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“Political Correctness” – No Longer a Joke, but a Menace . . . and an Assault on Free Speech

Updated on July 2, 2017


I gave up some time ago updating this because there have been so many examples of "PC" ridiculousness as to make it a full time job. But I saw this on Facebook this morning and I had to share it. Not being "PC" can now get you fined or jailed. Don't believe me? See below. Oh, and the ghost of George Orwell is probably cackling.


I am placing this update upfront rather than at the end of the article because it is a perfect example of the real danger of "political correctness." This story is out of England:

"OFFICIALS who failed to stop gangs of males from Pakistan preying on young girls for fear of being branded racist are set to cost taxpayers up to £200million. At least 1,400 girls aged as young as 11 are believed to have been sexually abused in Rotherham, South Yorks, for 16 years by men who viewed them as 'white trash'. But it is feared the real number could be more than 2,000."

" . . .failed to stop gangs of males from Pakistan preying on young girls for fear of being branded racist . . ." Think about that for a moment - young girls are being assaulted by roving Pakistani men but police are doing little or nothing for fear of being called "racist." Suppose you were a white parent watching a man from another race brutalizing your young daughter. Would you decide to not intervene because you might be called a "racist?" I doubt it. The world we live in is truly upside down.
Full story here:

"PC" - Not So Funny Anymore

A few years ago I wrote a humorous short story about “political correctness” (hereafter referred to as simply “PC”) gone mad. In the story, entitled “Pip van Winkle,” a man finds himself in the year 2024 where PC has become not only the norm, but the law. After dealing with walking through spotted owl feces, dodging cars that are nothing more than padded cells on wheels, and almost getting his brains knocked out by the “PC police,” he wakes up to find out, thankfully, it was only a dream. It was good for a laugh or two. We have all seen numerous examples of PC nonsense that are good for a chuckle (my personal favorite was the attempt by the government of Woonsocket, Rhode Island to replace the term “manhole covers” with “personhole covers.” They relented after the town became the laughingstock of the nation’s newsrooms.) But, unfortunately, PC is no longer a laughing matter. It has become a threat, not only to freedom of speech, but to our personal freedoms and, indeed, to our lives. From early 2002 to late 2009 I lived in the United Kingdom, a country where PC has literally run amuck.

Item: In October 2004, leftists in the European Parliament attacked Italian European Union commissioner Rocco Buttiglione for his Catholicism and the fact that he sees homosexuality as a sin. In spite of the Vatican coming to his defense, he was denied an important post due to his “politically incorrect” ideas on homosexuality. Apparently being anti-Catholic is okay with the PC crowd.

Item: The Defense Department runs schools for dependents of servicemen overseas and of these is the American high school at RAF Lakenheath (near Cambridge if you know your UK geography). In the same month as the Buttiglione fiasco, the new principal stated that if any students were overheard using the common expression "That's really gay,” they would have legal charges brought against them. Legal charges, not reprimands, or even suspension or expulsion, but actual charges.

Item: In July 2005, Mark Steyn in the excellent National Review magazine pointed this out. A certain Douglas Wood, an Australian, was held by Islamic terrorists in Iraq. During his ordeal, while blindfolded, he had to listen to the murder of two of his colleagues. Luckily he was released. Subsequently, in a statement, he called his captors a vulgar term meaning "rectal orifices" (he used the actual term which I will refrain from repeating here). Well, the editor of a Melbourne, Australia newspaper, one Mr. Andrew Jaspan, took offense and said that Wood's comments were "insensitive." Calling murderers you-know-whats is considered “insensitive.” Think about that.

Item: In 2007, certain British schools have been advised not to teach students about the Holocaust because it may offend Muslim students who are taught by their imams that the Holocaust did not happen. Is it PC to rewrite history? Apparently.

Item: Some banks in the UK have banned leaving piggy banks around their offices as the sight of a pig, however whimsical, may offend (you guessed it) Muslims. Guess you’ll have to put your money into a goat bank, kids!

