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Cover Ups: One Eye Symbolism on People, Places, Things and Issues in Mainstream Media

Updated on January 7, 2016
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Nicholl McGuire has been providing useful content on websites since 2007. Learn more about her business Nicholl McGuire Media.

Government Leaders, Educators, Military...Do They Really Know What They are Doing?

"That's not true...he doesn't know what he is talking about...I read too many conspiracy blogs..." the critics are going to shoot-down whatever you suspect, object, question, or research. For centuries, the masses have been trained to trust only certain establishments and not others and to be quiet and take orders. It doesn't matter if you are the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker or the one who governs all three, you are expected to do as the Romans do or else.

I don't believe that many in our society who are part of companies, private groups, non-profit organizations and the like really know what they are doing and saying beyond what the manual, book, audio, or leader tells them. They don't bother to check up on the companies they remain loyal to, question authority or challenge anyone, because to do so might cost them their material wealth, power, fame, etc.

Until a man or woman experiences a life of freedom for awhile that isn't so job dominated, he or she doesn't really bother to think beyond the scope of one's title. It is scary, crazy or bizarre to the one who is caught up in routines to learn anything more than is necessary. It's like the grandparent who tells the child, "If it doesn't work, is bad or you don't like it, I don't want to know about." Ignorance is bliss until someone or group starts messing with your lifestyle. Now the "former" educator, leader, worker, etc. wants to become the whistle-blower.

Retirees, students, home-makers, the elderly, and the unemployed have more power than most, but don't bother to use it. They too have been trained to focus on whatever one's fleshly needs desire, but don't think or go beyond these things. You are to seek a "planted" home business opportunity that gets more hype than most and work for pennies on the dollar all day or night. This way you won't be thinking about anything to cause upset for everyone else who believes ignorance is bliss. You won't write letters to authorities, organize protests, file a complaint about a business, or even visit the library because you are too busy watching TV, Internet surfing, or eating like a pig while watching many commercials (that you pay for). In time, you are programmed to want things that you really don't need. Eventually, those who value their lives, families, and education more than you do, will help bury you in your grave.

Decades and decades spent learning how to deceive the masses, quiet the masses, teach the masses (the bare minimum mind you), spy on the masses, control the masses, rip-off the masses, and for what? Just so that no one speaks truth. If you have been considering a career change, want to start your own business, or help others honestly, do it! (Notice I didn't attach a pipe dream to this entry like those e-book sales ads).

Now on to some information that just might put you on a path to discover some noteworthy truths about your society...

If It's Popular, Draws Millions, and Makes Billions Beware

There is the truth that you are permitted to see and the truth behind closed doors that you will never know. Don't believe the hype of select government officials, entertainers, events, and more. No establishment that has spent millions on anything is going to let an opportunity just so happen to come about nor is it going to let it just go without a fight.

Let me open your eyes, both of them, to the following. The next time you see what is mentioned in this piece on or offline, ask yourself, "What exactly is happening and why does the entity feel that it is newsworthy? What are they trying to get me to do or not do beyond the scope of what this group is promoting?" Put those critical thinking skills to work!

1. Major news stories -- Why would the story be considered "major" news? When you nor I don't know the people, and their deeds or actions (on the surface) have nothing to do with the masses--what is media really up to? Compare the information that you are receiving now with the past. Look for patterns. Don't believe expert opinion, credible sources or reports without doing your own investigative study. Chances are the details don't add up.

2. Celebrity news -- Why do the same celebrities keep showing up at certain events, with people that they would typically have nothing in common with, and is a certain celebrity's talent/skill nothing more than a front to protect the things he or she is doing behind the scenes?

3. Why are similar colors, hand-signs, phrases, symbols, tattooes, advertised between so-called top-charting, block-buster selling, award winning, degree doting people in mainstream media? Why are companies, entertainment, websites, and more also promoting similar messages? Allow your mind to connect the dots across all industries. Notice what you are seeing and then look up reasons as to why you are seeing it.

I have seen countless photos and videos of all sorts of people from nonprofit groups to so-called secret societies show their allegiance to one another. There is far too much information out here on the Web and elsewhere to dispute that there isn't anything going on with any mainstream public figure or group and that "they are just doing their job" to appease a sinister group or many groups of money-hungry, control freaks.

If you don't know what is happening in our society or don't care about anything, don't bother, because others do know and are trying to save many much time and money. You save money when you stop needing/wanting then you can truly help your family. You save time when you can stop supporting people and companies you know don't like you, won't pay you good wages, or prefer to put you on any and all medicine so you can leave this world a little sooner.

