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Pink toe nails and a muffin.

Updated on July 11, 2015

The Girl of my Dreams.


Pink toe nails and a muffin.

Pink Toe Nails and a Muffin.

We go together like jeans and suede shoes.

She is my dream.

She whispers sweet words in my ears while I am
asleep, she says I am her fantasy.

We share the same thoughts as though we live

We are two hearts that beat as one.

Her heart beats to a rhythm, making a sound
which is transparent.

She speaks with clarity as though it were the dawn
of a new day.

Love, the irony.

She screws me unconscious.

God forbid she *ucks me.

I hold her.
I hug her.
I kiss her.
we make love.

She is girly .
She is witty.
She is pretty.

She is the girl with the pink toe nails, I ate
Muffins of them.

She is scrumtious.

Pink Toe nails and Muffins.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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