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Peace Is Our Decision ... really!

Updated on May 12, 2013

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."

Jimi Hendrix

What are we waiting for?

I learn something every day. Today, I learned that peace really does begin with me. I have crossed pathes with many people and I don't always feel peaceful around all of them, however, it does not feel good to me when I am not at peace, myself, so, I started to wonder what I am waiting for to be at peace always.

I actually had a day last week when I felt bored. Now, I don't know about you, but boredom is a fairly high state of consciousness, for me personally. On this day, I started thinking about who really benefits from a lack of peace within this huge aggregate of humanity. The first group that comes to mind is the mass weapons industry, you know, the guys the government contracts to stir up trouble in other parts of the world. So right after the big weapons guys, I see the entertainment industry. There appears to be no conscience when it comes to the choice between the money and the moral thing to do, which is to accept responsibility for being in a position where you influence the masses, and making an effort to influence them in ways that support us all. We are very aggressive, as individuals, in the West. This aggressiveness supports those who benefit from this overt angry behavior and the way it manifests at the individual level is we buy violent weapons because our level of fear is so great. We buy violent games, books, videos and toys for our children and we say and do things towards others which makes it okay for the kids to do it too.

The thing that surprises me, however, is if you ask almost anyone you meet, "What would you prefer in your own life, peace or violence?", they would say peace, but then tomorrow when you ask them if they are willing to give up violent movies they would say absolutely not.

The Words We Say vs The Actions We Take

People are nothing if not confounding. Would you prefer to experience fear? Really?! Are you so afraid of those who are unlike you that you would rather shoot first and ask questions later? I have a close friend in my life who sent me an email the other day that said I should boycott the newest forever stamp published by the US Postal Service because it has a Muslim emblem on it. This person professes to be a devoted Christian, but I don't remember the part in the Bible where it says not to honor those who are different from you. Now this is fearful behavior. It is milder than going over there with the intention of wreaking havock on their lives, but it says, if you needed help, I would not help you. Well, I would. So why would I boycott a symbol in your language when I want only the best for you. I absolutely would help you if I could.

Now, I still live in a consciousness where I believe I have limitations, so if you look like you really need help, I have to discern what help you need and if I truly am able or capable of assisting you, but I see no reason not to help you, if I can. So, look at the person sitting closest to you, or wait until someone is standing next to you and decide, what would keep you from helping that person, if they really needed it?

At some point you will also need help. What would you be willing to pay forward, now, for someone else, to have the best possible experience in the moment when you need help?

Do something great for someone today.

Peace is our decision ... really!




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