Item: Some police in the UK have been reluctant to investigate so-called honor killings because (and this was reported on the BBC so take my word for it) it could be construed as being politically incorrect. Fathers, mothers, and uncles are butchering young girls in their own families merely because they wore “indecent” clothing or dated the wrong boy. You can’t investigate this, you see, it’s their “culture.”

And of course there are the killings that have taken place due to the “insult” to Islam by a few cartoonists a couple of years back (not to mention to the death threats to Sir Salman Rushdie. Kudos to the British for knighting him).

A couple more items that have recently come to my attention (again, courtesy of Mark Steyn who pointed them out in the 5 March 2012 issue of National Review): a gentleman in the UK lost his job in 2009 for having the temerity to suggest he was against allowing gay Church of England vicars marrying their “partners.” This is particularly interesting and troubling - first of all, this was said in a private conversation and, in any case, gay marriage is ILLEGAL in the UK! Update - "gay marriage" is now legal in the UK. There is some speculation that Queen Elizabeth may withhold assent to the new law, based on her being the titular head of the Church of England and must uphold its values. This hasn't happened in centuries but wouldn't it be a hoot if she actually did it? Go for it, Your Majesty!
(A few days after I wrote this I read where she caved and assented to it - sigh . . .)

In 1997, a newspaper was fined because of an advertisement which merely contained three Biblical references, Romans 1:26, Leviticus 19:22 and 20:13, and 1 Corinthians 6:9. Mind you the actual text was not included, only three references. Not familiar with them? They are proscriptions of homosexuality. Some “Human Rights” Tribunal thought these references insulted gay people. But what about religious freedom?

Okay, you say, all these examples happened outside the US. You think this can’t happen here? Tell you what, go on Google and type in this phrase: political correctness run amuck. Then read some of the stories you find. (One example - did you read about the guy who was fired from ESPN because he used the phrase “chink in the armor” in a story about basketball star Jeremy Lin? The PC crowd apparently cannot distinguish between a racial slur and a word meaning a narrow opening or crack.)

I could go on and on. I’m sure the readers of this are familiar with campus “speech codes,” because of which you can be thrown out of school for referring to someone with the wrong pronoun (I exaggerate, but not by much. And we’ve all seen members of the minority-group du jour get away with things the rest of us would probably go to jail for -- or at least be severely criticized -- because they’re part of an “oppressed” group.) Well, now some of them are literally getting away with murder.

Have we become so cowardly that we cannot defend our own culture and traditions and our national heritage? Is it “racist” to try to maintain time-honored traditions and values within our borders? Is it “anti-immigrant” to insist that people who have entered the country illegally and have no intention of assimilating should consider going elsewhere?

Do we not realize the danger of letting this go on?

I refer you to two quotations from the French poet-philosopher, Charles Peguy:

“It will never be known what acts of cowardice have been motivated by the fear of not looking sufficiently progressive.”


“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.”

Truth is one of the main victims of PC, freedom is another. It is beginning to look as though personal safety is at risk as well.

“Political correctness” is nothing less than a cancer that should be expunged from the body politic.

Update - Mid-August 2012

Anyone who opposed the "gay agenda' is now considered part of a "hate group." The other day, a "gay activist" went into the D.C. headquarters of the Family Research Council, a group that espouses traditional values (traditional marriage, anti-abortion, etc.) Well, this "activist" tried to enter with a loaded gun and plenty of ammo - only the courage of a security guard (who was shot in the arm) stopped this idiot. The "mainstream" press hardly covered the incident. Imagine the uproar if a Tea Party member tried to shoot up a gay bar. It is not only "politically incorrect" to be against gay marriage, but it is now hazardous to your health.

Look like the HQ of a "hate group" to you?
Look like the HQ of a "hate group" to you? | Source

Update - January 2013

There is currently on the White House website ( a petition to declare the Roman Catholic Church a "hate group" because of Pope Benedikt XVI's stand on homosexuality. It stands no chance of coming to fruition (Obama would be nuts to support this - there are over 70 million Catholics in the US), but some 1700 morons have already signed it. Imagine, trying to declare one of the world's major religions as a "hate group" because their beliefs don't coincide with your own. The "PC" crowd have a singular mindset - we're right. you're wrong and if you don't agree, you will be punished! There are things that happen in this world that I never thought I'd see, yet here they are.

