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People Idolize Leaders Even Though They Are Fake

Updated on May 29, 2020
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I'm an I.T. Professional with over 15 years in the industry. A Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.

Your Leader
Your Leader

Sheep and Leadliers

Look at them, singing and clapping, waving flags and rejoicing over a man or woman they don’t really know. Look at the crowd cheering on again and voting for a leader who always seem to have the plan to make some country great or better the economy. They matter not the persons background, what knowledge they possess in the political arena. All they know is that they like this person and hence there goes their vote. I am not sure if voters realise that for decades, the leadership has been a repetitive process. It is almost like a never ending cat and mouse game. A new leader comes up and promises to fix the economy, create jobs and continues with a multitude of promises that never materializes. Then the time comes around again for people to go to polls and then suddenly more promises and bright ideas emerge on how to make people lives great and everyone and their six mules end up at the poll boots with their minds locked on to a broken dream. So what is it about people and leadership which makes them docile to stupidity and Glorify fake promises? Leaders lie so much to the people they should change their name from leaders to leadliers. But this kind of God and Pilgrim game has been happening for centuries, and guess what? It is really the peoples doing.


No One Man or Woman Has the Glory

We want a leader that will do this, we want a leader that will do that. Yes, we all want a leader that will do. But most of the times leaders do not do what the people want them to do. They often do what the Elites in society allow them to do. Or they do what they want to do for their own benefits. But the disappointing thing is that we cannot get rid of leadership because it is embedded in the hierarchy of the life of the man being. We live on a plane of land that is governed by hierarchy. That was just how everything was created. Well, if you don’t believe me take a good look at nature. Everything goes from a higher level to a lower level. Look at the water system of Earth. There are ponds, lakes, rivers and Seas. In the animal kingdom there are male female, hunters and preys. In your very own household, there are the kids, mom and dad. But as humans, how do we choose leadership compared to how leadership should be chosen? Well, the truth will hurt you more than it hurts me.

Choosing Leadership

You know the reason why the world is always in a cycle of trying to find a fix? That is because of Politics, corruption and bad leadership. When we choose someone to lead a corporation, a village, a movement or a country, that person must have some kind of qualifications which makes him eligible to even be considered. This is just like a shortlisting of resumes to see who best fits the bill. But in today’s society, they make us to believe that the best person to run our country and business are the ones we have now. But most times that is not the case. Many of these leaders are really picked out by the Elites to run countries. Most of you are probably laughing and saying that you voted and there was a campaign and blah blah blah. They will make you vote, there will be campaigning, but all that is just to make you think you have a democratic right to choose who runs your country. Let’s get real, what makes you qualify to appoint someone to run the entire nation? You really believe that just by someone coming on a podium and screaming what you want to hear gives you the knowledge and wisdom to place that person over your very on life choices? All that is just a facade. They will give you two leaders to choose from. Anyone you choose will still be reporting to the Elites. Your democratic right is just a cloaked communism.

Sheeple Need To Question Everything and Demand Answers

Yes people, you take everything that your demon leaders tell you as gospel. You are brainwashed by media and adore the lies so much that when the truth arises you crucify it like the story of Christ. Listen, if you step in bullshit and it looks and smell like bullshit it probably is. Don't get caught in the leaders webs of lies and deceit. If you believe that a leader is no longer capable of being reputable, you the people have the power to replace him or her.

© 2020 Clive Williams


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