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Paul Ryan & the GOP against Donald Trump

Updated on December 18, 2015
RJ Schwartz profile image

I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.

It seems as if everyone is against Donald Trump securing the nomination for President, with the Republican Party as his biggest opponents. The Republican National Committee recently hinted and leaked stories to the media about a possible brokered Convention, meaning that the nominee could be chosen by the Republican elite instead of the voters in the state primaries. A number of the establishment candidates were rumored to be banding together to launch “guerilla” attack campaigns against Mr. Trump to hopefully ruin his credibility. Super PAC’s controlled by the wealthiest of Republican donors are pulling out all the stops and throwing huge amounts of money at any potential plan to derail Trump, yet nothing seems to work. Now this week, it seems as if House Speaker Paul Ryan has made one of the most outlandish moves thought possible by a Republican in the recent budget.

Sabotaging the GOP Brand for the sake of the establishment

In order to damage the Republican brand beyond recognition, House of Representatives Speaker, Paul Ryan (R-W) has followed the path of previous House Speaker, John Boehner and kowtowed before President Obama by not only meeting, but seeming exceeding his demands for excess spending, immigration, Planned Parenthood funding, and more. The only rational thing Republicans can surmise at this point is that Ryan, acting under the direction of the Republican Party is trying to turn Republican voters off to the political process altogether, thus keeping them from voting and in a sense ceding the election to Hillary Clinton. Despite voters giving the Republicans House majorities larger than they have had in 150 years, the RINOs in Congress seem comfortable with handing over the power of the purse to the Executive Branch instead of fighting for the values which they promised voters they would reinstate if elected. Speaker Ryan, who was on the Republican National ticket as Vice President in the last election is now leading many of his fellow Congressmen and Women down the path to their ultimate demise in the eyes of the electorate.

The Omnibus Spending Bill Capitulation

The Omnibus Spending bill is a total surrender to Progressive Democrat principles. The 2,000 plus page bill has been characterized as a “complete sellout of America,” by many. Unprecedented spending in the trillions when we are heavy in debt with heavy support for many of Obama’s policies is what were getting. The DREAM Act, the 2012 legislative Amnesty program President Obama pushed through that grants illegal alien children who came here as minors the right to remain in America – completely funded, despite it being Unconstitutional. The Omnibus bill also fully funds all Refugee programs, despite the consensus Among American citizens that unchecked immigration under the guise of refugee programs is asking for trouble. Events in Europe are emerging daily detailing rapes, murders, jihadist events and plans, and a dangerous influence from the Muslim immigrants coming in from Syria. Our own Homeland Security Department and other National Security agencies have spoken out against admitting refugees as we have no way to vet them properly, yet the spending bill allows for admitting tens of thousands of refugees and much to the dismay of American citizens, gives them access to Federal benefits. Also, the spending does nothing stop any funding from Sanctuary cities which clearly are breaking U.S. immigration law.

Despite all the promises heard across America, the bill does nothing to enforce our immigration laws and fails to include any funding to complete the southern border wall. The Secure Fence Act of 2006 provided for a 700 mile long wall, yet it was never completed and the funding diverted to other projects. This was one of Mr. Trumps main campaign promises. To add insult to injury, this bill provides funding to resettle those illegals who are crossing our borders. Ryan’s also bill preserves the expansion of the President’s expiring child tax credits without any accompanying language to prevent illegal aliens from receiving those tax credits, once again giving in to the Democrats. Ryan’s spending bill also provides language that would resuscitate and expand the Gang of Eight’s plan to increase the H-2B visa program, which should make Senator Rubio happy since he was part of that deal. The provision quadruples the number of H-2B visas for unskilled guest workers taking entry level jobs away from American’s.

