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Peruvian Soap Fat Murders

Updated on November 22, 2009

This Hub is about true crimes committed in Peru involving soap, human fat, and murder!

Bathe Like You Mean It!

When was the last time you took a bath? Can you remember what kind of soap you used? If you're like most folks, you used plain old, regular soap with no human parts in it. Kinda boring wasn't it?

Well bath time doesn't have to suck anymore! Get yourself a fresh new bar of Peruvian Man Soap! It's made with the fat of dead people! Brought to you by our posh friends in Italy. Mama Mia!

Some soaps try to act fancy with fats from cattle, whale, or some other mammal, but it's not the same as washing yourself with something that used to be part of a person. That's why folks in the South American country of Peru, home of Machu Pichu, have murdered up to 60 people for the purpose of taking their fat, using it to make fancy soap, and selling it to some whacked out freaks in Italy.

On Friday, November 20th, 2009, four people in Peru were arrested for "kidnapping, murder, and trafficking in human fat." Reporters in the area got to get a look at the soda and water bottles that they were using to store the fat in. I believe a "rudimentary lab" with body parts strewn about was also found. Police are looking into making more arrests.

Reportedly, many people had gone missing in the area while traveling on remote Andean roads. Many of them were farmers and indigenous people who were tricked by a gang of local dickheads conspiring with Italians to turn people into cosmetics. This is a lucrative business since, some sources say, a gallon of human fat can sell for 15,000 bucks in Europe.

The irony of this is that there is an old legend in the area about the Pishtacos - white foreigners who would attack people at night and take their blubber for making, "fine soaps, lubricants, and beauty creams." (Not to be confused with Fish Tacos which can be found here in the Southern US and are quite delicious).

As strange as this story is, it's true. Kinda reminds me of that part from the movie "Fight Club" when Brad Pitt and Edward Norton steal human fat from a liposuction clinic to make fancy soaps.

I don't know why the Italians didn't just come here to the US where we have tons and tons of human fat just hanging off of people. I'm sure there's a way to kill two birds with one stone.  The manufacture of soap has been around, probably, since the days of Jesus.  Romans found that they could make soap when lye and fat mixed in rivers and spontaneously made the stuff.  Some say it's because so many burnt corpses were being dumped in the river.

There are legends of the Nazis making soap out of people during the holocaust. Many historians say that those tales are exaggerations but, knowing about some of the other crazy shit the Nazis did, it wouldn't shock me to find that they did make a few soaps from people. 

Why would anyone want to have such soaps now?  Some wierd people out there just like the novelty of having something made from dead people.    

Peru is in South America


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