Update - April 2013

The Baltimore Business Journal website is reporting that some Washington, DC area homebuilders are no longer using the term "master bedroom." From the website:

A survey of 10 major Washington, D.C.-area homebuilders found that six no longer use the term “master” in their floor plans to describe the largest bedroom in the house. They have replaced it with “owner’s suite” or “owner’s bedroom” or, in one case, “mastre bedroom.”

Why? In large part for exactly the reason you would think: “Master” has connotation problems, in gender (it skews toward male) and race (the slave-master).

You know, you can't make this stuff up! Words fail me right now in describing this abject stupidity and I'm sorely tempted to use profanity so I'll stop right here.

Update - late April 2013

In the state of Washington, "penmanship" is about the become "handwriting;" "freshmen" are about to become "first year students;" "fishermen" will soon be merely "fishers;" "ombuds" and "security guards" replace ombudsman and watchmen. I wonder what is going to happen to huMAN, MANifold, MANkind. Are we going to have to eat PERSONicotti instead of MANicotti? Come to think of it, will these changes be PERSONdatory? Will the Chinese have to speak PERSONdarin? And then there's PERSONitoba, Canada . . .

When does this asinine assault on the English language stop?

Update - Early May 2013

In Columbus, Texas a high school track star lost his medal after winning the 4×100-meter relay by a whopping seven yards and with it, a shot at the state championship. But he pointed to the sky apparently thanking God for the win . . . and the entire team was disqualified for "excessive celebration."

When I was in high school, I would have laughed and said something like "Yeah, sure, what are you smoking?" if someone had told me this would happen someday in America. The people running our public schools today apparently are automatons, controlled by the Great God of Political Correctness. Sickening.

Update - Mid-May 2013

The US Department of Education is now replacing the terms "mother" and "father" on student loan applications for 2014-2015 with "Parent One" and "Parent Two."

" , , ,aimed at accommodating students who have grown up in gay households and have either two mothers or two fathers, according to a statement released by the DOE late last month."
- Clash Daily - 11 May 2013

Now "PC" is contributing to the transformation of marriage and the dissolution of the American family. I don't know about you but I find this process disgusting.

2nd Update - Mid-May 2013

It looks like updating this article will be a full-time job! Now someone writing for Time Magazine says celebrating Mother's Day is, you guessed it, "sexist" and insulting to women:

" . . .messages in Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards also reinforce sex stereotypes. Moms are thanked for the hugs, for drying the tears, for 'always being there.' Dads, though, tend to be thanked as role models and individuals to look up to . . ."


"The question is: why in 2013, are we still dividing all these traits by gender? It’s insulting to both women and men and it has less and less to do with contemporary American families."

Uh, maybe because there are two sexes, men and women? This is ridiculous and continues the trend of disestablishing traditional marriage and the traditional family. Here's a prediction: soon you'll will see a campaign to establish "Life-partner" day or something like that. And I, for one, will continue to honor my mother and my wife on Mother's Day and ignore any stupid, "politically correct" substitutes.

3rd Update - Mid-May 2013

  • A student at Northwestern University was ousted from a bid to become the vice president of diversity and inclusion because he was a white heterosexual male. It seems "diversity and Inclusion" aren't so inclusive.
  • "Chula Vista, CAA talented Salt Creek Elementary School kindergartener was recently turned down from playing the guitar while singing a song at his school’s upcoming May 23 talent show. The unwarranted—and unconstitutional—rejection didn’t come due to lack of talent but because the song, “Our God Is Mercy,” is a Christian song." Western Center for Journalism

  • "In a staggering case of affirmative action gone wild, officials in a major U.S. city are actually recruiting minorities to be lifeguards at public pools even if they’re not good swimmers. It’s all in the name of diversity." Phoenix, Arizona - Better not use a public pool in Phoenix if you're not a good swimmer - if you get in trouble in the water you may be screwed

4th Update - late May 2013

This is getting to be a full-time job! Another example of "PC" from Mark Steyn in National Review:

Earlier this month we had the story of the three white girls held captive by a Hispanic man in Cleveland, Ohio. A black man named Charles Ramsey rescued them and, when interviewed on TV, he said this: "Bro, I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. Something wrong here. Dead giveaway . . ." Good line, right? Well, the interviewer immediately broke off the interview and the newspapers expunged the quote from their otherwise extensive coverage of the story.