The bill has huge spending increases in most areas of the already bloated Federal Government. Congress is basically handing the uncontrolled Executive branch a blank check to continue and in many cases increase their destruction of America and the American way by flooding this great nation with as many non-citizens as possible. The potential for ISIS infiltration through this unchecked immigration is very high and Americans are afraid, plain and simple. With an additional $1.2 billion added to the Department of Education budget, a bailout of the International Monetary Fund (which could take American tax dollars overseas to bail out irresponsible foreign governments,) and a total spending increase in most other areas, this bill is nothing short of irresponsible and destructive to a nation nearing $20 trillion in debt.

In addition to the capitulation for all the Progressive spending programs, the bill was stripped of many riders, many of which would have given Conservatives a small notion of victory. Most of the proposed limitations on EPA regulations were taken out, those which could have stopped the overreach on water rules, coal plant emissions, and ozone rules. Major riders that were included to prevent the government from abusing surveillance were removed. Most pro-gun provisions were stripped away. A provision prohibiting any funding for climate related studies was removed. Overall, there were about 150 provisions removed that would seem to favor Republicans. The GOP caved on just about everything that Republican voters sent them to Washington to fight against.


It Will Backfire

Unfortunately for the GOP, no matter what they do at this point is going to scare or dishearten true American Republican and Independent voters away from the polls this November. The continued slapping in the face energizes people more and more to take a stand and elect an outsider and this outside will be Billionaire Donald Trump, who will make America great again by cleaning house, exposing the fraud and partisan politics to a level never experienced in American politics before. We can see that the GOP establishment has crossed over into no man’s land, doing things that “We The People” can only shake our fist and scream about, and all in the name of retaining some degree of power, even if it’s in the minority.

Donald Trump - Leader, Visionary, Future President

Donald Trump continues his winning streak, clearly dominating the debates, leading in the polls by huge margins, and connecting with the average American citizen. He is the kind of leader we’ve been craving. He has expressed multiple times that he wants America to have secure borders and to enforce our existing laws, of which most people agree. His demeanor is apparent and the world is coming to the realization that he isn’t going to roll over like past President’s and place nice. American interests will come before anything else. The rights of Americans and being an American citizen will mean something again. He exhibits leadership like no other candidate. He speaks to people in an encouraging and inspirational way, commanding his audience and leaving them with the feeling that, yes, we can accomplish anything we want because we are Americans. He is clearly someone who understands how to build things; buildings, companies, and hopefully fences and nations. He is intelligent far beyond anyone’s understanding and an effective problem solver. He demonstrates that with hard work anything is possible and makes no excuses for his actions.

With our national image being so poor on the world stage due to President Obama and the policies of Hillary Clinton’s State Department, we need a leader who can turn that around and put this great nation back at the top of the flow chart. It will take tough negotiations, strict adherence to policies which many might find uncomfortable, and an absolute dedication to the job at hand and not the golf course or a vacation spot. Mr. Trump has given up many things and has invested his own money into proving that he is the person who can step into the job and be successful at it. Soon with the blessing of the voters, he will prove that America can be great again with the right leadership.


Call it conspiracy, call it crazy, heck, even call it nonsense - but the fact remains that our elected Republicans are tripping over themselves in order to appease the opposition and it will be the end of their careers in due time. I'd love to hear from you as long as you keep it civil. Remember that this is my hub and not your ideological sounding board - which means as long as your post is on topic it gets approved. Thanks !


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  • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

    Ralph Schwartz 

    3 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    He won't have the allies to keep,up an extended battle with Trump. The more successes Trump has, the harder it will be

  • profile image

    Old Poolman 

    3 years ago

    Ryan can't walk the fence forever. Sooner or later he will have to take a position and announce what it is.

  • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

    Ralph Schwartz 

    3 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    It's already starting. Ryan does not have enough votes to continue as Speaker if the vote were held today. I'll bet we see someone vocally oppose him in a month or less. Trump will prevail !

  • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

    Ralph Schwartz 

    4 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Ryan continues to support anything opposite of Trump.

  • bradmasterOCcal profile image


    4 years ago


    The thing that is most bothersome here is the lack of interest in this topic. The viewers just can't be bothered with commenting on this subject. Yet, they will go on and on about inane and absurd topics.

