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Best Recycling Ideas

Updated on November 1, 2017
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I love writing about a variety of different subjects. I hope you enjoy my view on these subjects and will appreciate your honest opinion.

Plastic bottles can be used again and again!
Plastic bottles can be used again and again! | Source

Identity tags for your plants

1, Make identity tags for your plants

By cutting vertical strips from a couple of clear 4 litre plastic water bottles you can make them all the same width as a seed packet for a guide but double the length. Each strip can be used by folding over an empty seed packet to protect the seeds from the damp and then staple it to a strong stick.

My seeds have been kept for years by using this idea.

Plastic bottles for feeding the birds

2. Feeding the birds

Buy using a clean 2 litre milk or juice bottle and carving out a large opening and then making a hole to insert a twig or ice lolly stick to make a perch. Poke a hole in the middle of the cap and suspend from a tree with a piece of string or fishing line. Fill it up to the opening with bird seed. The birds seem to love this bird feeder!

Use as a portable rubbish bin

3. Use as a portable rubbish bin

Cut a large hole opposite the handle of a large container and loop the handle through a belt or rope on your waist. Use it to collect debris as you mow the law or stroll through the garden. Saves carrying a waste bag with you!

Spacing seeds

4. Spacing seeds

Using an empty plastic soft drink bottle find the distance that the seed company recommends between seeds and then cut off the tapered top of the bottle so that its diameter equals that distance. Press the bottle, cut edge down,into the soil and place a seed in the centre of the circle it makes. Line up the bottle so that its edge touches the curve of the first marking and press down again. Keep repeating process for each seed, it works a treat.

Isolate weeds when feeding plants

5. Isolate weeds when feeding plants

We all want to feed the plants and not the weeds, using a 2 litre plastic bottle that you have cut in half place the top half over the designated plant. Direct the pump's spraying wand through the opening in the top of the bottle and spray. Obviously if you have time to remove the weeds then that's fine, but some of us have more important things to be doing with our time!

Using plastic bottles for a home made garden sprayer

6. Using plastic bottles for home made garden sprayer

Children love this idea! All you need do is cut three vertical slits in one side of a clean 2 litter plastic bottle. Or make the slits at different angles so the water will squirt in different directions. Attach the nozzle of a hose to the bottle top with tape. Turn on the tap and watch your children's faces!

Make a fly and wasp trap

7. Make a fly and wasp trap

Flies and wasps can be a real problem during the summer, by using a plastic 2 litre bottle to make a trap for them this can be rectified in an environmentally friendly way.

Dissolve 100g sugar in 100 ml water in the bottle, then add 200 ml cider vinegar and a banana skin, you'll need to squash the skin in for it to fit. Screw the cap on and give the mixture a good shake before filling the bottle halfway with cold water. Cut or drill a 2cm hole near the top of the bottle and hang it from a branch close tho where the insects seem especially active. This works a treat, when the trap is full, throw it away and replace it with a new one.

Use a plastic bottle as a paint bucket

8. Build a paint bucket by using a 4 litre plastic container.

Cut a large hole opposite the handle of a clean 4 litre container. Pour in the pain so that it is about 2cm below the edge of the hole and use the edge to remove any excess painf from the brush before you lift it.

Use as a workshop organiser

9. Use as a workshop organiser

Nothing worse than not being able to find the nail, screw or fastener that you need is there. By organising yourself you could find what you are looking for easily and quickly. Cut out a section near the top of each container on the side opposite the handle. Use the containers to store and sort all the small items that slip through the cracks in the workbench.

Use as a level substitute

10. And finally, use as a level substitute

You can make sure that shelf you are about to fix is straight even if you don't have a spirit level on hand. By filling a 1 litre plastic bottle about three-quarters full with water and replacing the cap. Place the bottle on to its side. When the water is level, the shelf will be too!

Moving on to plastic bags

Plastic bags can be used for many things, I have picked 10 ideas that I think could be useful!

