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Politics in the Media

Updated on February 23, 2019

Media driven politics.

Without even a thinking about it, it is easy to realize that the kind of person that is drawn to political leadership is either a narcissist or struggles with a messiah complex coupled with a false sense of altruism. Your average Joe wants nothing to do with the position because they don't want the spotlight, they don't want to tell everyone else how to life their lives, and they damn sure don't want to sit in a room full of people that think the know better than everyone else.

It obviously takes a very specific type of person to foot the bill. After all, if the job was so cush, wouldn't we have a lot more people to choose from on the congressional ballots? The bottom line is that your average politician may put their pants on the same way you or I do, but what makes them tick is very different.

Living high society, and mingling with the social elites was one of the most effective ways of campaigning since a budding politician was able to secure campaign contributions, and often times be able to whisper empty promises into the ears of the influencers in exchange for their endorsement. Now it seems that politicians flock to cameras looking for any opportunity to be seen by the public. They are drawn to the camera like a moth to flame. Actors and TV personalities alike, all have similar narcissistic traits. In front of and behind the camera is where many relationships are forged. In an article published recently regarding an odd sort of nepotism between media elites,and politicians it was shown in full color exactly how in bed the two are. This makes sense and "cents" with the similar personalities, and the desire to be in front of a camera.

Every day on the evening news you can hear at least a half dozen interview clips or statements from a congressman or congresswoman. Let me remind you that a congressmen or congresswoman only represents their congressional district at the federal level. Most congressional districts are a handful of counties slapped together. Yet in each and every one of those interviews, the congressmen will use a talking point as if he or she was speaking on behalf of the entire United States. They are our elected representatives, they should be representing their districts. Instead we get to listen to Elijah Cummings lecture the nation on gun control, and watch AOC tell us all how we are going to start living our lives petroleum free.

While the use of social media and the media as a whole has not replaced the need for socialite gatherings with politicians, it has become a huge part of campaign funding and name recognition for the candidate. I also fully accept that all of our politicians are human as well as all of our media personalities, journalist, and editors. As the old phrase goes, "birds of a feather flock together" I cant help but wonder if greasy, slimy, and lying aren't the feathers that politicians and main stream media share.

Recently we had the issue of Jussie Smollett and his apparent hoax. As soon Jussie brought the story to the media, the media ran with it. Now I am a pretty firm believer that people do bad things for only two reasons, either stupidity or malice. They often from the outside look like the same thing. In the case of the media not doing their due diligence on the story, I would normally err on an act of stupidity. What really changes my mind in this case, and likely every case to follow is that while we assume the news to be out to do good and keep us informed, it is far from a public service.

Consider that each media outlet is on a major tv network, and those tv networks operate for profits in the billions. For each news show to capture the prime time spots they have to have tons of viewers. In the biz, viewers equals dollars. They have to have stories that will sell, that will capture the viewers attention. You'll notice that in the news they have it down to a fine and well studied art. We as humans are most interested in tragedy and sex. This is why what happened in your local elections didn't make the news, nor did an overview of the city council meeting, both of which are pertinent to their viewers. So would it be that far out of reach that maybe our news media will lie about things in their stories to make a story more interesting, or God forbid fabricate situations to have a story to cover?

With this in mind I don't think it is unreasonable to assume a willful blind eye was turned by the media in the Jussie Smollett case. Politicians have been known for their fair share of fabrications through the years, not the least famous of which being the Gulf of Tonkin incident. These are not just a select few incidents that have occurred in otherwise strong, reputable institutions. We have established that corrupt media exists, as well as corrupt politicians, and that they even sleep together.

Every political piece in my eyes now is just another narcissist trying to help smear another political opponent. Its all just one big disgusting cesspool of politicians and media elite, lying and scheming to higher ratings, more money, and more power.

We have become the unwitting pawns in this game, believing that if we correctly choose a political party, we will set forth into a prosperous America. Well here is some great news, we live in one of the most prosperous, freest countries in the world. Racism will exist as long as people are alive, but it does not keep anyone from making their climb in life. We live in a time where you are free to come out of the closet, and you can even pick your plumbing. Life is so good, we have to manufacture outrage.

When the media and political establishments begins to cry "afoul", I see this as a sign that they feel threatened, that something is outside of their control. Some of the largest indicators of this was during the 2016 election cycle. Donald Trump had broad reach to millions of people unfiltered through the use of twitter. This was not something that the media had to deal with in administrations previously. Trump in one of the primaries ADMITTED to the corruption in politics and the advantages he was able to take in such. The shame on all of the candidates faces was priceless when he dropped that little truth nugget.

So you mean to tell me that we have journalist that are really just novelist, and politicians that... well, they are still politicians and they work together to influence me for their own gain? Well... yeah that's exactly it. But there is some good news, we still have a free press, meaning that there are some smaller agencies that don't require the gobs of profits to do some good journalism. You can also do your part by deciding what it is you want in a candidate before the candidate tells you what they are going to do. Whenever a politician speaks, watch a full unadulterated clip without commentary and then decide before you get Wolf Blitzer's, or Tucker Carlson's take.You have to take a vested interest in your life. No politician or media outlet is going to do that for you.


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