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Political and Business Corruption

Updated on June 15, 2013

After reading some of the corruptions reports from around the world, it seems to be an epidemic. One of the main things that really caught my eye while reading, was the prevalence of corruption in some of the highest and supposedly noble jobs out there. “According to people around the world, political parties and parliaments are among the top institutions that are the most prone to corruption”(Transparency 2012). Independent studies have shown that politicians are one of the highest percentages of corruption risk. It seems saddening to know that the very people we have chosen to watch over us and run the country, are the very ones most likely to sell out America for money or influence. Monies and other monetary values are given to politicians to sway their vote on laws and bills created that would benefit the businesses. What was most shocking to me, was how easy it is for any company to put in so much money on a candidate and how there is no laws stopping this from happening. There are a few laws about money corruption, however there is loopholes where millions of dollars are funneled in to politicians and their funds.

Gifts and their prevalence in business and political corrupt transactions were also very surprising. “Nearly one-fifth of all consumers who bought luxury goods between June 2011 and June 2012 said that they were gifts for business contacts”(Transparency, 2012). These statistics seem to show the amount of “greasing” that is done by big business and the wealthy to get their way. Not that all of the gifts are for corrupt purposes, however it makes you wonder how many are. Law, stiff laws need to be put in effect, maybe the lee-way of gifts should be stopped. There does not seem to be an actual need for them and maybe the use of corporate funds should not be use to illicit influence, maybe it should be capped. The only problem I can see in that is the constitutional rights that Americans have with money and our right to with it as we will, can be used for any trade. However when it comes to politicians, the ones that we elect to run the country, there should be no need for gifts at all. I found it amazing what people would do for a watch.


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