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Passaic Is The Worst City In NJ

Updated on January 29, 2016

Passaic, NJ


The Reason It Sucks

I've never seen a city that could care less about their people than Passaic. The lack of leadership from the mayor with a mix of a bad economy makes this city a huge shit-hole. Note: This is opinion based. You agree, then good for you. You don't, then nobody cares.


Passaic's economy and job growth is one of the worst in NJ and even the bottom 1000 of the United States of America. Accoring to, the unemployment rate in Passaic is 9.40%, more than 3% higher than the average of this nation. Recent job growth is 1.04% (Nation's 1.18%) and the average household income is a whopping $31,200, almost $20,000 less than the nation's average. Jobs are also harder to get as 31% of the population is working in transportation, production, and moving materials and 20% of the population making less than 15k! Now, I feel bad for these people. Passaic has always been known for hardworking people but the mayor and city officials of this dump could care less. And I've been thinking that the people don't seem to mind either. That's why the city is in such a hole. Nobody in this city cares about what's going on and they never ask themselves on why they're not getting any money. Mix in the crime, and the situation gets even worse.

Crime and the Ghettos

Crime has always been a big thing in Passaic. About 44% of crime in Passaic in 2013 were thefts. The crime rates are also 15% higher than the nation's average. The crime rate is also higher than any other city in North Jersey. The reason why Passaic has so many crimes is because it's trying to act ghetto. The city is split into 3 parts: Uptown, Downtown, and the "Projects". two-thirds of the city is filled with poor immigrants and 1 bedroom apartments. This means there are more gangs in the area. This gentrification is creating more gangs and gang members every day. The Bloods, Crips, you name it. That's what concerns me about this city. It tries to act ghetto, when it really isn't. The city was known for hard working people. Now, the city is filled with bums, hobos, and made up gangs. Blame the people, yes. But blame the officials and the mayor for doing jack shit.


If you think those 2 were bad enough, the education is far worse. Not only the kids in schools are acting like these thugs and gangsters but also academic wise, one of the worst in New Jersey. To start off, the city only has 1 middle school and 1 high school. According to, The middle school is rated one of the worst in the state, as their diversity score remained the same, over the last 5 years and test scores decreased every year since 2010. The highschool is even worse, as it's rated 1 out of 10 and has a 57% graduation rate, 37% lower than the state's average. With 15,000 kids and 17 public schools with an average rating of 4 out of 10, the city gets worse and worse, year after year. The district is one of the worst but the fault is the kids. With only 57% of the kids passing in high school, no wonder why Passaic's economy has gotten worse for the past 5 years.

Mayor Alex Blanco

We haven't even got to the worst part. Dr. Alex Blanco. The city's mayor. Never in my life, have I seen a mayor that could care less about this city. It's been shown that the city's economy and education has decreased and crime has increased. Blanco hasn't improved anything in Passaic. He didn't decrease taxes, the roads and buildings are nowhere near perfect, and hasn't done anything about the city's major gentrification. He is the reason why I don't want to be here. Luckily, this is his last year and Passaic will elect a new mayor in Election Day 2016.

Now that you know about Passaic, please don't come here. Economy, crime, and education is holding this city back. Its neighboring city, Clifton, is better than this shit show. I suggest that you skip this city if you're traveling up North. If you live in Passaic, I'm so sorry. One day, this city will get better. If not, then who cares? I will be moving to Monroe soon, so it's all good! >:)


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