Mind you, a black man said this, NOT a white guy. I'll quote what Mr. Steyn said about him: "He is a funny, flawed figure who, when it counted, did the right thing, but a real black man has to be airbrushed into bland conformity with white-liberal pieties."


5th Update - early June 2013

Apparently the FBI has caved in to Muslim organizations demanding material "offensive" to Muslims be removed from training literature. Articles stating that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization is "offensive." Guess what? The Muslim Brotherhood IS a terrorist organization. According to National Public Radio “The FBI has completed a review of offensive training material and has purged 876 pages and 392 presentations, according to a briefing provided to lawmakers.” Truth is taking a beating in this country. Every group with gripes, whether real or imagined, have to be placated in case they're "offended." Can anyone tell me where in the US Constitution is the right to not be offended?

6th Update - 6 June 2013 (D-Day!)

This one is straight out of the "you can't make this stuff up" department! MSNBC's Martin Bashir said criticizing Obama about the IRS shenanigans is the same as -- are you ready for this? -- calling him the "N-word." So "IRS" equals "NI***R" Got that? Calling someone "racist" is the last resort of people on the left who run out of things to say. It's like George Carlin used to say - you use the "F" word when you're losing the argument. Same thing here. An Obama supporter asked me some time ago how this administration was curtailing civil liberties - - - let's see, how do I count the ways? Does attacking our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights count?

You WILL obey!
You WILL obey!

Update - 12 June 2013 (Not bothering to number them anymore.)

This one is literally unbelievable, Now a Hispanic principal in Portland, Oregon is saying references to peanut and jelly sandwiches are racist!

PORTLAND, Ore. – Dr. Verenice Gutierrez, a principal with Oregon’s Portland Public Schools, has become convinced that America’s “white culture” negatively influences educators’ world view and the manner in which they teach their students.

For instance, last year a teacher in the district presented a lesson that included a reference to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Gutierrez says that by using sandwiches as an illustration, the teacher was engaged in a very subtle form of racism.

“What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?” asked Gutierrez, according to Portland Tribune. “Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”


In addition to teaching that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist, PEG trains educators to view “rugged individualism,” “adherence to rigid time schedules,” and the belief that “hard work is the key to success” as traits of the dominant white culture. PEG teaches that minority cultures value “color group collectivism,” “interdependence,” group success, shared property, learning through social relationships, and making life choices based on “what will be best for the family or group.”

("PEG" refers to the Pacific Education Group, whose mission is to enlighten educators about how public schools promote “white culture” and “white privilege.”

Rugged individualism and hard work are not politically correct and peanut and jelly sandwiches are hate food. The more I think about this the more irritated I get - rugged individualism and hard work are classic American traits and, in essence, how this nation was built.

By the way, the school district spent over $500,000 on the PEG. $500,000 of taxpayers money on this asinine crap. Over a half million on what really is anti-American propaganda.

Are these people a special kind of stupid?

Update - 19 June 2013

"The latest New York City Council push is for police to shut their eyes to a suspect’s gender, race, age and disability, out of concern that such descriptions constitute unfair profiling." Washington Times, 19 June 2013

This is not only wrong-headed it is out-and-out stupid. The cops would not be able to disseminate an accurate description of a perp because they could be sued for "discrimination." Thank God both the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg are against this. This is exactly the type of nonsense the first part of the title of this hub, "“Political Correctness” – No Longer a Joke, but a Menace," refers to.

Update - 20 June 2013

Thanks to a fellow Facebook poster who goes by "Freedom of Speech" for this one:

"The Associated Press has dropped the phrase “illegal immigrant” from its stylebook, a victory for immigrant advocates who argue that the term is biased against the people it describes." Washington Post, 2 April 2013

So now they are "undocumented immigrants." Bulls**t. When you cross a nation's border ILLEGALLY you have broken that nation's laws by definition. In fact, these ILLEGAL ALIENS are not even immigrants - technically they are invaders.