    It seems that the size of the audience at hp is very small, and apathetic.

    The Kimono of both parties has been opened to reveal their diabolical attempts to control their voters. The democrat party leaders have chosen to retread Hillary Clinton and to intimidate her opponents to get out of Hillary's way. They were pretty successful except for Bernie.

    The republican party leaders chose to focus on getting Trump out of the picture and to do so encouraged many, too many opponents to take him down.

    The democrats seem to be successful in their goal, while the republicans have failed badly in their goal. So to spite their voters the republicans have chosen to punish them for picking Trump, and are going to commit Hara Kiri on the party, allowing Hillary to win the election.

    We have seen both parties try to neutralize the control of the other party, but this year we see the republican party try to neutralize itself because their voters have chosen to overrule the wishes of the party.

    What both parties, but especially the democrats have done to America is to show that we can't complete anything, and we can't win a war even against an enemy that doesn't even have a real military.

    The government has taken advantage of this failure to beat this terrorist enemy by increasing its size and scope, and diluting the US constitution to invade the privacy, and reduce the rights of the citizens. The Patriot Act should have been held unconstitutional because the congress hasn't declared a war, since WWII.

    At the same, time as the government has invaded our privacy in the name of protection, they refuse to secure our border. The wall is needed for 3 reasons.

    1. Keep out terrorists

    2. Keep out the drug cartel

    3. Make it difficult for illegal immigrants to break the law, and become wards of the US.

    But the democrats want illegal immigrants as their voters, and because we don't check who votes in our elections they have amassed a powerful illegal army of democrat voters. Voters that they will pay with welfare, free education, free medical, and other benefits that should be reserved to people legally in this country.

    911 proved that spending trillions on defense failed to protect the country. To have 19 terrorists make a successful attack on the US homeland without having a single defensive action to protect us should have woke up the entire country that the government let us down.

    We should have never gone into Iraq until we secured Afghanistan, which is still unsettled 16 years after 911. And backing out of Iraq, allowed the terrorists to actually have their own geography should have shown the liberals that removing troops has never been shown to be a good thing.

    It is as ridiculous as the movies and TV crime shows, where the bad guy is in a standoff with the police or the good guys. The bad guy has a gun to the hostage, and says "Drop your guns". Really, how does dropping their guns help. Now they are also hostages, or dead because they are unarmed.

    It is that kind of mentality that the US has shown since the end of WWII. No one wants to believe that the US made very bad decisions in the wars they have been in, and that they really didn't win them. In most cases, they just ran out, and that deferred that war, until the next one popped out.

    Our enemies both foreign and domestic have taken advantage of our infighting, and failure to agree on how to protect the country. This failure that divides the country allows the bad guys to win.

    Both parties have weakened the country to where it is now the Can't Do anything country. We can't even get a High Speed Rail in California, much less a need Wall to protect our border. We have a congress that was so gridlocked, the president became the defacto legislature, and the Supreme Court became another legislative branch.

    The three branches of the government were supposed to be the checks and balances to protect the country, but instead they failed us thanks to both parties inability to work for the country and the people.

    We need to talk more about politics instead of making it politically incorrect.

    Apparently, sheeple don't read these articles, and or they don't have the strength or ability to defy their party with independent intelligent thinking.

  • Ken Burgess profile image

    Ken Burgess 

    4 years ago from Florida

    WELL NOW... this deserves an update don't you think?

    Anyways, Ryan's posturing, the Bush's reaction, the Romney efforts... and most of all the GOP politicians that openly state they would vote for Hillary first... does it make anyone wonder?

    Take a moment to ponder why hundreds of millions of dollars were spent by GOP elites and their backers to try and stop Trump... for Cruz, who most politicians openly said they despised?

    From Romney to Ryan, and billionaires from the Koch Brothers to Mercer, where was this effort from them to defeat Obama in 2012?

