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Phailin Cyclone impact in Andra Pradesh and Odisha

Updated on October 15, 2013

This hub is written at the time when Phailin Cyclone hits Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Phailin Cyclone is a severe storm which mostly affected areas of Thailand, Myanmar and regions of India which includes Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. From the latest news Cyclone Phailin is currently engaging in Andhra regions of India which is most severe and named as super cyclone. The first Phailin Cyclone was noted in areas of Gulf of Thailand and continued in Vietnam areas. Now Phailin Cyclone is stronger and still continuing in Andhra regions. The storm is now more severe than earlier stage (updated information on 12-10-2013). This Cyclone is making huge loss. More than 4 lakh people moved from the areas of this predicted cyclone in areas of Andhra and Odisha. According to latest reports, Phailin Cyclone is almost equal to four hurricanes. Phailin currently making huge loss for Andhra and Odissha regions of India.

Impact of Phailin Cyclone in Andhra Pradesh

Phailin Cyclone in Andhra Pradesh on 12-10-2013

The Phailin storm is strong in Andhra regions with a speed of 240 kms per hour. More than 1 lakh people have been evacuated from affected areas of Andhra and Odisha. Electricity, water, food etc all are affected by this super severe storm.


Impact of Phailin Cyclone in Odisha

Districts of Odisha are also well affected in Phailin Cyclone. Telecommunication problems, road, power problems etc are well affected by this powerful storm. Heavy rainfall along with this powerful storm really results in huge loss like shelter, food etc in Odisha regions. More than 4 lakh people have been evacuated from the expected areas of Phailin Cyclone.

Preparations and arrangements for affected areas of Phailin Cyclone

Food, water and medical facilities are arranged by East Coast Railway for affected areas of Phailin cyclone. Already, 23 teams of NRDF are settled in Odisha and 11 teams are occupied in Andhra Pradesh for any help.

Phailin Cyclone huge loss for Andhra Pradesh and Odisha

* From the latest reports (While writing this hub), 7 people died.

* Phailin Cyclone hits Andhra regions at a speed of 240 kms per hour and continuing in Odisha districts.

* More than 4 lakh people from Odisha districts and 85000 from Andhra Pradesh have been evacuated right now.

* Phailin will be one of the powerful Cyclone which hits India.

* Problems in Power, telephone systems, roads, shelter etc are badly affected by Phailin cyclone.

* All petrol pumps in Odisha districts have been closed now.

* Almost 12 districts of Odisha is under water

More updates will be posted soon in this hub, Check out.


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