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Political Correctness is Bull Crap. Say it like it is.

Updated on February 3, 2016

Say What You Mean Not What is Politically Correct

Everything Said Is Offensive to to Me. I can't help it. I was born that way
Everything Said Is Offensive to to Me. I can't help it. I was born that way

P C is B S

Guess what folks? You don’t have to be a fan of Donald Trump to be against self limiting political correctness that engulfs the nation and prevents us from speaking responsibly. That correctness has grabbed us by the balls or gonads - or la balles to be politically inclusive - and in so doing, has tied us to positions that are simply wrong. PC is B S.

Political correctness might be the proper manner of discourse for parliamentary procedures during a formal political presentation in your powdered wig and lormal court apparel. In the scheme of things, what benefit does political correctness offer?. Hear this all you wussies: Being polite offers no solutions when dealing with hoodlums. After all, who in the world decides who the arbiter of polite is?

Everyone should be able to express himself in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do no physical harm to some sensitive bastard. I mean, c’mon people, guys and gals - you all claim to be equal. If true, handle the perceived bad words as if they are simply words - like a man if that’s what you are striving for. P I for sure, but accurate.

Words are words - plain and simple. Some better than others. This is not an Emily Post world. Two or more letters, combinations of vowels and consonants that mean something constitute a word.. How you interpret those words is not advanced rocket science. Their meanings can be found in dictionaries where a person can read whatever he likes into them. It is our right to pick and choose whichever words we feel comfortable with. It’s their constitutional right isn’t it, or have you and your protective shell groups banded together to stop those who are not so sensitive from using words they have a preference for.

Listen up people. Why waste time and energy beating around the bush? If you have something to say, let it all hang out. Even dear mother told you that sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never can hurt you. if you have been called a fag and if you are, admit it or a dyke -man up. If you have a hankering for pretty girls, sally up to the fact. By definition, if you are a queen, a queer or whatever name this clever generation has come up with - admittedly, it may not be the queen’s language, but her royal poobah never had to speak the native tongue used by her common subjects, laced with improprieties. Besides, we won that war years ago.

Leave no one uncertain of what you mean as is the case when we are expected to be politically correct to get our points across. Screw it, i say politically incorrect as it may be. Be and say the best that you can be by speaking honestly utilizing the words your fellow men have created over the centuries. That’s what language is all about. Is that politically incorrect? Hell no. The animal waste excrement of male steer commonly known as B S in the politically correct world during heated exchanges of verbage is the same stuff used by do nothing congressmen. It is akin to putting perfume on pig shit or lip stick on that same pig

Call a terrorist a terrorist, keeping in mind that while all muslims are not terrorists, all terrorists have been muslims

Say what you mean. You don't need to disguise it with flowery flourishes. Make yourself understood with language rgat maake its meaning quite clear, though most folks never take the time to let that happen. Be correct but not necessarily politically so.

Screw Donald. That’s the way I choose to roll in my non conservative politically incorrect and sometimes embarrassing way of communicating.


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