    This is the establishment/elite VS the People

    This is nominating 3 or 4 new Socialist/Corporate thinking Supreme Court Judges VS nominating Judges who will support and defend the Constitution and the People's rights

    This is Globalism VS Nationalism

    This is America-first VS at America's-expense

    It IS really that simple, its not about abortion or the KKK or the liberal or conservative agendas, that is all a load of crud compared to the bigger picture, the politicians and the corporations and foreign nations that they work for fleecing America, the power of the People being given over to the Corporations, and the Sovereignty of our Nation eroded in favor of Globalism.

    This is why you see Republicans going so far as to support Hillary, because their charade is being exposed, there isn't a two party system with politicians fighting each other... this is a unified group of car salesmen that tell the people what they want to hear, and then sell those people out to the highest bidder behind closed doors in Washington.

    Trump is an outsider, Trump is exposing them, Trump is an embodiment of a growing number of disenfranchised and disgruntled American voters... and they want to stomp them out, they want to stop Trump, without giving up their own power and position to do so.

  • bradmasterOCcal profile image


    4 years ago

    I agree.

    The two political parties have divergent goals, and they can never compromise and that alone continues to put the US in dire straits. The US started a decline in the 1970s, and because of the divergent goals of the two parties the decline continues today.

    Both parties have been in control at times since the 1970s, and neither party worked for the good of the country or the people. Nothing has changed for the better in this century. If anything, things have gotten worse. The three branches of government for the US that were created to be the checks and balances of these branches of the government have failed, and continue to fail today.

    The congress is gridlocked, the president has become the de facto US legislature, and the SCOTUS appears to make political decisions, rather than those based on the constitution. The PC mentality has made the US constitution so stretched out of shape, it is hardly recognizable as the American Way.

    It is more like the constitution has been reinterpreted to benefit our enemies, as opposed to protecting its citizens.

    In my opinion, SCOTUS and especially their 5-4 decisions have not produced any good decisions, and one would have to look for a silver lining in their decisions to see any real value in them.

    What the SCOTUS has done is make the law of the land, but that law has failed to resolve the underlying issues brought before them.

    In addition, the people should realize that the government cannot resolve social issues. Yes, they can make and enforce laws about social issues, but that won't change the minds of the public. Prohibition was a social issue, and it failed even with an amendment to the US Constitution. The reason is that the people wanted to drink alcohol.

  • profile image

    Donn Marten 

    4 years ago

    Good piece of analysis, Trump is the only one with the ability to kick down the shithouse door. If the corrupt GOP establishment is unable to stop Trump soon then there will be a shift over to backing Queen Hillary who represents the best chance to keep the racket going. They may 'lose' the presidency but business as usual would continue.

  • RJ Schwartz profile imageAUTHOR

    Ralph Schwartz 

    4 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Thanks for the endorsement gentlemen - please feel free to share with as many people as you can - we need the people who are being duped by the establishment to see what's really going on.

  • profile image

    Rodney Richter 

    4 years ago

    A well written article indeed. So much so that I shared it to my Facebook timeline because there are a number of people on my public timeline that have much the same views as mentioned in the article. What is going on here also drops down to state and local levels also, at least in my state. The establishment political beast is all over the place and the only way to stop it is to get these dinosaurs out of there. They have lost touch with the needs of Americans. Nice Hub.

  • profile image

    Old Poolman 

    4 years ago

    RJ - another great presentation of information from one of my favorite authors.

    I am convinced that Donald Trump, or someone just like him is exactly who we need in the White House for at least one term. He has called attention to the extreme level of corruption, greed, and power hunger that exists in Washington. We just don't need another business-as-usual President at this point in time.

    Most of the members of Congress have been there far too long and owe far too many favors. Anyone who thinks those big campaign contributions don't come with strings attached is just fooling themselves.

    We can bet the GOP will do everything they can to knock Trump out of the running. They are all afraid that if he is elected their own poor performance will be exposed for everyone to see.

    We desperately need someone who can get this country back on track and right now I think Trump is the guy who could do it.


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