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Peter Mandelson - the prince of darkness

Updated on June 27, 2012

peter mandelson

peter mandelson
peter mandelson

Peter Mandelson. Known as the Prince of Darkness, this insider to the political labour landscape since the 1980's Mandelson carved out a particular niche for himself as a media manipulator who got things done.

He become known for the idea behind throwing roses into the crowd for Neil Kinnocks Labour campaign, and then going on to create the branding behind new labour. He was a close political sidekick of Tony Blair, however lost his political position time and again with his involvement in numerous scandals involving finance and backroom deals.

He become highly respected for his involvement in European politics, becoming known for championing commerce around the world. He returned to the spotlight of UK politics when Gordon Brown invited him back into the cabinet with a peerage handshake, and the title of the business secretary of the UK.

From then on the Prince of Darkness manipulated & criticized the media with all the time keeping his finger on the pulse of the politics of each of the competing parties, and not being afraid to upstage them with humorous snide insults.

He has released with much media frenzy, his biography from inside the labour party. Becoming known as the third man that both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown came to trust.


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