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Political Thinking Critical Thinking

Updated on February 17, 2013

“ DEMOCRACY IS THE BEST REVENGE!! ” Benazir Bhutto repeatedly used these slogan words of her’s that unfortunately remain unspecified and somehow incomplete! These words were used by her as a party slogan to arouse latent sense among masses to cast votes in her favor analyzing the need of restoration of Pakistan as a democratic nation especially in the era of a dictator who stood there for almost a decade.

If we peep into Pakistan’s history and its establishment so far, it really is shameful to state that in 64 years of independence it has never been able to stabilize its equilibrium between constitution, democracy and dictatorship. Pakistan is perhaps termed as the country of one of its own kind on the globe that has the ability to remain functional and remains sustained without a constitution for years whenever martial laws had been imposed. HATS OFF!! Perhaps on a serious note ,if country’s constitution can be so easily set aside in a cupboard (resting in peace) without its actual implications ,and if any military ruler has the authority to make amendments to it accordingly ,then it’s the fault in the system itself and perhaps impossible for constitutionalism and good governance to develop and flourish.

Benazir’s slogan also contained an essence of all these points in it however that’s another issue that no one so far has been able to make Pakistan an actual democratic nation. The slogan remains motivational and inspirational depicting her own urge of developing constitutionalism in the country and a wish to restore Pakistan’s actual democracy, however pity is this now that she did not complete the sentence and got buried away before explaining that “Democracy is the best revenge against whom??”The slogan then got adopted by her party speakers in their speeches that really helped and enabled them to secure good positions for themselves in assemblies and the parliament. However it is now that they are explaining the actual meaning of revenge as the present government is using democracy as revenge against common, innocent, low class people who are becoming devoid of earning and fulfilling their fundamental life necessities even. Democratic nations give complete right to a common man to raise his voice but in contrast to that here it gives power to the governance to suppress and bury any such voice, as they don’t like common people buzzing around. Democracy also means free media, fair judiciary, and provision of security to all the people of the nation and not only giving protocol to the higher officials and empowered dignitaries!! So simply it’s a world where men are of words and not of deeds (like a garden full of weeds)!!! Always looking busy with tours and trips but doing nothing for good.

Hajj scandal, segregation of biggest, autonomous educational body of the country (HEC) by the government just not to let go the opportunity to haggle over its funds too, spot fixing, imposition of taxes to an extent that it hardly leaves an ordinary man capable of arranging bread n butter for himself, unstable economy, petrol and edible prices rise up on weekly basis, safe passage provision to suspects and brutal s like Raymond Davis, are just some of the highlights of revenge against people!! Is Pakistan actually a democratic, Islamic Republic????

Conclusively, the country is being posed to a great threat and disaster by its own officials who solemnly do take oath for country’s sovereignty at the time of election and then become unpredictable rulers who know how to govern for themselves and forget the nation leaving it on its own! The participating government and so-called democracy are totally non-functional now with poor quality of establishment, if however one understands. No one knows where we are heading and all this could turn out into what? We all do possess senses but completely nonfunctional which is giving open hand to the government to crush us!! Then we should not blame the government for it if we ourselves possess the ability to sustain such pressures and hardships. No one will come up ever!! Pakistan Khappey tou Khappey!!!!!!


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