I thought of the many news stories and sporting events that are fixed and the limited number of people with a large platform speaking out about these issues and others. They, like so many other things in media, are controlled like the billions of dollars that come and go out of our country along with U.S. jobs, the best-of the best in intelligent minds, cures, drugs, corporations, food, just to name a few.

Information that could move and shake society in the most positive way from the health care industry to communications, never comes to America and stays awhile before an entity comes along with yet another something to replace it that is supposedly bigger, better and more this and that. Later, we find out that products and services don't measure up to their potential and we are left feeling tricked.

Oh yes, my friend, you have been deceived by those establishments you have been programmed to believe in! Now let's not label everyone as a trickster--that's shallow and downright stupid, but there are many individuals and organizations with deep pockets that are more concerned about YouTube web views, Facebook likes and other things in an effort to see how mind control is fairing these days and what more can we get out of the masses ie.) interests, suspects, buying habits, location, age, gender, sex slaves, future informants, money and income levels, ideas, political party affiliation, nationality, workers, etc.

"What might be the trend for today? How might we manipulate the public in such a way to go along with our program? How did the public respond to our last script? Will they permit us to take yet another right away and tamper with what little morals they have?" Billionaires think this way, you might have read some of their books back in college--I recall some of their precepts. So, to some of you (not all), don't pretend they don't think while you sleep or call this too, dare I say it, a conspiracy--lol!

Fact is fact--get with the program or maybe you nor I shouldn't, it already takes so long to undue The Program ie.) television programming, parental programming, educational programming, military programming, employment programming, parenting programming, and of course death/religious programming--heaven, hell, will or no will. Can I just have a personal relationship with God without someone or group meddling with my personal beliefs too especially when those aren't harming anyone, but freeing people--just sayin'!? But I digress...

Those that are "in the know" are the teacher's pets of our society, like I have mentioned in another hub, but they aren't those on the local level--they don't know too much of anything because time, money and memorizing rituals and language has gotten their minds all twisted up. "I have to be at the meeting...they need what was I supposed to say again! Their going to kill me..."

The external circle protects the core. In other words, the low level protects the top level members ie.) multi-level marketing programs, secret societies, even your family circle! Hand-signs, colors, coded language, and the like are nothing more than communication tools that let people know who is who and who is doing what such is the case when one is the puppet used in sports, schools, movies, and elsewhere.

If you pay close attention to things like sporting events and entertainers, you know who is chosen to deceive the public (yet again) and who is to bow out this time. You will also find that rarely does things just happen ie.) a major tragedy of an entertainer or a couple getting close enough to the President that they could have killed him, hmm. Sure, problems may occur with plans every now and again, but you best believe that a company spending millions or even billions is going to have a back up plan.

Let us be wise, my friends.

In Other News...More Cover Ups?

Pentagon Mayhem 9-11 Cover Up

Place your hand over one of your eyes. Okay, now try to see out of it. Now if you covered your eye well, then you shouldn't be able to see anything, but if you didn't and can still see some things, not just all of them, then welcome to the state of our media today. You might be able to see some truth in most things, but to learn all of it in a world governed by evil, think again!

When we read or watch major current events, we see only part of the story from our vantage point, but we are never able to see all major news from all angles. This is why we might hear or see something on one website and then see something totally different when we view the evening news. There simply isn't enough time in a day to get all the juicy details of a story.

Americans and viewers from around the world are given what the major players feel that we can digest when it comes to major news stories. If we want the real meat and potatoes, we have to do the legwork. However, when we start on those journeys to uncover truth (ie. uncover your one eye and see out both of them) then we might run up against some roadblocks, because for some people, if you aren't from a well-known news agencies, they don't talk. If you are not from the right pedigree, they won't talk. If you don't have strong associations, they don't talk. And, if they don't trust you, they definitely don't talk. So we are left with whatever we can get our hands on, real people who saw or heard something from real people who were at the scene of the crime.

When the Pentagon 9-11 situation occurred, many viewers were left scratching their heads. What did we just see? Where is the evidence? Why are we not able to watch all the security videos from that day? What's with the gaping hole in many of the photographs? Many, many questions, yet so few answers. But the general consensus is that the Pentagon mayhem on 9-11 was a hoax in the sense that real events took place, they just weren't altogether factual ie.) the missile versus a plane argument.

I picked the Pentagon as an example of how scripts tend to play out far in advance before the actual show takes place. Back in 1995, there was a card game by Steve Jackson that showed many major events of our current day that had yet to come to pass. I don't believe the maker of this game was a prophet, but what I do believe is that much of what we see now in our media was orchestrated to cause certain events to come to pass ie,) new laws, restrictions, money-making opportunities, re-build, renew, change power, and more.

So what are all these people, places and things really up to when eyes, events, and evil is covered up and why don't more people permit truth to reveal itself rather than defend lies?

