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Politicians who ignore the results of the 2016 election may not be re-elected in 2018

Updated on May 15, 2017

The past election results have seen the coverage by the media in many cases not getting the message sent by the voters. The election results should have changed the way the media reports the news but they are doing the same thing they have done for years. The culture in Congress has not changed but the culture in the Executive Department has dramatically.

We elected individuals at various levels of government to make decisions in our best interest but instead they are making them in their best interest not ours. The message of the voters is quite clear that they are tired of the same political culture especially at the federal government level. It is time all politicians regardless of political affiliation make decisions in the best interest of the country and listen to the message of the voters sent in the last election.

Many decisions have been made or need to be made to get this country back on the right track to a more prosperous and vibrant economy. The President can only do so much by providing instruction through executive orders to the various Executive Departments and their agencies he cannot change the laws as written. The agenda of our current President needs to be given a chance or if it is not the right approach politicians regardless of political affiliation need to provide a different suggestion.

In addition actions by Congress should be honestly reported to the people and not misrepresent what is involved in the decisions they have made. Many promises have been made by politicians of both political parties and neither of them has been true to the promises to the voters of our country. Honesty appears to be missing in action in many cases and needs a vibrant return. Honesty in government is a character trait that we the voters must insist in the decisions being made in the federal government.

Individuals who were elected in the last election and those which will be up for election come 2018 need to understand the scope of the decisions made by the voters in the last election. Failing to understand the message may or will cause them to lose their positions in which they find themselves today. We are a country of laws and the laws either need to be enforced or they need to be changed. In some cases actions by either the President or Congress some have changed but more needs to be done.

One example involves tax reform. Politicians have been talking about tax reform for years but they have failed for years in not bringing change to our current tax structure. It appears that there will be tax reform legislation introduced in Congress and it does nobody any good much less the citizens of this country to constantly hear negative comments about any proposal information. Changes in our tax structure or rates and is currently being suggested based on statistical data will be a boom to our economy. The way to increase revenue is to increase the potential for new jobs and higher employment numbers. It is a known fact that the federal government spends more than it takes in and it needs to do two things. The first is to create a business friendly business environment by reducing taxes and regulations killing incentives for businesses to expand.

We have had a weak economy over the last several years covering more than one administration. Changes need to take place to reduce the involvement of the federal government in the decisions businesses need to make. Reducing regulation is a start and along with true tax reform there will be more energy and excitement in the business community some of which we are seeing in the statistics now being reported. Politicians whose aim appears to be to stifle this surge of optimism is doing a disservice to every citizen in this country. Politicians need to get with the program to do the right thing for the country not their political party or agenda.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 11 months ago

      Jack Lee

      So True

      Thanks for stopping by and providing your comment.

    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 11 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Very true. These politicians needs to focus on problem solving. The rest will take care of itself. Election have consequences, however, I would also add, the consequences has to be what the people want and not what special interests want.