Stay tuned - I'm sure more "PC" garbage is on its way.

Update - 22 June 2013

From former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee: "Fox News reporter Todd Starnes reports that not even students at Columbia State Community College in Tennessee are immune from campus political correctness. Students there complained that a psychology professor turned her class into a semester-long forced campaign for gay rights. Students say they were ordered to wear Rainbow Coalition ribbons and write papers expressing their support for same-sex marriage. When some protested that it was against their religious beliefs, they say she told them it was her job to 'educate the ignorant and uneducated elements of society' and to correct their 'hateful and close-minded' views. The school disagrees on the definition of her job. They say they’re investigating. Meanwhile, at the risk of being called ignorant and hateful, I’ll offer her some advice, paraphrased from the Bible: Psychologist, heal thyself."

So people who believe in the tenets of their respective religions are "ignorant" and "uneducated," not to mention "hateful and close-minded." Mind you, these students were coerced into writing papers in support of something they are against. First of all, this "teacher" should be fired. Secondly, she should be sued for violating religious freedom.

Had I been in her class, I would have written "I am against gay marriage" on my paper, and then I would have told her to insert the paper "where the sun don't shine," and walked out of the class, This is not education, it's proselytizing and propagandizing. Utterly disgusting.

A good question . . .
A good question . . .

Update - 9 July 2013

The Canadian province of Manitoba (shouldn't that be Personitoba?) has decreed a provincial "code of conduct" in schools ostensibly against bullying but it is a thinly disguised attack on free speech and freedom of association in the name of "gay rights." From an article by Peter Baklinski on the website

"The prairie province’s movement towards 'safe schools' has no foreseeable limit in sight. The Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS) passed a resolution in May to lobby the provincial government to revamp its entire spectrum of existing curricula to include LGBTQ issues, people, and values, asking for a curricula that would 'aid in creating inclusive learning environments for students.'

For example, a math problem in the revised curricula 'might include a mother and father, but can also include a single parent or parents of the same gender,' a delegate said at the MTS’s Annual General Meeting in May. The MTS resolution also asked that the government 'ensure' that 'safe school legislation' would 'specifically address homophobia and violence prevention.'"

" . . .a Christian student who raises his or her hand in class to object to pro-gay indoctrination by a teacher, or let’s say, after hearing comments in class which denigrate biblical beliefs on sexuality, may find him/herself accused of ‘homophobic bullying’. Then, under this code, they themselves could be subject to disciplinary action.”

It is one thing to discourage discrimination against a minority group, it is quite another to place that minority group on a pedestal and render them immune from criticism regardless of its veracity. This is nothing short of brainwashing students to not only tolerate a lifestyle that many believe to be contrary to their own religious beliefs, but to celebrate it.

Good Article on PC

I tried to ad the link below to a great article on "PC" but the Hub computer that Knows All and Sees All says is a "prohibited site" - why in hell that is I can't fathom but here is the link - just copy and paste into your address bar:

Another Good Article

There have been so many ridiculous items on the "PC" front lately I didn't know which one to pick so I've settled on the Paula Deen case - from the article below

:"Listening to black rap music will produce more N words in five minutes than Paula Deen could conger in several lifetimes, but that seems to be OK with the guilt laden-PC crowd."

Man Loses his Job for Not Being "PC"

Another assault on our First Amendment rights. Why is it people on the left can use the most vile language against conservatives/Republicans/traditionalists and not get called on it? So this guy used vile language BUT it was aimed at the left instead. So what happens, He loses his job. Disgusting. And scary. We are living in a time when if you publicly disagree with the liberal theology you will be punished. And it IS a theology in every sense of the word.

More "PC" Nonsense

This is so stupid words fail me at the moment - too much to summarize so here's the link:

Another Job Lost for Not Being "PC"

At the behest of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) a Wal-Mart employee was fired for joking about Muslims on his Facebook page. From the editorial on the 6 Sep Independent Journal Review website: "How many 'Christian Organizations' have gotten anyone fired for the rampant and incessant criticism of Christianity everywhere? And yet somehow CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, got WalMart to fire an employee for making a simple joke about Muslims on Facebook."

