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Police Lies: The Vile Dealings of the Late Officer Charles Joseph 'GI Joe' Gliniewicz

Updated on August 23, 2017

How did GI Joe go to being GI Hoe?


Bad Cop

High on authority, the police continue their reign of lost respect among the citizens of America. In particular, officer Charles Joseph Gliniewicz’s suicide spells for the boys and girls in blue an ominous state of awareness. For staging his death to appear to be a last heroic fight against three assailants, Gliniewicz ought not be held up in glory but in shame. By misleading his close compatriots into thinking that he went down in a hail of bullets as a brave cop, he wittingly chose the coward’s way out of life. The only circumstances where suicide is warranted remain when one lives under a dictatorship, experiences chronic, excruciating pain from a malady of injury, or when you have the gall to desire to take others’ lives, you should appropriately put the pistol in your own mouth before further contemplating bringing harm to anyone else. But Gliniewicz chose the route that displayed his lily-livered nature.

The fantasy world in which he concocted such a tale where he placed himself in pursuit of suspects “two white males, one Black” never materialized. This lead to over 400 agents searching the rough terrain to try to nab these phantom accused persons. That he opted to steal money from the youth auxiliary program for personal expenditures illustrates his twisted sense of morality and shady character. In a climate which already questions the very existence of police officers, his actions will go down as some of the most heinous in recorded history. The book and film rights may already be in the works to project such a malicious being. While he may have been a admirable soldier, and an all-round family man, his selfless, evil actions speak for themselves. No amount of medals, or vows spoken, or lessons in how to dress for a job interview can save his tarnished image. His memory will always involve those nasty acts in which he performed as the crooked cop that he showed himself to be.

His widow and children must view this deeply disturbed man as a man who betrayed their trust and understanding. Because he was a cop, the chances that his brothers and sisters in uniform will be held in esteem become diminished. His fate ought not symbolize that other cops won’t follow his moves. It is possible that more officers will be just as self-destructive, just as blatantly dishonest, and just as immoral. That’s where movements like Black Lives Matter hold water. By pointing out the flaws within police organizations, the citizens might have a fight in combatting all cop misconduct. The lesson is obvious. But the issue is whether or not the police will heed it.


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