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Political Correctness gone too far

Updated on February 18, 2023

Political correctness - It's slippery slope.

Political correctness began to eradicate terms of racial, gender, cultural, disability (and many others) use that were deemed offensive.

It saw positive changes to begin with that took us away from terms such as "spastic", "mongolism", and "retarded" once widely used throughout the medical professions and replaced them with the umbrella term "disabled".

It changed the use of potentially racially offensive phrases from "black" to "African-American", "Indians" to "Native-American", "Hispanic" to "Latino" among others.

It also saw gender related job titles changed from examples such as "Fireman" to "Firefighter", "Police men and women" to "Police Officers", and "Stewardess" to "Flight Attendant".

But somewhere along the line this seemed to spiral downhill and has since been ridiculed for some extreme examples that have taken affect over the years since it began.

See how many of the examples below make you think it all went a step too far

1. You don't hear of teachers standing at the front of the class writing on the "blackboard" anymore this is now a "chalkboard". However "Whiteboards" which many classrooms now have are OK!!??

2. Nursery schools stopped singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep" instead replacing it with "Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep". Since when have Sheep been Rainbow coloured!!??

3. We no longer have "Manholes" in our roads they are now "Utility Holes" so as not to be gender specific!!??

4. We no longer have "Criminals" but "Behaviourally Challenged Individuals" in our Jails!!??

5. Schools no longer have "Dinner Ladies" but have replaced them with "Midday Assistants" as if the middle of the day needs to be looked after!!??

6. Army personnel no longer "Kill the Enemy" they "Service the Target"!!??

7. Did you know that the "War Department" became the "Defence Department" so that we weren't thought to be the ones starting wars!!??

8. We don't have "Poor People living in the Ghetto" they are "Economically Challenged people in the Ethnically Homogeneous Area"!!??

9. Those of you that live in areas that have "Homeless People" actually they are "Residentially Flexible Individuals"

10. And my favourite as a mum that reads bedtime stories I must remember to replace "Fairy" with "Petite airbourne humanoid with mystical powers"!!!!!!?????

Tinkerbell and Co. will never be the same when they are no longer "Fairies" but instead "Petite airbourne humanoid with mystical powers"

Finally, who would have thought that a real life situation would have ended up with Santa Claus being told off for using the phrase "Ho-Ho-Ho" in case it was mistaken for slang term referring to prostitution and becoming the subject of cartoon images such as this one below by Kevin Duffy in which Santa is questioned by a lawyer for sexual harassment?????????

Political Correctness just took it all a step too far!!!!!!!!!!!

Santa on trial for saying Ho-Ho-Ho in a politically correct world.
Santa on trial for saying Ho-Ho-Ho in a politically correct world. | Source

Politically Correct Books

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Politically Correct Bedtime Stories : A Collection of Modern Tales for Our Life and Times
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