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Help Save the Planet by Recycling all of Your Plastic.

Updated on February 23, 2018
GALAXY 59 profile image

Galaxy is a mother of three who wants to do her bit to make sure this world stays as beautiful as it is for future generations.

Save the Planet.

Saving the planet and recycling all of our plastic instead of throwing it away make sense, and it just got that little bit easier with the invention of the plastic chauffeur service.

We all need to cut down on the amount of stuff we throw away, I don't think there can be many people who would argue with that, but the trouble is that a lot of doorstep collections don't take all of the plastic we accumulate during the week, yoghurt pots, fruit containers that kind of thing.

So what usually happens to all of that rubbish? In my household at least, I am ashamed to say that, the answer is not what should happen to it. It should find its way to a recycling centre where it can be used to make new things out of plastic, saving energy and helping to save the planet.

The reality is that it can be far easier to throw it away than take it to a recycling centre that might be miles away from your home. But there is an alternative, why not start a plastic chauffer service in your neighbourhood.

Google the location of your nearest recycling centre and find out if it is near where you work, drop the children off at school, shop or somewhere else that you visit on a regular basis. If it isn't, then maybe it is near for someone else on your street, why not set up a local meeting to find out.

You might get to know your neighbours better too, invite people round for a coffee and see if you too can get this scheme up and running.

Most Doorstep Collections in the UK Don't Take These Kind of Plastic Containers.

Print leaflets to let people know about your service.
Print leaflets to let people know about your service.

The Practicalities.

The first thing to do is to print out some leaflets to distribute, include the basic details. What the plastic chauffer service is, who you are, why you are doing it and when and where to drop off the plastic for recycling.

Include a list of exactly what you can and can't take, you don't want to end up with a bin full of other people's rubbish every week. If you don't want to put your telephone number on the leaflet then why not put your email address instead. You can always set up a separate email just for the plastic service so that your inbox doesn't get full.

Leave a drop off box outside your house for people to leave their plastic. Make sure that it has high sides or a lid. You don't want the plastic blowing all over the place in a high wind, or getting too wet in the rain, you are going to take it in your car after all.

Not Biodegradable.

Plastic doesn't biodegrade, it just slowly breaks down into smaller and smaller fragments, but it is still plastic - that never changes. Plastic in the world's oceans kills or poisons countless fish and shellfish, many of which end up in the human food chain. All of those poisons and toxins end up in us, we are quite literally killing ourselves along with the planet. Recycling is the only way forward if we want to stop all of the terrible waste and the pollution.

The Largest Landfill Site on the Planet

The largest rubbish dump on the planet isn't even a landfill site, it is actually situated in the open ocean. It consists of mostly plastic waste and goes by the name The great Pacific garbage patch. Twice the size of Texas, it floats between California and the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Plastic makes up over ninety percent of the rubbish floating around polluting our oceans.

If we all recycle just ten percent of the plastic that we would normally throw away think what a huge difference it would make to the planet.

Help Keep our Planet and the Oceans Looking as Beautiful as this.

Make a Difference.

See if you can set up your own plastic chauffering service and really help to make a difference and save our planet.

Please take the time to fill in this short poll, thankyou.

Do you recycle?

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