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Plight of an indian women

Updated on December 24, 2012

Women of india

''Liberal women''-does she really exist ?

''Women'' this one word has the whole world falling in it.The most adorable,the most innocent,the most vivacious creature on earth.She is a daughter,a sister,a wife, a mother but above all she is an individual.She is having her own singularity .She is born to live,to lead her life with delirium.But what is her identity today.She has lost it all.In today's scenario she is no more than a toy to play with.Her plead is hushed. She is weeping but her tears could'nt be seen.She is said to be free but her freedom is lost somewhere.The innocence and the liveliness she used to have when she was a little child has drowned now.The beauty of her youth seems faded.The women is still not independent,she is still under the bondage of discrimation,domestic violence and male dominance.The society has made her condition so pathetic that she has to fight everyday for her own existence.She is enduring for her survival.

In a country like India where godesses are worshipped,women are treated like commodity.In a male dominant society her subsistence has fainted.A girl child is being brutally murdered in d womb of her mother only because of the reason that she is a girl.A mother is forced to sacrifice her own daughter but nobody could understand her pain.She cries silently.In every phase of her life she has to cede her own interest ,sometimes by being a sister or by being a daughter,or wife or mother but no matter what she does,she is never rewarded with thanks.In fact she is supposed to do so because she is a women.It is just like her daily chores.

I feel pity for the people who think that women are a pleasure doll.They use them for amusement and to satisfy their lust and then throw them away.Women are being harassed and assaulted physically mentally and emotionally since years but her plight has still not ended.And I feel shameful to say this that her condition is deteriorating day by day.We have entered 65th year of independence but women are still a slave.They are still combating for their rights.They are still waiting for the day when they can move candidly with their head held high,when they are not scared of being exasperated,when they can attire the way they want,when they can step out of their home at night without being distressed that any person on earth can destroy her bloom.

Women do not expect tonnes of money and loads of love to please them,they just need ''respect,dignity,appreciation,care and concern''.And they really deserve it.Honor her for being in your life and she will bring the heaven for you on earth.Stop castigating her for being a women.Let her the life of liberty and exemption. Show her that humanity and morality are still alive and not astrayed.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Exactly this has to be stopped , otherwise it will lead to catastrophic result.

    • profile image

      avleen bajwa 

      8 years ago

      exactly women are being humiliated and suppressed for what they are...........

    • profile image

      manu gupta 

      8 years ago

      the issue you raised is very true and need of the hour as women are the integral part of the society.we should not forget we have a mother she is also a women and without her there is no existence of home to be called a home.we should respect the dignity of women and we have seen in world behind every successful men there is women .so one word that describe a women is 'RESPECT'


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