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Updated on August 12, 2013

"REVENGE IS JUSTICE" (Part 8 of 21)



With the 21st Century firmly underway we certainly can not predict with any certainty where society will evolve. However, even in admitting our ignorance, we can still identify the preceding influences which ushered society up to its now present day.

Contemporary 21st Century America was forged out of five distinct eras since the close of World War II:

  • First era of ‘The Atomic Age': 1945 to 1963. (Previously discussed Hub).
  • Second era of ‘Generation Freelove & 1970s America': 1963 to 1980. (Previously discussed Hub).
  • Third era of ‘Reaganomics': 1980 to 1992. (Previously discussed Hub).
  • Forth era of ‘The Dot-Com Orgasm': 1992 to 2001. (Previously discussed Hub).



As the 21st Century began, America's harrowing sacrifices and selflessness of World War II had progressively receded so far from sight that, looking back, historians and sociologists alike found themselves wondering just where had gone that America? Where were those United States of yesterday, which in the face of great tyranny humbly sacrificed, and then painstakingly lost, so very much in assisting to defeat the Axis Alliance?

When the WTC Towers collapsed, so collapsed much of what had been achieved in and associated with America's preceding eras. The United States awakened suddenly from its hedonistic slumber as good old-fashioned chaos ushered America in to the 21st Century. Yes, the party was over, yet how could it have ended so catastrophically?

In one fell swoop, and rather embarrassingly so, it was abruptly concluded that America was no longer as charming, nor as well liked, as had been previously assumed. The perspective of the world community was suddenly crystal clear. One single word had gradually evolved to encapsulate, to define America: Arrogance. Apparently, certain segments of global society had had enough of what was considered to be the rather obsessive Yankee Doodle presumption of the most industrialized superpower on Earth.

After all, how much heady excess was too much heady excess for one planet to take?

On September 11th, 2001, a handful of fanatical zealots placed into action a series of events that would answer that question.

Overnight, a nation lost itself completely. Overnight, President George W. Bush had been immediately betrothed the sympathy and the compassion of the entire civilized world community. Without any pause whatsoever, Bush took one of humanity's few galvanizing moments in world history and completely squandered everything. Overnight, a government in chaos immediately transitioned its nation from capitalistic apathy to a culture of second-guessing and mistrust, of retribution and suspicion. From the ashes of September 11th arose modern American society's modern governmental philosophy: Revenge is Justice.

With much power comes much responsibility and equally as much restraint.

In the wake of such tragedy, September 11th is largely recognized as America's single-most sobering terrorist attack to date. Gradually, over time, hindsight wisdom reveals that in response to this tragedy, America's Commander-in-Chief at the time, George W. Bush, generally mismanaged his presidential powers, shirked his presidential responsibilities and completely disregarded his presidential restraints.

As America wiped the settling dust from its eyes, few seemed to notice that, somewhere in the process, a new ‘incorporation' had been born. It comprised itself of Terror Alert Levels and Departments of Homeland Security, of anthrax and of Al-Queda's and Osama's. Along with revenge apparently being justice, indeed, a whole new language had been incorporated as well.

An argument might be made that the only redeeming aspect regarding September 11th is that for the most part, the world community banned together, called a spade a spade and acknowledged human evil. Whereas prior to that day apathetic disassociation seemed to navigate the course of our nation's policy, after that day revenge was the only justice suitable for a world community, which had sought, at least on that particular day, to undo us. Or at least so believed our democratically elected pundits and politicians.

In the wake of September 11th, after so many lessons had been taught, so few seem to have been heeded. Fewer still seem to be remembered, even in such a relatively brief span of time since the Towers fell. When confronted by the absence of the answers we seek, it's in humanity's nature to point fingers and to accuse, or to clench fists and menace. Why? Because such actions, when confronted by that which we either can not explain or desire not to address, bring to us comfort.

However, just try explaining that to the contemporary 21st Century human being, particularly while ‘being human' tends to migrate more towards murkiness or misconduct, and not towards clarity or inner-depth.

Yes, human beings would be such an ideal species if only we were not so thoroughly committed to our own destruction.

/ / / / END OF PART EIGHT / / / /


© 2007 - R. MARTIN BASSO



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