I couldn't have said it better myself. By the way, CAIR has been linked to the terrorist group Hamas. This is akin to the German-American Bund having someone fired in the 1940s for making jokes about Nazis.

And Yet ANOTHER Job Lost for Not Being "PC"

Fox News (of all people) have fired a sports announcer for his support of traditional marriage:

Even Fox is caving in to gay militancy - very disappointing.

Update - Can't "Call a Spade a Spade" Anymore

As of the day I write this, 25 Sep 2013, there have been two horrendous terrorist attacks by Islamic militants in Kenya and Pakistan, both specifically aimed at non-Muslims. Most of the newspapers, however, will not use either the word "Muslim" or "Islam" in their reporting, using terms like "armed militants" or "members of a ferocious armed political movement known as the Shabab" (NY Times). Guess what kind of a group al Shabab is? You got it boys and girls - it's Islamic! I guess they don't want to offend Muslims because they might just get mad and start shooting people and blowing things up -- oh wait . . .

This "PC" Crap Never Stops

Now the president of the US has stated that if he was the owner of the Washington Redskins football team, he'd consider changing the team's name and logo. Apparently he has nothing much else to do (he won't negotiate over the government shutdown so I guess he has some time on his hands). Liberal talk-show host Rachel Maddow refers to the Redskins as the "R-words." My dear readers, you can't make stuff like this up!

They're all the same, right?  Sure . . .
They're all the same, right? Sure . . . | Source

Update on the Redskins Nonsense

The non-scandal over the name and logo of the Washington Redskins is getting more and more ridiculous. This cartoon recently appeared in the New York Daily News (and shame on them). Below the three flags is the phrase "Archaic Symbols of Pride and Heritage." Here you have a textbook definition of Over the Top. This is beyond asinine, it's tasteless and stupid and totally inappropriate.

Did You Know that the Name of Jesus is "Offensive?"

From the website of the Western Center for Journalism: "The wife of a pastor near Sterling, Colo. recently died; and her family, upon presenting the city with her final wishes for a grave marker, were disheartened to learn that a reference to Jesus Christ was prohibited." Further in the article: “'But after we kept pushing them, the cemetery director told us that it might offend somebody,'” she said. “'They weren’t going to allow it.'"

And further: "When the family began to push back against the decision, . . . the director implied that such an inclusion would open the door for another grave marker to include a swastika." You got that? The name of Jesus is equivalent to a swastika!

This story ends in good news however, as the cemetery management finally gave in after pressure was put on them. If people cannot place symbols of their religion on the headstones of their loved ones, we are truly going to hell in a handbasket.

Had to share this one . . .
Had to share this one . . .

Another Update - Dec 2013

"A California county has banned a veteran employee from criticizing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act because a coworker who overheard the criticism was offended." This is beyond ridiculous - this is the kind of thing that happens in totalitarian states. Imagine being dressed down at work because you criticize a government policy! Freedom of Speech is getting to be a joke in this country.

Read the story here (and check out the last paragraph especially):

Update - January 2014

According to the Investor's Business Daily, 29 Jan 2014:

"Caving to pressure from Muslim groups, the Pentagon has relaxed uniform rules to allow Islamic beards, turbans and hijabs. It’s a major win for political correctness and a big loss for military unit cohesion. " (Emphasis added - AD)

And to think I caught hell when I was in the Army for having my field jacket unbuttoned! And God forbid if I had a crucifix or a scapular showing! This is ridiculous. Christians in the military are getting in trouble for speaking out in opposition to "gay marriage," yet the "powers that be" are catering to members of a religion that treat gays like a disease. What's going on in the US Army today is making me ashamed to say I ever wore that uniform.

Update - February 2014

Now, here we have one of the absurdities extreme "political correctness" can lead to:

"A person in Oregon named Valeria Jones is suing catering company Bon Appétit Management for $518,682 because coworkers used female names in reference to Jones despite the fact that Jones had continually expressed the desire to be addressed only with gender neutral pronouns.

