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Pakistan's National Progress Depends More On Politics Than Economy

Updated on March 25, 2018


In today’s era of mercantilism-turned political economy, both politics and economics are intertwined and carry importance. Politics, or the exercise of authority to govern and administer, is the fuel behind increased production of goods and services, or the economy. In the same way, economic realities help determine the political stances. In such a situation of chicken-and-egg dilemma, upon pondering with insight, one can easily conclude that it’s the power to shape policy which can route energies properly for the economic development. For any attempt to win, either personal or on the level of state affairs, the attention required to devise the most viable strategy carries significance. The same holds true for a state. Efficient planning and policy-making can ensure sustained progress.


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, after attaining other essential amenities like food, shelter and clothes etc, the trait of self-recognition or personal satisfaction comes the next, which is the topmost level. Acquisition of such level is possible only when one acquires a position ensuring his/her supremacy over the peers and wider audience. The outer-world is replete with examples whereby wealthy billionaire individuals finally resorted to politics so as to quench their thirst for recognition, influence and protocol etc. Donald J Trump, in spite of having accumulated billions and spending a lavish life, ran for public office and is the current president of the United States. One of the six most reputable international gem-businessmen of his time, the Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Masood (late) spent the last days of his life fighting for a political cause. The same holds true for Asad Umar, ex-CEO of Engro, who left his remunerative job for political motives. Politics is a continent and economics is one of its countries.

Civil Services Academy, Lahore
Civil Services Academy, Lahore | Source

Top Career-choice of Pakistani Youth

Among Pakistani youth, according to a recent survey, the topmost career choice is Civil Services. The primary reason remained authority, social elements and an opportunity to record contributions for the country’s progress. Some of the lucrative jobs in the corporate world and international development sector offer far more perk but the social element is missing. Such social recognition and the associated communal respect places Civil Services on the top of list. According to government reports, every year about a million graduates try their luck for various civil service positions on national and provincial levels.


Importance of administration

On state-level, the importance of administration, governance and policy-making can never be ignored. A revolutionary policy has the power to route national energies for sustained progress and inclusive prosperity. According to Harvard Business Review, meta-governance, or the planning the process of governance, is an essence too important to be ignored. Meta-governance includes long-term planning of policy or legislation. For instance, drafting the legislation is an activity done once, with some revisions, but its consequences are to be felt for decades or, in case of the American constitution, even centuries. For Pakistan’s case, the constitution of 1973 guarantees protection of its citizens, their property and religion etc. It is due to its strong clauses that the countrymen today are not worried about getting its Islamic character compromised in future.

Ministry of Finance Logo
Ministry of Finance Logo | Source

Significance of friendly financial policies

Further, an investor-friendly trade (or financial) policy has the potential to lure investors and realize a country’s economic progress by leaps and bounds. In case of China, it was the trade-friendly initiative of Deng Xian Ping which attracted foreign investors and took China to new heights of progress and prosperity. India’s progress in the technological spheres today is due to investor-friendly initiative of 1990’s promulgated by the Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Similarly, Malaysia’s progress today owes its gratitude to the visionary leadership of Mahatir Mohammad whose visionary policies relieved the country of massive debts and made it economically independent. Thus, a government policy is the prime catalyst for determining the economic realities later.


Need for a visionary approach

A personality’s visionary approach can undoubtedly change the course of history and take the country to new-levels of progress and sovereignty. We are living in an independent state because of the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohamad Ali Jinnah, who despite, the obstacles and social rifts, paved ways for the largest Muslim country on the world’s map. The United States of America, in true sense, became united after its territorial increase and that owes its credit to the then President Thomas Jefferson whose intelligent policy increased the country’s size by nearly two-times.

The Link Between Globalization and Political Instability


To sum up, the weight age carried by political maneuvers is far more than that of economic elements. Doubtlessly for a country to sustain progress, it needs a multi-dimensional approach which has in it inculcated various social, political and economic targets. The quest to seek political authority and influence the relevant socio-political spheres can be justified both rationally and from the abstract angles. Such struggle, if pursued intelligently, is the true harbinger of progress in future. As a democratic country, the policy-making process of Pakistan has the potential to make it destined for sustained prosperity and economic strides.


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