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Updated on August 12, 2013

"THE DOT COM ORGASM" (Part 7 of 21)


With the 21st Century firmly underway we certainly can not predict with any certainty where society will evolve. However, even in admitting our ignorance, we can still identify the preceding influences which ushered society up to its now present day.

Contemporary 21st Century America was forged out of five distinct eras since the close of World War II:

  • First era of ‘The Atomic Age': 1945 to 1963. (Previously discussed Hub).
  • Second era of ‘Generation Freelove & 1970s America': 1963 to 1980. (Previously discussed Hub).
  • Third era of ‘Reaganomics': 1980 to 1992. (Previously discussed Hub).
  • FOURTH ERA OF 'THE DOT-COM ORGASM': 1992 to 2001.
  • Fifth era of ‘Revenge Is Justice': 2001 to Present.


Over the span of a little less than one full decade, from April 29, 1992The Rodney King Riots; Los Angeles, CA to September 11, 2001, The Era of the Dot-Com Orgasm, developed in such a way that the course of modern, global society would be forever redefined.

Unlike Gerald Ford, who inherited from Richard Nixon the fiascoes of Viet Nam, and Watergate, former Vice-President George H.W. Bush inherited no bad mojo whatsoever from Ronald Reagan. As HW took over the political reins from his predecessor and former boss, The Wall had come down and the U.S. dollar was going up. Generally speaking, by the very-late-1980's/very-early-1990's everyone felt pretty darn good. Thus, with none left to conquer, with world commerce strong and with no previous administration fiasco to address, the rather forgettable, completely disposable forty-first President of the United States of America, George H.W. Bush, did what he considered the next best course-of-action: He crafted a crisis of his own.

It was HW's insistence that an anonymous, failed Iraqi politician half a world away was apparently the devil-reincarnate that overshadowed the dawn of the emerging Dot-Com Era. Apparently HW had absorbed none of the common sense or political savvy with which his predecessor and former boss had been blessed. Inspired by a rationale known only to he, HW invested in a diluted, murky military agenda entitled The Gulf War and in doing so completely blemished the political credibility of these once great United States. Ironically, well over a decade into the future, as if one Gulf War were not enough to convince the world that America had indeed lost its mind, HW's son, George W., a quasi-functional Texas redneck, would devise and unilaterally implement Gulf War II. George W's own variation upon the war-mongering theme his daddy introduced a dozen years previously, would prove to Planet Earth that, yes, insanity is apparently as inherited as black hair or blue eyes, or any other birth trait.

HW, the father, would serve but one presidential term; America, along with the entire world community, had had enough. In as much, the seeds of The Subculture that took root way back in the 1960's ultimately grew into a pseudo-communism hybrid entitled the American Democratic Party.

Following HW's follies, the American Democratic Party launched a long-awaited political agenda that had been simmering since nice-guy/bad-president Jimmy Carter's political implosion of the party only two terms previously.

Amidst this sea of change, enter the political spinnings of Bill Clinton; America's most jovial, yet oftentimes embarrassing, Leninist turned Commander-In-Chief. General consensus agreed; Bill Clinton deliberately encapsulated the vigor of the newly emerging Dot-Com society

Finally, thirty years after John Kennedy, the Democrats once again had their very own champion. Categorically, he possessed a political promise and a youthful resourcefulness that appeared capable of shining just as brightly as JFK's. Yet, in certain political circles, clandestine hush-hush conversations would assert that Clinton's presidency could actually outshine the JFK legacy. Although making such challenges in America is largely considered political blasphemy, few could deny the fact that, unlike Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton had a wife powerful and manipulative enough to herself become President someday. Both sides of the American political demagogue agreed that not even JFK, nor his promises of Kennebunkport Camelot, possessed any such long-lasting curb appeal for the American Democratic Party.

What added to Bill Clinton's political resilience and most bemused Democrats (while completely infuriating the Republicans) was the realization that somehow he had inherited Ronald Reagan's suit-of-Teflon-armor. No one understood exactly how this might have occurred, particularly since prominent members of both political houses agreed that there were simply too many salacious concerns present. But it had indeed come to pass, and just like Reagan a decade previously, Clinton himself seemed impervious to America's cause-and-effect politics.

Like a damp firecracker, the conflict in Bosnia eventually fizzled out. Poignantly, Clinton's own political suit-of-Teflon-armor indeed deflected Bosnia well. Yes, Bosnia could have gone so horribly, horribly wrong and, in so many ways could easily have evolved into America's other Viet Nam; Clinton's Viet Nam.

Bosnia, the beautiful yet ridiculously green country formerly known as Yugoslavia, was a bewildering experience for the embattled U.S. President. Land mines, snipers, refugees, ethnic cleansing "Ethnic-Cleansing" (Today's politically-correct terminology for good old fashioned genocide) and killing fields were all quite vogue, as once again American troops found themselves in another foreign land trading patriotic duty for muddied objectives and indecisive military missions. Clinton, who was little more than a second-rate, used car salesman of a commander-in-chief anyway, somehow peddled a lemon like the Dayton Peace Accords to Bosnia and the rest of the world.

Truly, Bill Clinton did indeed appear to be the saving grace that the American Democratic Party had sough for three decades. Democratic supporters across America figuratively dropped to their knees, thanking the gods off their choosing that the Republican industrial corporation had finally been bankrupted.

Later in his presidency, much of what Clinton crafted, supposedly in the best interests of his political party, somehow ended up getting way, way out of hand; so to speak. As would eventually be recapitulated in perverted detail, other Democratic supporters literally dropped to their knees and thanked Bill Clinton in more personal ways.

There is no point in further elaborating; I've already said a mouthful.

/ / / / END OF PART SEVEN / / / /


© 2007 - R. MARTIN BASSO



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