Learn more about the Pentagon 9-11 cover up by following the links.

The Problem with Mainstream Media

Mainstream Media Paints the Picture But Deep Pockets are the Architects

When joining a civic or social group, do you really know where your annual dues, tithes, offerings and even your donations for disaster relief really go? Partial proceeds go to the___________, you fill in the blank only if you have followed the money trail, otherwise don't assume.

Major catastrophes cost money and time to plan (yes I said "plan" because some are created by design), build, and present before a gullible audience who amuses themselves with violence and tragedy as a past time. As mentioned in other hubs, when those who are in power need to accomplish goals, they need a message that you see to cover the message that you don't, willing workers, and an agreeable audience. Truth doesn't reveal itself until an appointed time and even then, you only get part of the details never all (ie. those conspiracy television shows and evening news programs).

So with this thinking in mind, I couldn't help but think of the scenes, the famous locations and landmarks (ie.Pentagon, New York Trade Center and others), at which one with a hidden agenda would choose to make a point. It seems that movies are the testing ground before they become somewhat of a reality. I say, "somewhat" because even professional illusionists have to work at making things look like they happened even if they really didn't.

So what follows in this hub are some events that left more questions than answers. When some truths were finally discovered or uncovered, most were not highly publicized via mainstream media like the original stories were on key stations; rather the conspiracy theorist or controversial speaker gets a big bone thrown his or her way, like a dog, ever so grateful to receive from his master's plate while the others just look on hoping he will leave it behind, so that they can partake of it.

So-called reputable organizations didn't bother to bring all the facts to the limelight only those that were approved by the "one eye" cover up, secret, hidden agenda, etc. On this same hub, you will find out more about the ever-popular one symbolism that has been permeating not only American culture, but the international communities as well.

The All-Seeing Eye

What's with the One Eye Cover Up?

I have seen and read much about one eye symbolism and for some they simply associated it with an ancient god; however many researchers contend that this signal is just letting certain groups know that, "This one is one of yours." Some argue that celebrities know what they are doing while others say they don't. Whether they know or don't is a non-issue for me (even though I believe that many do know especially if they know people in their circle who watch Youtube videos), but my concern is really about cover-ups, lies, and someone or group playing with the things I enjoy to get me to behave a certain way in my household, workplace, government, church, parenting, etc. Our society is hard enough to live in without social groups getting involved in our personal lives. But the one eye signifies more than just someone trying to get ahead when paraded in front of our faces by those "in the know," what it means is that they believe they are enlightened on a path of sorts that has elevated them. Unfortunately, sadly mistaken, and deceived, like many who have gone before them, they have tapped into areas in the spiritual world that are off-limits to human beings, because human beings cannot function with the demonic and expect to live righteously. It is impossible and because of these artists massive appeal, they are leading many straight to hell.

So to cover up one's eye is simply to mask a situation, agenda, or an allegiance. Information is set aside for those who know and left out to those who don't. The puppet's strings are pulled by one's master while the master is ultimately pulled straight down to hell with the rest who died before him.

Stop by a spiritual YouTube channel that enlightens you to the precepts of God's will as it relates to your life and not your interests. See here.

Harmless Fun or a Simple Distraction to Keep You from Truth?

The next time you watch an athlete whether on or off the field, court or wherever else, don't pay so much attention to those great plays, what the interviewer is saying, but watch hands, view symbolism, and pay closer attention to what they are doing after they make a play. Then look up that athlete's name with words like "exposed" via blogs, forums, and other places and find out what the signal or message they were demonstrating really means, rather than going on what you think or what others have long thought they knew.

The real truth behind all the symbolism is that most of these industries are fraternal and that workers (slaves) wear more than one title at any given moment depending on what their bosses (masters) tell them to.

Maybe at one time television, Internet and other media were nothing more than some things that passed the time away, but nowadays it is a box that has its grip on men, women and children's minds deceiving them into believing they can be "whatever" and do "whatever because someone on an electronic device said they could.

Children Used and Abused

Sex Kitten Programming - You Might Want to Think Twice About Wearing Animal Print Ladies and Fathers Take a Stand on Letting Your Daughters Wear It Too

Child Abuse EXPOSED Global Epidemic - Paedophile Rings - Satanic Ritual Abuse

Children: Early Programming

Here are some ways the one-eyed puppets program your children.

1. They sing to them in an appearance that is playful and youthful looking over music that captivates and sticks to memory like nursery rhymes (Think: guest appearances made by stars on Sesame Street). However, nowadays even music has hidden subliminal messages. Listen closely and one's child shouldn't be listening to most adult music much less singing along.