Protecting plants from the frost

1. Protecting your lovely plants from the frost

When you see the weather forecast and it looks like there is going to be a frost, use plastic bags to protect your garden plants. Cut a hole in the bottom of each bag. Slip one over each plant and anchor it inside using small stones or rocks. Then pull the bags over the plants, roll them closed, and secure them with clothes pegs or paper clips. Take the bags off when you know the weather has warmed up.

Protecting fruit on your trees

2. Protecting fruit on your fruit trees

To protect your lovely apples and maybe if you are lucky enough to have them plums whilst they are ripening, slip the fruit into clear plastic bags wile it is still on the trees. This way you keep insect off of the fruit and stop the birds from pecking at the fruit whilst they are ripening!

Protecting your shoes from getting muddy

3. Protecting your shoes from getting muddy

Sometime we start gardening in the dry and then it starts to rain but we still have weeding to do and have to go out and finish the job when the rain stops. Cover your shoes with plastic bags to avoid getting mud all over them, there is nothing worse than mud settling on to your shoe, having to clean them is a nightmare, by using the bags the mud stays on the bags and you can just take the bags off when finished and throw them away.

Cleaning the grill easily on the barbecue

4. Cleaning the grill easily on the barbecue

I love sharing this one with you. You have a brilliant barbecue, your grill is probably a sorry mess. To clean it, take the racks off and place them in a bin bag. Spray oven cleaner on the grill and close up the bags. The next day, open the bag, making sure you have rubber gloves on and remove the grill and wipe the mess straight off! Ingenious!

Protecting your car mirrors

5. Protecting your car mirrors

Be organised for snow or ice by covering your car's wing mirrors with plastic bags before the storm starts. When you are de-icing the car in the morning just remove the bags!

Storing a wet Umbrella

6. Storing a wet Umbrella

When your out and about and in and out of shop's there is nothing worse than a soaking wet Umbrella! One of the plastic bags that magazines are delivered in is a perfect size to cover your Umbrella. Just fold the umbrella up and quickly slip it into the bag before entering the shop.

Making an instant poncho!

7. Making an instant Poncho

This is one of my favourite ideas tried and tested by mistake one day!

I always keep a large bin bag in my car. The next time it rains unexpectedly, just cut some slits for arms and one for your head and slip on your impromptu poncho to stay dry, it works a treat!

Storing Paintbrushes

8. Storing Paintbrushes

If you are halfway through painting the lounge and it is time to break for lunch, there is need to clean the paintbrush isn't there. Just put it in a plastic bag and it will emain wet and ready to use when you return. If you are planning to finish later, put the bag covered brush in the freezer, Sounds daft I know, but defrost it and you are ready to start again!

Contain paint overspray

9. Contain Paint overspray

Let's say you have a few small items to spray-paint, using a plastic bag to control any over spray, just place one item at a time in the bag, spray-paint, and remove it to a spread-out newspaper to dry. When you have finished, throw away the bag to make cleaning up fast and easy!

Pack your shoes

10.And finally, Packing your shoes

If your going on holiday and you need to take more than one pair of shoes but you are worried that packing them in the suitcase will get everything else dirty, wrap each pair in its own plastic bag. It will keep the dirt off all your clothes and you can rest assured that you have packed complete pairs of shoes!

To summarise

Sometimes we throw away things just because. If we use are heads a little bit more we can re-use old items such as plastic bottles and plastic bags!

© 2014 Trudy Cooper


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    • tlcs profile imageAUTHOR

      Trudy Cooper 

      4 years ago from Hampshire, UK

      I have lots of ideas teaches12345, I only wish I had the time to write more! Im trying really hard to make time at the moment as I find writing very relaxing!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      You certainly have some new ideas I have not tried yet using bags and bottles. I love the weed free cover for plants and the frost-free car mirror idea. I'm sure this will make many people out there even more frugal and happy.


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