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Politics that hide behind religion- The Ground Zero Mosque

Updated on September 1, 2010

Al Aqsa Mosque

The Mosque that stands on the site where the Jewish Temple once stood.
The Mosque that stands on the site where the Jewish Temple once stood.

Ground Zero Mosque

Religion holds common ground. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have things that are in common and they all have things that can unite the people. However, this is only among those that really look into the meaning of faith.

The Mosque at Ground zero is an affront to all. It places negative images in the mind of people about Islam. It shows how crazy our government is in allowing it. This mosque is is an affront because it is not a matter of religious freedom. It is a victory Mosque. Radical Islam has been doing this type of stunt since the 6th Century CE. They are constantly fighting with the Hindus in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and when the Muslims win they put their Mosque on the ruins of Temples and then the Hindus win and put back up their Temples. This is not limited to India. The Muslim put the Al Aqsa Mosque on top of the spot where the Solomon’s and Herod’s Temple once stood before the Romans pulled it down. Even the Qaba Stone in Mecca is a temple that was cleaned out and dedicated for them to Worship at.

This mosque has nothing to do with peace or spreading culture this mosque is a victory mosque. I am sick and tired of hearing it called anything else. There are several sources in the Arabic Speaking world that will tell you what I am telling you, and is that it is a victory mosque. The radical Muslims viewed Capitalism as the god of America and that is why the World Trade Center was a target on 9-11. I am also tired of hearing people say that it is not hollow ground. Gettysburg is hollow ground as a cemetery where as a Nation we had the most violent battle of the civil war. The USS Arizona in the Harbor over in Hawaii is sacred area because it is a cemetery. That area is sacred ground and there should not be any religious edifices built there. It needs to be a National Monument site for several miles.

These are my opinions and I speak as an Orthodox Rabbi who is fluent in Arabic from when I served as a translator for the US Army. I also speak as a man from a long patrilineal lineage of service men that goes back to an ancestor that fought under General George Washington, every single male in my lineage fought and/or served in some capacity.

This is not a religious question; this is a political question of a country that has been waging a Global War on Terrorism. Where the political forces hide themselves behind religion and distort religion to further their own political agendas. America needs to wake up because we are losing this fight, we need to be more vigilant. We have a Muslim as a President, I mean a Christian, I mean a Muslim. Wait a second, I have studied a lot of religion and the last time I checked Christians do not celebrate Ramadan. I am confused? Maybe someone should explain it to me.

I am confused, and dumbfounded on how America could be so blind to let us arrive to this point. The Administration does nothing but play games. Obama Care, Immigration Reform, the Federal Government and State Governments in constant law suits. Unemployment getting worse. Nothing done on Iranian and North Korea Saber Rattling. We have the a sleeper in the White House, and the enemy has even infiltrated our military, case in point the Fort Hood shooting.

America needs to wake up. The Mosque is just one more affront in a long line of problems with radical Islam. Listen to those calling out there are several of them. Personally, I like Dr. Michael Savage, and Mark Levin, they are right on the ball in passing on the message, and they have great radio shows and websites. I can trust to hear their message because I look at what is behind the message. We as a nation must be vigilant, religion is meant to be a beautiful thing that helps us attract to the Almighty, not slip away from the Almighty. The mosque should not be built on or by ground zero. There is over several sites that can be selected to put up a mosque in the overall larger area. The nation needs to heal and this is just ripping open the wound which is still a fresh wound.


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