid are American lawmakers one can not begin to explore, the question is, what now?

We know, for a fact, that Osama Bin Laden resided in that mansion since 2007.
We know that his neighbours must have had some inkling of who he was.

In fact, it will probably come to light that they knew, that they welcomed him, and that they gave him absolute protection.

We know, for a fact, that America proceeded on the mission without the knowledge of the Pakistan officials. This is because to tell any Pakistan official would have him running like Usain Bolt to warn Osama that the Yanks were coming.

We know that the American Task Force trained in a secret base in Afghanistan because it couldn't trust Pakistani officials.

We know that the Americans blew up one of their malfunctioning heliocopters to prevent it falling into Pakistani hands.

And Pakistan is an Ally?


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