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Part I: Aspects of the Devil In Medicine And Its Social Implications For All Americans

Updated on September 18, 2013

The Causitive Effects of Socialistic Medicine in our Politically Polarized Country

Once science has to serve, not truth, but the interests of a class, a community, or a state, the sole task of argument and discussion is to vindicate and to spread still further the beliefs by which the whole life of the community is directed. As the Nazi minister of justice has explained, the question which every new scientific theory must ask itself is: “Do I serve National Socialism for the greatest benefit of all?” – F.A. Hayek – The Road to Serfdom

Like political theory, once science does not serve “truth” anymore, contempt for intellectual liberty arises to embrace a “collective” belief. These collective beliefs not only form an integral role in the hiring of individuals in companies that embrace a liberal ideal, it extends also into the “Medical Corporation.” There we see also the “individual” dissolving and “collective” thought arising within the auspices of “political” correctness that produces a stagnation of thought and a decline of reason; and, hence, a contempt for the individual. The “evil” of collective thought in science takes shape when, after it starts out with the purpose of distorting science to meet social demands, it begins to destroy reason also because it cannot conjure up in its theories “appropriate” responses and actions that the origins of growth of the former reasoning depend. This is what is happening in America today with the exploitation of infectious disease, and it is why I write with urgency on a subject that many feel powerless to direct. I hope that by doing so, the great “behemoth” known as medical science, and medical care, and its establishment will, once again, by necessity greet and grant the individual the respect he or she deserves within the backdrop of “universal” medical care – which is where we are at present.

In a 1941, a British scientific writer, J.G. Crowther, wrote an article entitled The Social Relations of Science. The writer defended Inquisition because in his opinion it “is beneficial to science when it protects a rising class”? [p.333].

The desire to direct for people a creed or class is not new, only the arguments that the elite make to validate their attempts. This extends not only to the current global warming argument, but also into the sphere of medical care and to the targeting of a specific class or group. That I work daily and alone fighting this “dementia” of reasoning is the only reason (in truth) that I write for Hubpages.

One of the ways to produce a ruling class in any country is to instill “fear” in a people that produces a respective end, which is not altogether bad in itself if it corresponds to the “individual.” But the recent exploitation of infectious disease raises legitimate questions of medical theory when a particular infectious disease appears predominant in a particular race, creed or religious people, especially when it is at variance to the characteristics of the particular infection itself. That is, when it is “directed” or “targeted” to one group or another irrespective of the general behaviors or conditions of the group and the disease’s origin or behavior.

I write about “infectious” disease only. That is because “genetic” predispositions have already been established in the Golden Age of Medicine and are unlikely to be usurped because to do so would make deceptions the more unbelievable and all the more obvious to any particular group the elite socialist desires to target or weaken. I must also preface here that this propensity of science and mankind should not come as a shock or surprise anyone. The manipulation of science and its misdirected antagonisms have a history that, as we all know, makes its appearance known whenever a society changes its economic and social focus to the glib glory and purported “goodness” of either a totalitarian, socialist or communist state – and made its debut on the world stage with the National Socialist Party in the generation that preceded Hitler’s reign. The famous chemist Wilhelm Ostwald during this period stated publicly: “Germany wants to organize Europe which up to now still lacks organization. I will explain to you now Germany’s great secret: we, or perhaps the German race, have discovered the significance of all organization. While the other nations still live under the regime of individualism, we have already achieved that of organization.”

We as a people must unite as individuals and ask ourselves and our medical community this: In view of the past use of disease to control and produce a class of people, why is it that up until the early 1980s, parasitical diseases have ceased from diagnostic and differential diagnosis by the entire medical community in our present day? Moreover, when we consider women's healthcare in this vein, will we be still silent when medical care is delivered to only one sexual class, race, religion or creed - or for those of one politic - as we move forward? In other words, is perhaps the hostility towards women so prevalent in medicine today indicative of its attempts to produce a universal morality that is being directed from without, and contingent upon one's affiliation, or contempt for one's nationality or beliefs? Surely, one only has to look at the thousands left untreated for "sepsis" (formerly one of the easiest diagnoses to make by any physician) who speak in groups on Facebook to see the pervasive prejudice behind their lack of treatment. (Even if a doctor, for example, "hates" a particular patient, he or she does not need to see them at all but simply direct the hospital to deliver an intravenous drip!)

In Part III, I will elaborate on this topic in more detail and the specific diseases that are ignored and the more than casual relationship and effects of these statistics and the revelations they impose on specific classes and groups.

© 2012 Cynthia Taggart


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