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Party of the Covid 19, Back to the Party

Updated on May 29, 2020
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Political Science, Philosophy, Business were majors and minors in undergrad. Post areas in Law, Security, Insurance and Theology.

Ready To Rumble Baby!!

Let's Git 'er done.
Let's Git 'er done. | Source

See You At Work, Whahoo!!

I read the numbers both here and there. I read the death stuff and the life stuff everywhere. I read about new cases and I read about new places. I stopped and prayed for a bit. I worry about those in the “it”. But I took my wife aside and said I wanted to join this ride. You see for years I have worked from home. No matter which way my heart did roam.

But now I sense a party going on, one in which I belong. I looked it up and I could see, many a job just right for me. A fast order cook could be done by the book. A gardener popped out I said with a shout, or maybe a tough driver of taxi.

I would put on my clothes of the day and grab lunch and kiss my bride away. I am off to the land of honest good labor oh what a day I shall long savor.

The world is on fire of good, no mistake no misunderstood. “Back to Work!!” they cry in the street. I want to join the party so neat. Young and old and in between the glint in their eye can now be seen. Fists pumped in the air without our long care. I will be first on the bus after good work I do lust.

But my revelry is shattered by old truths so battered. I am compromised and at risk, so stay at home oh tisk tisk. My wife looks at me and shakes here head, my job is good news to spread. Back to my cave and write I must do, oh how I’d rather work and party with you.

I Like To Party and I Like Edgy - Push the Envelope

Let's Get Orange

Happy days are here again.
Happy days are here again. | Source

Go Ahead Worry Wort and Sad Sack -- Happy Days

Don't Give Up Your Seat

Just you sit there and think about it, just you sit there and mull it over and just you think it through. I do not think I will think about it, I do not think I will mull it over and I for danged sure will not think it through. What the heck kind of party is there if we all sit around waiting for it? We have got to make it. Do not look to your right or look to your left. Just fun out the door and celebrate. Those who jump on this train early will get the best seats. Those who worry and hesitate will be in standing room only non-seats at the party.

Now we have spent less during this shutdown. I have a scheckle or two save up. I have my clothes ready and I will shower and shave. I will grab my mask and do what is asked. But I will go to stores and spend my money!! Yahoo, I will help give someone a job. Look at me all bright and sunny like a fresh penny.

Now we ate real careful and we spent real careful and we drove real careful and we did every darned thing real careful. We learned a lot about family and maybe not having so much and/or so much freedom. We hunkered and we bunkered down and we gave where we could. We never endangered another. But oh lady you need to watch out for my dancing elbows, happy days are here again.

Well la ti da! I went shopping. I go department store shopping rarely. I ventured out, my wife whipped me some cash. Vietnamese type slipper sandals. I go out for fancy food once in a while. I like the dude in the black coat and tie that lets you in and shows you to a fancy lady who shows you to a table. Let us say Maître De and hostess. Wait just one second – the store was Target. We pronounce it Targee’. I had the maître De and hostess. What!?

I saw the help wanted sign and got an application. Count me in on this new normal. I want to find my Zoot suit and boogy. A table for one or a table for two – we can show him in later.

The danged shelves were empty. No really they were not stocked. Somebody has to make the stuff, somebody has to package the stuff, somebody has to ship the stuff and somebody has to stock the stuff and then that cute gal gets to sell the stuff and that cool one gets to check out the stuff. Uh Oh I smell a thriving economy.

This morning on my predawn walk I saw too many cars on the road. I heard big old trucks on the main road. It put a damper on my morning chill pill. And then I skipped a beat. My city was coming alive again. My neighbor would go back to work.

Lifeboat Party Time

Looking Up!

Let the pets out.
Let the pets out. | Source

End of An Era

We know of some who perished. My wife has no “old” job to return to. I did time in “isolation”. We quarantined and then stayed safe at home. We volunteered. We bit the bullet. But never once have we said that we did it because of a law or order.

We are plotting for my wife’s new job with new opportunities after 13 years at the same employer. My son’s home and Zoom schooling has gone very well. I am starting to lose weight instead of gain it :-) Perhaps we are comfortable right now. Well it is high time we get out there and get uncomfortable again.

See you around.


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