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Portrait Of A Terrorist.

Updated on November 19, 2015

Famous Image In Brussels.


Abdelhamid Abaaoud: Terrorist Mastermind.

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks 27 year old Moroccan born Abdelhamid Abaaoud is being hunted by French and Beligan police forces. A flat was raided in the city of Brussels when it seemed the Belgian police had clear information their prey was either in residence at the apartment or had been there recently.

As it turned out Abaaoud also known as Abu Omar al - Baljiti was not present and his where abouts are at present unknown. Abaaoud lived in the Molenbeek area of Brussels as did many others involved in the Paris attacks and has become something of a hotbed for Jihadis.

An Islamic State video has turned up showing him presumably in Syria driving a car and then in action behind some sand bags. Abaaoud is also wanted for other crimes like the attack on a Paris bound train when the terrorist aboard the train was over powered by a fellow passenger. Also Abaaoud was also linked to a planned attack on a church and also is accused of funding a terror cell in the Belgian city of Verviers.

While this man and others related to the attacks are at large Europe cannot feel safe. A football game between Germany and the Netherlands was called off in the city of Hanover because of a suspected terrorist scare. A suspicious package was later found by German police but it proved to be harmless. Before the match was called off Angela Merkel was due to attend the match to show solidarity with the French.

Allegedly Abaaoud said he had become a terrorist when witnessing western attacks on Muslim countries.

Wembley Stadium: Home Of English Football.

English and French Football Fans Sang French National Anthem in Defiance Of Islamic State.
English and French Football Fans Sang French National Anthem in Defiance Of Islamic State. | Source

Fans United.

When England played France last night at Wembley Stadium in London there had been rumours doing the rounds that the game would not take place due to the attacks by Islamic State in Paris. However the game did go ahead last night with Wembley lit up in red, white and blue of the French flag known as the 'Tricolour'. Armed police stood guard outside the stadium and security was stepped up inside the stadium.

Prince William, Roy Hodgson the English football coach and Didier Deschamps coach of the French side laid wreaths to show solidarity between England and France over the attacks in Paris. David Cameron was also in attendance at the match and as the two teams strolled out and the national anthems were played when it came time to play the French national anthem 'La Marseillaise' both English and French fans sang along. There was also a time of silence to honour the fallen in Paris by both teams and then the game commenced.

The French were never expected to play a game with 100% participation given the events that had transpired in Paris and the game ended with an English victory 2 - 0 courtesy of England new boy Delle Alli and captain Wayne Rooney.

The fact England won did not matter in the end as the game served as a defiant gesture to Islamic State that they would never stop life from going on as it has always done in Europe.

Islamic State Flag.

Emblem Of The Islamic State
Emblem Of The Islamic State | Source

Abdelhamid Abaaoud Dead.

A flat raided by police yesterday in the search for Abdelhamid Abaaoud mastermind or one of the masterminds behind the Paris attacks killed the terrorist leader. I reported yesterday that the flat raided was in Belgium but it was not it was in France Paris which has alarmed French security forces to think Abaaoud was walking around Paris planning other attacks. It has been speculated that Abaooud was planning an attack on the French financial sector in Paris.

Police evacuated residents while French security forces had to break down a re - enforced metal door in which Abaaoud and other terrorists were living and then there followed a shoot out in which one woman wearing a suicide vest blew herself up.

There were minor injuries to some security forces but it was a successful operation and Islamic State has confirmed that Abaaoud was killed in the battle between the IS operatives and the French security forces.

The question remains is France and indeed the rest of Europe safe from Islamic State attacks and the answer to that is the only certainty is the uncertainty.


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