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Pakistani Taliban Surround Karachi

Updated on February 17, 2014

Flying under the news wire media in most outlets is quite a startling story happening in southern Pakistan. Karachi, Pakistan's largest city and port on the Arabian Sea is being threatened by the Pakistani Taliban group called Tehreek-e-Taliban.

The Taliban ring of terror begins near the port, past the U.S. Consulate, most of Baida Town, Mangopir, Gadup, Sohrab, Landhi. In all these areas that surround the core of Karachi, the terrorists make money via extortion, drugs, crime,kidnapping, and land grabbing. Despite all this, the government have only tried to negotiate and reach an accord with this group. The U.S. wants the Pakistan army to intervene and wipe the groups off the map. So far, this has not happened, although, the seriousness of the situation now has the Pakistani army planning some sort of operation.

With the assassination of the Karachi police minister, who was stood up against the Taliban and waged war against them like no Pakistani did before, the void has not been filled and a blanket of fear hovers over the police force making it inept and more corrupt. Since January, 27 have been killed in public in gruesome manners.

You would think that in a city of 20 million, the sheer numbers would be able to crush any Taliban opposition, yet, the assassination and the rampant killings of policemen seems to have put fear into the city government allowing the Taliban to extort and intimidate. The Taliban have made parts of the city to dangerous for police to enter and patrol! Th city has about 7000 officers available to patrol 20 million! Another 9000 officers are solely for the protection of government officials and other VIPs because of the Taliban threat.

Can you believe this?

Some action has occurred, in September, 13000 were arrested in areas not directly under Taliban control. The police are hesitant to enter the poor outlying areas that the Taliban own. The Taliban control 470 square miles or a third of the city with 2.5 million in it. The control 33 of the 178 counties or areas. Like in other areas, where the Taliban do control, they set up courts and use harsh punishment to control the population and then extorts them. They control who gets electricity for money.

The Pashtun party in the city states that they have complete control of the city and act with impunity. Where is the Pakistani military?


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