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Palin Tells GOP: Get On Board The Tea Party Express or You're Done!

Updated on October 31, 2010

So Much Division! Will It Ever Go Back To Normal?

Sarah Palin has been a growing force within the GOP and more recently the Tea Party since her run on the 2008 Republican Presidential ticket with John McCain. McCain's star has faded, while Palin has risen from obscurity to an almost cult-like following throughout this country. She has an appeal that seems to be unexplainable and laughable to some on the other side, being dismissed by many pundits and Senior Democrat Party Advisers as a flash in the pan; someone who deserves little consideration as a power to be dealt with in the future. The long-time members of the GOP elite have been caught with their pants down, so to speak, not really knowing what to do about this Alaska born phenomenon. They are afraid to speak out against her and at the same time hesitant to fully support her in her efforts.

Whether Palin is a serious contender for the 2012 Presidential race is up in the air. Palin, ever so coy, keeps her ambitions or goals to herself. She seems to be thoroughly embroiled and right in the center of the mid-term elections, supporting 'her' candidates with fervor, while at the same time amassing her personal fortune through public appearances and books. She doesn't really claim to be a Republican, instead she is a 'common sense conservative Patriot'. She is a driving force behind the Tea Party, and in recent days, has issued a threat to the leaders of the GOP, "Either get on board the Tea Party Express or you will be gone!" Divisive, yes, but always the charmer! This most recent threat was made with that familiar grin and while it was not accompanied by the wink that she so often uses during her speaking engagements, the wink was implied.

She is the new breed of politician. She has decided that she has the power to change or even destroy a political party. She may think she can destroy both traditional parties because of her popularity.

Palin: Stupid Like A Fox!

Palin is dismissed by mainstream media (lamestream as she sees it) as the darling of the less-informed voter; the voter who is satisfied with the bumper sticker quips, the voter who can remember only the one-liners, the voter who does not have the capacity to understand the complicated economic theories or even more complex global issues that face the US. Mainstream media may be correct. That may be the voter that has attached to the Palin view of the world. Their world may be flat, but they are willing to fight to the death to defend their beliefs! They will also drown out or villify any dissenters.

Mainstream media and the elite of both parties may soon have to realize that the voters they need to reach are those who are less-informed and happy being that way. Their world is the world where everything is black and white, plain and simple, right or wrong. No grey areas, nothing complex. They reduce everything to its least common denominator. Most of Palin's devotees believe the US is the super-power of the world and will remain so. These voters are hawks, most definitely! They don't care who we have to fight, we will crush them all! Most of Palin's followers are too old to join the Army to participate in a war, but if they have to, they will gladly pick up one or two of their guns and defend their land from any invader, even an over-reaching government that is their own! They believe their money is theirs, not to be given to government programs they don't agree with. They are almost all Christian, or what they believe Christian is and they are almost all white. They believe as a group that abortion is not a choice. It is murder, plain and simple. Do not call them stupid; most of them are hard working and have families. That alone qualifies them as being smart. They contribute on every level, but just to the things they believe in. They want to rid the country of anything they don't believe in. There is little tolerance in this Palin-following group. They will vote for people who sound and look like them. They will not vote for anyone who doesn't follow or at least say they believe in their simple philosophies.

Mainstream media and the elite of both parties hope that the Tea Party Express will derail! They may not. The Tea Party may become the official political party of this country. No dissenters allowed!

The Real Americans! Palin's Patriots!

Palin's followers are the children of the '50's and '60's. Post World War II babies, reared by parents who may not have been ready for civil rights, labor laws, tolerance for other opinions that don't match their own. They also came from the mind set that everyone has the ability to survive on their own. No government programs needed, no affirmative action necessary. If they could succeed, then everyone should be able to succeed, with no help from government. The best government is one that stays out of your business and your wallet! The common good? No. Almost every word that begins with the letters: c-o-m-m-o-n is another way of saying communist. And for these Patriots, communism is still the most feared word in their vocabulary. Anything they fear or do not like is labeled as communist. Community activists are communists! The list can go on and on. The only phrase they accept that contains the word 'common' is that they have  'common sense'.

Socialist is another word for any social program designed to help people in trouble or need of assistance. These programs are evil and not necessary according to Palin's Patriots.

Palin's Patriots believe in a simpler form of government. They want to keep their Social Security and their Medicare, but they may not want it to be there for others. It is, after all, socialist!

They are the real Americans, the real patriots in this country. Their message is simple: Get on board or get run over. If you disagree with them, you are not a real American. You are most definitely not a Patriot!

The Constitution Will Just Have To Change!

The Tea Party believes in the Constitution; the way they see it. They specifically honor the second amendment; the right to be armed. They also believe in the freedom of speech; their own. It is not known if they value anyone else's thoughts or anyone else's freedom of speech. That is still to be determined. They do not believe that the Constitution requires separation of church and state. If they gain power, it will be interesting to see what they name as the national religion. Will it be Christianity? Or will they narrow it down further: Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopalian, Catholic(pretty sure not that one, they may be Communists), Southern Baptist?

Parts of the Constitution will most definitely have to change under the auspices of the Tea Party. The changes made will clearly suit these Patriots and Real Americans!

The White House Will Again Be White!

There is room for more than just whites in the Tea Party, they say. Just not in the White House, for sure! The White House will be white again! After all, it was named that for a reason!



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  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 7 years ago from California, USA

    See, we do agree on something! Our government was in no way responsible for the horror of 9/11! And there is the beginning of civil discourse. Find what we agree on and go from there. I think that most of us truly love our country and want the best for our country. Just as every family is different, every person is different and each person may believe in a different path to get to what is best. I get upset when I see intolerance in every area of life, not just politics. People have a hard enough time getting through life without being labeled or called names. If we could all just accept that there are differences of opinion- that is why we vote. It is a precious right, and I am almost positive that we would agree there, too! Thank you for taking the time to read my hub and commenting. I do appreciate it!

  • rachellrobinson profile image

    Rachel Woodruff 7 years ago from Southwest Missouri

    I am sorry that you have had a bad experience with the Tea Party, I have yet to meet a Tea Party person who would tell someone there views are unAmerican. That being said I will admit that I have told people who (believe our Government is Responsible for 9-11) that, their veiws are unAmerican. But to believe other things is not unAmerican. I guess we all have our buttons that can be pushed.

  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 7 years ago from California, USA

    Agreed! This is a left leaning argument and I believe that there are many nice, normal people who belong to the Tea Party. For me, the message is extreme. My experience has not been isolated to what I have seen on the news, however. It has been personal. I always try to hear all sides of arguments and never suggest that anyone shut up, or that they don't deserve to be heard. Many people that I know personally who claim to be members of the Tea Party have and continue to tell me that their views are the only views that are acceptable and that anyone (me) who disagrees should move to Cuba and worse, that I must hate my country! They have not stopped at that. I will not share with you the names that I have been called because my opinions are not the same. In my experience, civil discussion has never been an option. Civil discussion would benefit all involved.

  • rachellrobinson profile image

    Rachel Woodruff 7 years ago from Southwest Missouri

    Wow what a left leaning argument. I especially don't like the part about Tea Partiers only liking the freedom of speech when it's there own. Sad that you have to make pot shots when you don't really know what you are talking about... but as a Tea Party Member all I can say is that is your right to say ignorant things. Which you will probably read as me not wanting you to say it, but what the hell you already think we are fringe nut cases. I suggest next time you want to take pot shots at the Tea Party attend a local rally or meeting and ask questions you will probably find the people there to be nice normal, and open to discussions with you on just about anything, not the evil anarchist that your television tells you we are.


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