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Dying for My Country

Updated on February 17, 2017

It's Taking a While To Recover

I thought I was over the Election. Boy, Howdy, was I wrong. Night after night I wake after some fitful minutes of sleep and try to piece apart disturbing dreams full of Freudian symbolism and imminent personal danger. My room, where I sleep alone to save my sweet wife from extended voyages through my bed, accompanied by loud political harangues or cries-out for reason to small crowds listening to my Rant and responding only with sullen stares. 'WELL?,' I call out and wake propped up on an elbow, peering into the darkness...'

When I'm awake I have no such fevered anxiety and remember two things my personal Hero Ken Kesey told the Merry Pranksters: 1) sometimes all you can do is turn your back and say *&%# it and 2) some problems you just have to bury.

America's infatuation with yet another foray into the Perpetual Motion Machine of oppressive socialism, doomed forever to failure, the Leftish version of the Ponzi Scheme, is one of these things we must let die of it's own frenetic Nonproduction. And eventually bury until another rising restless generation tries this same mistaken model again.

Gloomy Skies, a Cold Wind

The Cliff House, a meeting place for Concerned Citizens, Left and Right.
The Cliff House, a meeting place for Concerned Citizens, Left and Right. | Source


Welcome to the USA. Can we imagine a time when that other unrepentant socialist, FDR, was returned to the White House for four straight terms (of course, he stroked out early in the last go). Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy were heard to comment at a Democrat fete that dinner 'smells like boiled Republican.' The Hindu Wheel turns forever over and the vitriol we spew at our perceived political enemies sounds somehow as passe as G.K.Chesterton's very literate but so-timely-as-to-now-be-meaningless rebuttal to George Shaw's statements on Eugenics.

My Father, on the very cusp of Ninetyness, is so much more sedate at the outrageous Communist spewings of political flash-in-the-pan Nimrods which can have me barking like some desperate SS Book-Burner. 'Calm yourself', Luke,' says Obi-Wan, 'It will be Enough.'

And, as I say, during the day I am a pillar of Soft Speech and Considered Thought.

Can this be an effect of MS? Yes, I believe it can. An after-effect of sclerotic long-line white-matter lesions; makes sense to me. However, Years before I had obvious signs of the disease, I reacted strongly to perceived political affronts. I would have been a comfortable participant in the Parisian Student Riots of the 1840's...

Cool My Feverish Brow

On the Road; Utah, I think.
On the Road; Utah, I think. | Source

Faith, to a Trained Scientist

Recent days have been hard on my Faith. In college I first read the acidic words that 'if the Jesuits could get you before you were five, they had you Forever.' I was got long before that. Recently I have been exposed to multiple intelligent speakers who are Agnostic if they worry about your Hurt Feelings or Athiest if they don't really give a Running at a Rolling, so to speak.

I faced a true Crisis of the Soul until I remembered Boethius, mentioned in my blog a few letters ago. Boethius, the enclosed area held within the Universe of the Venn Diagram. St Anthony, walking along the shore, encounters a child filling a small hole he has dug with seawater. 'You cant fill that hole with the Ocean,' Anthony tells the child. 'Nor can you hold the immensity of God in your mind,' says the urchin, who, I guess, disappears. The point is made. I can believe in a personal God and admire the findings of His Universe and enjoy the process of its' exploration and the unfolding of its' understanding as well. It all sits comfortably in my Venn diagrammatic Bubble. I don't have to imagine the Music of the Spheres or see cavemen riding dinosaurs to reconcile an all-too-human faith with a strict scientific education.The fact that Neil DeGrasse Tyson believes in nothing he can't see within his sphere of existence is no longer a problem. If God meddles with the reality of the Personal Venn Bubble, it may be a miracle. But nothing is required to be shown by God as proof. Believe it or don't. Anything of histrionics about this smells of a Seventh Grader living in the Piaget Age of Industry ranting against God's messing around in his personal space. I'm just always surprised at smart people refusing to consider this way of looking at things. Makes 'em look like too-serious kids...

Some Final Thoughts

Is the President a Communist? Maybe; his parents were. Does he like white people, really?.

The only answer is : Welcome to America. Whatever he thinks, deep down, is his own business. Be as political as all get-out. but play the Game according to the Rules. The destruction by hurricane and snow of the North East is not the just comeuppance doled out by an angry Almighty onto a possibly Evil and certainly Ignorant Yankee populace.

One last thing. See Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, by Carl Jung. Interesting treatment of chance occurrence and meaningful coincidences. Actually gave me the Heebie-Jeebies while reading it late at night.

Final Calm Blue

I think this is, again, Nevada.
I think this is, again, Nevada. | Source

I Think This Hub Is Worthwhile!

I'm running out of likely topics for my Callout Titles but will continue to Callout, since these, with a summary, get the hubs published. This one had a summary, I think, but wasn't published.

Please Publish !!

I reworked it and thought and think it worthwhile for my friends to read.


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    • Thomas Vetto, MD profile image

      Thomas A Vetto MD 5 years ago from Scottsdale, AZe

      Thanks much for your thoughts, Wiz. If my politics had been different, I would have been passing sharp concretions when BushII was re-elected...interestingly, the only thought I can remember having while watching his swearing-in was how much Dick C looked like a senior member of the Politburo.

    • Wizard Of Whimsy profile image

      Wizard Of Whimsy 5 years ago from The Sapphire City

      It's kind of how I felt when George W. Bush was elected by The Supreme Court and then stacked the deck for the rich, started two wars on our credit card, deregulated Wall Street along with the banking, insurance industries and big pharma.

      "The world we see that seems so insane is the result of a belief system that is not working. To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds." -William James

      Nevertheless, a good rant, Tom . . . and you'll get over it—just like I did!