"Some of the terms the coworkers called Jones included, for example, 'little lady,' 'lady' and 'miss,' reports The Oregonian. The coworkers said Jones looked like a woman—possibly some unidentified female celebrity.

"Jones was unhappy, explaining that pronouns which apply to everyone do not apply to Jones and are 'unwelcome' because Jones is 'not a female or a male.'

"Before ultimately quitting the job, Jones asked supervisors to present information to every other employee about various gender identity issues. The suit says supervisors chose not to make such a presentation." (The Daily Caller, 9 February 2014)

So she (or whatever the hell "it" is) wants $500,000 because he/she/it was addresses with the "wrong" pronouns.

Dear readers, you can't make stuff like this up. This seems like a skit on Monty Python's Flying Circus!

Update: March 2014

There have been so many instances of the excesses of "political correctness" lately I didn't know which ones to post (this thing is getting long enough as it is) but this one caught my eye:

  • Petitioning The United States Government

The US Government: Replace the word "slave" in all history and school books with "captive African"

No, I didn't make that up. 24 people have signed it so far . . . I am not one of them. Sorry, I can't type anymore . . . I was laughing so hard I wet my pants.

Update: Late April 2014

I warned earlier in this article of the dangers of "PC" and here is an excellent example of what I was talking about. A political candidate in the UK named Paul Weston was arrested for . . . quoting Winston Churchill! The (then) future Prime Minister wrote about the dangers of Islam in a book entitled "The River War" which was written in 1899 concerning his experiences as a British Army officer, during the war against the Mahdi in Sudan. Someone called the police when Weston read the quote in public and he was arrested and hauled away in a police van! Whatever liberty is left in the UK is going down the drain. Imagine being arrested for quoting the words of a former Prime Minister? Watch out - here come the Thought Police! Orwell would be proud. Absolutely appalling and totally disgusting.


Update - May 2014

AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT BE DAMNED! Earlier this month an openly homosexual football player got drafted by one of the NFL teams and he and his gay lover gave each other a sloppy, slobbering kiss - on live TV. Many (including this writer) were disgusted by it. One NFL star "Tweeted" that he too found the picture to be gross - and was promptly criticized and (here's the rub) was FINED by the NFL. Newt Gingrich commented on TV that it was gays who were being intolerant. Then, a liberal commentator FINALLY got it right:

"Leftist ESPN broadcaster Stephen A. Smith issued a 'politically incorrect' response very similar to Gingrich’s position.

'People should have the freedom to not want to be associated with that or not want that in their face,' he said of the clip aired on his own network.

Furthermore, he said it is 'a very, very dangerous thing when people see something and they have a problem with what they’re seeing and they express themselves, and ultimately they’re fined.'”


Update - July 2014

There have been so many examples of "PC" run a muck lately I haven't had time to comment on all of them. Once in a while, however, one comes along that is so egregious -- and so stupid -- I can't ignore it. In spite of the people of California voting to ban "gay marriage," a federal judge overturned the results of the proposition and, in their infinite lack of wisdom (at least in this case), the Supreme Court essentially eviscerated the Defense of Marriage Act. SO . . . . Governor Jerry Brown (affectionately known as "Governor Moonbeam") has now officially banned the use of the words "husband" and "wife" in California's marriage law. I know a lot of this "PC' silliness is comical but stuff like this is not comical - it's subversive. This is part of the continuing attack on marriage and the family by the extreme radicals of the Left who are bent on tearing down every tradition or practice that gets in the way of their hedonist, nihilistic "lifestyle." This is no longer the America I grew up in - it's become a caricature of what it once was. And we are all the poorer for it.

The Latest "PC" Meme
The Latest "PC" Meme

Update - July 2014

Now HERE's one for the books! A "good" train blowing out white smoke and a "bad" train blowing out black smoke is (wait for it) racist! You can't make this crap up! See below:


Update - August 2014


Tennessee - A Tennessee high school student was suspended for saying “Bless you” when a classmate sneezed. Her teacher said there should be no “Godly speaking” in the classroom.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" Beginning of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

New York - Couple faces a $13,000 fine and "reeducation" for declining to let a lesbian couple use their facility for their "wedding" reception.

