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Police Department Corruption & Racism

Updated on February 27, 2016
NYPD Cruiser
NYPD Cruiser
Police Officers
Police Officers

Police corruption and racism among blacks and Latinos has been an ongoing issue dated as far back as one can point a definite finger on. There are neighborhoods that much rather take things on themselves than have the police department intervene or even interfere in the progress of getting their neighborhood back.

It is pretty much a downfall to all the police officers who chose their profession for one reason and one reason only. “To Protect & Serve.” To these officers I would like to offer a thank you for trying, and give a special commendation for not being pulled in with the bad seeds among them.

I know plenty of police officers and am very proud to have them on the force. The sad thing is that not everyone feels the same as they only experienced the bad and never came across that one officer that will prove he or she is there to serve you, the public. The main problem among these communities is the racial stereotyping these officers portray and the lack of respect they show you when called upon a scene.

I don’t want to seem racist myself because I am far from it, but from my own experiences I can truly understand why the majority would rather have the police stay at bay than contemplate calling them. Especially when they know these officers are even targeting their own due to race and mistaken identity. Due to the arrogance some of these officers portray along the lines of racism the number of Black and Latino people that die due to it grow more and more each year.

To say the need of better training habits is the cause is just plain wrong. Training is the least of the problems because the fact of the matter is that where these problems exist most such as Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC they are indeed over-trained.

The main problem we should focus on is making these politicians see they have to do more to prevent this. It doesn’t make sense that many officers are beaten or killed because they are simply undercover, and happen to be Black or Latino. The officers who do these crimes are not even hauled off to jail, but sentenced to desk duty with a simple slap on the wrist. I am sorry to say this, but they have to account for their crimes as well.

Case in point, in mid-July Shem Walker, 49 was shot and killed by an undercover police officer using his mother’s stoop to monitor a buy and bust operation a few doors down. The man was only protecting his home and was fatally shot during a scuffle with said undercover cop. In this case it seems like it was accidental because the gun went off during the scuffle, but this man is now dead for doing what he has always done in a neighborhood infested with drug trafficking.

In addition to all I have focused on above a report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation states that at least 22 police officers have been killed nationally in the past decade alone due to accidental shootings such as friendly fire, being caught in the cross-fire and mistaken identity, but of course these stats do not tell you the race of the officer’s involved.


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    • one2recognize2 profile image

      one2recognize2 24 months ago from New York

      unfortunately, racism doesn't have a color, its all about ignorance...

    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 3 years ago

      If the police were black you could not pull the race card on them.

      I think all white cops should paint their skin black. Just like robert downey jr tropic thunder.

    • profile image

      Phillis 5 years ago

      I have seen extreme racism towards natives in Anchorage. It makes sense, the multi generational bigot polititions that took our land and resources away hire and pay them to abuse us. The highest rates of rape and abuse towards women in the country..... if they even turn the abusers in....

    • JAILTALK profile image

      JAILTALK 6 years ago from Oregon

      I really feel for any minority that has to go before the police. In our area, they shoot first then ask questions later. They even shoot naked people. Tell me how threatening someone unarmed is to shoot and kill them?... I feel like I have been violated by the police and I am a white female law abiding citizen.Can't imagine how I would get treated with even more fuel to add to the already biased police. I've only been in jail once as you can read my story in hub, for talking out of turn in the court at a divorce hearing with no representation. I have plenty of traffic stories with the creeps flirting with me, telling me they'd have to "pat me down" when I had to get wallet out of back seat, beat up cashing a good check at Bank of America....That's a whole other story