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People earning $0.57 per day are not poor.

Updated on June 10, 2012
A seed ascends around the turntable.
A seed ascends around the turntable. | Source

Irony of democracy

What a human needs to survive in this world? The answer is uniform whether we talk about any country- shelter, food and cloths. When we were not civilized our demands were lesser but as we progressed new things were discovered and demand increased for the comfortable life with all amenities possible. We demanded different things for ourselves but the reality is that if today under the current governance we are getting enough to eat then we are lucky. The government of India has declared that people who are earning 29 Indian rupees ($0.57) daily cannot be considered as poor. The question which prevails that can we consider a person ‘earning’ or ‘employed’ if he is earning Rs. 870($17.25) per month. If following these statistics, it is clear that if a person purchases a commodity for Rs 100 one day then he is supposed to be without food for at least next 4-5 days but still he cannot be considered as poor. Thus he is not eligible to get any commodity on subsidize rates. I remember in 1950s, when a person used to get a salary of Rs 800 it was a big achievement and it used to call for a party. Now almost 62 years down the line where a normal shirt costs Rs 300 and a bed sheet Rs 650 how realistic is to say that a person who earns Rs 29 per day is not poor. Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. Mukesh Ambaniand Mr. Bharti Mittal who are more than just a rich entrepreneur and They have an empire each which earns enough to provide food to half of the country on daily basis for free but still our government is providing reduction in service taxes or other subsidies eagerly to these people. In the situation where the growth rate of India is reducing and debt from the World Bank is constantly increasing is it fair to provide subsidies to people who hardly need it? The government promises to provide shelter to every person but on the other hand helps to increase the interest on home loans. A common man is barely capable of achieving the three super basic needs for the survival. It is pitiable that the government brings a bill to increase the salary of member of parliaments because they think that their salary (which was already in 5 figures) is not enough to survive where the rates of essential articles id rising everyday but yet they feel that a person earning Rs. 29 per day is not poor. Is it a mere propaganda to distract the nation from the lousy budget they presented or they are really going to apply these statistics when making plans for BPL (below poverty line) Are they trying to misguide the whole world by this useless data that we have less poor people in India. Whatever it is but the reality is that neither of these data or statistics can satisfy a single stomach nor I think the government has any intention to do so. So, if you are an Indian then you are not poor even if you earn just enough to purchase only half liter of milk every day.


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