Colorado - a baker faces legal action and a ruling to "re-educate" his staff because he declined to design a wedding cake for a same-sex ceremony in 2012.

These are but a few examples of "political correctness" run amuck in this country. And consider the term "reeducation" -- Reeducation? Isn't that the same term used to describe indoctrination activities in places like Vietnam or North Korea? What the HELL is this country coming to?

Update - Early October 2014

Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the incredible stupidity of the "politically correct" crowd. Now Tom and Jerry cartoons are "racist." This is the disclaimer on a volume of the cartoons on the Amazon Prime video streaming service:

“Tom and Jerry shorts may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society. Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today.”

Even a "f*****g cartoon isn't safe from this "PC" madness.

Update - 11 Feb 2015

This is belongs in the "incredibly stupid" category: Democrats (who else?) in the Minnesota Senate recently passed a bill to change the name of the fish called the "Asian carp" to the "invasive carp" because it's . . . racist! You can laugh at asinine stories like this but taxpayer's money is being wasted on stupidity such as this. Such are the times we live in where what, in better times, would be considered absolutely ridiculous has become the norm. Sad.

Update - Early March 2015

Here's one for the books - now there's "politically incorrect" clothing. No kidding - click on the URL below and be prepared to laugh -- trouble is, though it's funny on its face, it's yet another sad commentary on the thoroughly screwed up times in which we live.

Update - 5 March 2015

At what point does an incident of "PC" become so ridiculous that one may think "This can't be - must be a joke or satire." I used to react like that when I read these things but now nothing seems to be outside the realm of reality. There is now someone who calls herself a "feminist blogger" or something like that and maintains that PROPER GRAMMAR IS RACIST. Well, now , ain't dat sumpin'? Every day this once great nation sinks lower and lower into the abyss driven by the American Left which gets more and more totalitarian. Here's the link:

Update - 24 July 2015

There have been so many examples of "PC" gone wild I have had neither the time nor the inclination to add them but this one is so egregious I simply could not pass it up. I will merely copy it here and leave the reader to digest it:

"Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are history in Connecticut. Under pressure from the NAACP, the state Democratic Party will scrub the names of the two presidents from its annual fundraising dinner because of their ties to slavery…The decision is believed to be unprecedented and could prompt Democrats in other states with similarly named events to follow suit."

There have been so many examples lately of "PC" running a muck it has been virtually impossible to keep up.I had to include this, however. Anyone familiar with what's been happening on our college campuses can relate!
There have been so many examples lately of "PC" running a muck it has been virtually impossible to keep up.I had to include this, however. Anyone familiar with what's been happening on our college campuses can relate!

March 2017

I haven't added anything in a long time because every day it gets weirder and weirder and I would be adding so much stuff this would turn into a book! Here's a taste of the ridiculous stuff going on as I write (originally posted by a friend on Facebook):

Political correctness on steroids? "Students who use banned words and phrases could face discipline under the university’s bullying and harassment policy"? The "safe place - echo chamber" only has gender neutral language rules LOL? This could be drinking game :)?


Cardiff University in the UK has told students and staff to avoid gendered words like “sportsmanship” and “manpower,” also saying that “first name” or “forename” is preferable to “Christian name.”

The inclusive-language guidelines, which have been in place for a few years but were first reported by the Telegraph Thursday, are an effort to “promote fairness and equality through raising awareness about potentially discriminatory vocabulary.”

Cardiff takes the policy one step further than similar ones recently rolled out at other Western schools: Most colleges say their inclusive-language guidelines are merely recommendations. But at Cardiff, students who use banned words and phrases could face discipline under the university’s bullying and harassment policy, while employees may also face repercussions, the Daily Mail reported.

The Welsh school’s guidelines offer a litany of advice, warning students and staff to avoid gendered language. It specifically mentions dozens of words to avoid, also offering broad guidelines about how to talk about disabled or transgender people.

“Don’t be too anxious about the use of language, though,” the policy says. “Blind people do use terms like ‘see you later’ and being too careful can make conversation painful for both parties.”


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