2. They put their faces on toys, furniture, bags, lunch boxes and more to further indoctrinate your child to come back to the TV screen and watch them so they can give your children another life lesson.

3. They encourage people to jump on the bandwagon by appearing on talk shows that they know parents tend to trust.

4. They have periodic sales on merchandise for half the cost, if not less, to recruit those who have little money, but really want to get the widely known artists' items while helping he or she promote messages like, death, evil, magic (witchcraft), and other occult themes.

5. They make movies, appear on other children's shows and participate in good causes so as to increase their public exposure and appear as if innocent, trustworthy, and respectable.

6. What most don't know, the mind-controlled entertainers may have been abused as children and are now taking advantage of the youth without a care. They are using them like they had been used. These one-eyed puppets may mention their past abuse in print media so that you will feel saddened while opening up your wallet to help further whatever agenda they are told to promote by their superiors.

There are other ways these "I am" gods work their magic on your children and all the while those who are supposed to know better (like Christian believers) will support artists who curse, use obscene gestures, encourage wicked behavior, and more.

One Eye Symbolism in Entertainment Industry

Not Every One Eye is of The Occult, Evil Intent

Some people cover eyes in photographs, crop an eye out, and do other designs not thinking about anything more than being creative. We must be able to determine what is simply a creative person doing something interesting and one who is communicating a specific message. The communication of an eye doesn't mean that the one is aware or even knows what he or she is conveying to others. So we must not be quick to judge the designer just because he or she uses a single eye on a profile page, picture, books, CD or DVD cover. Watch as well as pray usually you will know what an individual or group's true intent is by their associations, signals, hidden messages, and other noteworthy things he or she does.

When I first paid close attention to one eye symbolism, I was walking through an art gallery in downtown Pittsburgh PA. After viewing three or four paintings I realized that somewhere within each there was an eyeball looking at me. Some eyes were easily seen, while others were not. I thought it odd that the artist spent so much time giving detail to an eye, why?

I didn't get my answer back then. However, I learned later what the one eye would mean to me having undergone a spiritual liquid fast over 40 days which included prayer, reading from the Holy Bible, observation, and church visiting both denominational and non-denominational. It was during that fast and afterward that I had a personal relationship/encounter with the God that went beyond the bible reading and church visiting. He told me to refer to him as, "Lord". It was then that I dedicated all my free time to Him and read more of the Word (which he admitted was tainted by man). I learned things about people around me as well as those in our society that I would have never known. Days, weeks, and years later prophecy would come to pass. No one believed that I had an honest relationship with the heavenly Father--no one, until their lives were impacted in some way through prayer and word of knowledge.

One day in 1997, while passing time, I decided to pick up some colored pencils and I began to sketch drawings. In my work, I began to notice I had an overwhelming feeling to make a single eye looking downward from the sky on dry land with people standing with arms raised below. Other sketches had more eyes and they were everywhere in my work. Sometimes they were angry, sad, peaceful, and kind. For a time, due to life responsibilities, I had little free time, I drew nothing more for years and spent very little, if any time, with the Lord.

I would later see a one eye vision in blue for the cover of my book, When Mothers Cry back in 2009. I didn't know at the time why that eye, my own eye with a tear, was so important. All I knew I was so moved by my Creator to design such. Since then, I realized that When Mothers Cry was an attention-getter, not for the masses, but for a certain group that I knew nothing about at that time, the book was written for them. It said to them, "This one had broken her programming." My call, to set the captives free with that book specifically broken mothers.

After my book cover, my attention seem to be drawn to covered one eyes around 2009 except what I saw was nothing that gave peace, hope, direction, wisdom; rather these covered single eyes were lifeless, mere instruments that I saw no light. It was then that I discovered that the all-seeing eye God and another all-seeing eye god were working together, yet apart. One wanted to save humanity, while the other wanted to destroy it. Hence, the reason for this hub, to share truth, expose darkness and set the captives free! To God be the glory, the one true God who made heaven and earth. The one who identified himself as, "I Am" in the Old Testament who the enemy duplicates and moves his children of darkness to call themselves, "I am."

More on the Meaning of the One Eye Cover Up and Other Interesting Insight

© 2012 Nicholl McGuire


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  • nmcguire7 profile imageAUTHOR

    Nicholl McGuire 

    4 years ago from Los Angeles County

    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • yoginijoy profile image


    6 years ago from Mid-Atlantic, USA

    I certainly agree with you that the media considers most of us to be lacking in intelligence. I wish more of us would think before we spend our precious hard earned dollars to consume mindless entertainment. As a society we are losing ground to the instant gratification that comes with technology and a spoon-fed consumerist life-style.

    May we resist before we do lose our critical thinking abilities.


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