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Police-Related Shootings and Media Coverage

Updated on January 6, 2018

Have you ever been pulled over or had any interactions with the police? Well if you have you know how stressful it can be. This article you will see a few points of how people interaction with law enforcement and how media covered the incident. Topics discussed will be how media covers certain situations, how people receive information, and how media is targeting bad actions of the police to get a story.

When you think of police what do you think of? Do you think of someone with authority that thinks he's better than everybody else? Or maybe do you think a police officer is of a person that's only out to get you and give you tickets for nonsense? Or maybe you think of somebody that carries a gun that's trying to shoot you every chance he gets? If you thought any of these descriptions of a police officer may be true the reason you may be thinking this way is because that's what media is telling you.

I am going to show you a video and tell you how the news covered it and what they wanted you to think about this officer. Please watch this video and come up with you own decision. Is this officer guilty of killing this man in cold blood? Or do you think this officer made the right choice in shooting this man.

do you think the police officer shoot and killed an innocent man?

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Very interesting video was it not? As you can see in the video the officer shot Dillan Tabares after a wrestling match occurred at a convenience store. Mr. Tabares was a Navy veteran and was said to be drugs at the time of the assault. Do you think Mr. Tabares life should've ended that day? I want you to read this news article given by the Los Angeles Times about the incident. Pay special attention to the headline of the article and the out look it has on Mr Tabares character. The article was published to give readers a positive out look on the negative actions taken by police.

here is another example of the media reporting Mr. Tabares as a normal everyday victim.

Given what you have read about Mr Tabares would you consider him another police brutality victim?

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Now that I showed you one half of what the media thinks I'm going to give a little bit of what the family thought. As most people would imagine the family was quite upset and was outraged at the whole situation. How the family reacted to the situation May shock you after figuring out who Mr. Tabares actually was. The brother went as far as to make a website about getting a petition made for de-escalation procedures and police use of force. In the next box you can read a little about the petition and sign it if you want. But before you do continue reading to see the true facts about the story. Like I said at the beginning of this article what the media says and the actual truth maybe two separate things.

The next article is going to be a surprise to most of you if you're on Mr. Tabares side. This is the true aftermath of what they found out about this gentleman. This does not condone the actions of a loss of a life but it may make you think twice about how the media portrays somebody as the victim. Without spoiling the surprise please continue reading to see what Mr. tablets did three days prior to the shooting.

After reading this article you can clearly tell that this was not Mr. Tabares first run-in with the law. He's been arrested multiple times according to the article and on many different charges. Mr. Tabares was charged with felony counts of battery with serious bodily injury and was sentenced to jail and three years probation. Mr. Taber's was clearly a habitual offender of the law and was not the sweet Navy veteran the media try to portray him as when the story first came out.

Were you surprised as I was with the way the media portrayed Mr. Tabares. This leaves to question the media's main influence and what their goal was in creating those articles. Was the point of the article to make Mr. Terrance seem like an innocent victim? Was it maybe to stress the point that any loss of life is tragic. Whatever the point this difference in the ways the media portrayed him with out know who he was is due for concern.

Every time you hear the news it's always something tragic. When it comes to dealing with police many of the main stories have a very biased outlook on an everyday person just trying to do their job. Being in the law enforcement field myself there are many things the common person does not understand. I would never expect someone to understand something they have never had to deal with in person. At what point is the media going to stop questioning the police and let them do their job. This is not to say that there aren't bad police officers out there just like they're a bad doctors or teachers. You can't punish the whole group and blanket every police shooting as the police being in the wrong.

In conclusion if you've learned anything from reading along through this page I hope you learned to not take everything at face value you hear from the media. This is extremely important when it comes to media coverage so that you can dive deeper into the facts of a story. I know to most of you reading this it's going to be a commonsense thing to do. However there are people out there that don't understand that media has there own agendas. This goes along with those that do their research because they tend to find biased opinions and make them their own. So next time you see a police involved shooting or any controversial media topic there's always going to be more to the story than meets the eye.


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