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Post Election 2012

Updated on November 14, 2012
President Obama is the Projected Winner at this point in time.
President Obama is the Projected Winner at this point in time.
It only hurts for a little while, but he'll get over it!
It only hurts for a little while, but he'll get over it!

The Preseason is afoot

To use a sports analogy / metaphor I likened this election cycle to that of #1 Draft pick turning from amateur to professional, this period between the election and inauguration as the preseason before the start of the competitive year. Most political pundits could consider it as a prelude for what's to come, since there is no lame duck session because the incumbent president won the election.

But now that the Presidential Election has come and gone, it's now time for Congress and President Obama to get back to work on solving the nation's problems. Although they won't initially start the ball to rolling until after the inaugural ceremony this coming January, the President has already started outlining his 'things to do' list. The American people have spoken, and they, we the people expect Congress to do what's in the best interests of the country as a whole. All of the partisan bickering and stonewalling has been deemed unacceptable.

The time to act is rapidly approaching and to all of the Romney supporters out there, I could take this moment in time to be crass but I won't because I'm a bigger man than that. I said that to say this the majority has spoken, Mitt Romney himself is coping with the fact that he lost the race. We need to move forward together as a nation to solve some of our most pressing issues as soon as possible, without all of the partisan rhetoric. Certain things have to happen in order to reach our objectives, to do these things a compromise between the two political parties needs to be reached. I'm not a fan of higher taxes, but if my annual income were to exceed the $250K limit in question I would expect to have to pay more of them anyway.

Death and taxes are a part of life here in America, but we deal with them and then move on. To the average American the following issue is a none starter, but when a billionaire like Warren Buffet announces that he pays a lower effective income tax rate than his secretary. Whom I'm almost certain doesn't make anywhere close to what he makes, this scenario represents a fundamental problem within the US Tax Code. Now that the biggest non-problem we've been having since the election, is the adverse issues that Romney supporters are having in dealing with his losing the election.

Not to overstate the obvious or beat a dead horse, but it should be quite clear by now that the majority of Americans didn't trust the Republican (Tea) Party agenda for America. So I'll highlight the issues that we the people had with the Romney / Ryan GOP Presidential ticket. First and foremost was Romney's flip-flopping on the issues, his personal income tax situation, lack of trust in his character overall and the blatant lies or falsehoods put out by him and/or his campaign or their super P.A.C.'s.

The fact that a majority of his foreign affairs advisers were from the George W. Bush administration, and that they might've mislead Romney into starting another boots on the ground war in the Middle East, (i.e. Syria and/or Iran). The profiting off of other peoples' misfortunes while at Bain Capital as well as after he supposedly left the company. Hiding his money in offshore and numbered Swiss bank accounts. And lastly his willingness to do or say anything to get himself elected to the highest office in the free world. Generally speaking there was an underlying trust issue with Romney, whether he would act on behalf of all Americans not just the rich.

The overwhelming majority simply said "no", to his or should I say the extreme far right agenda. That old saying, "and the truth shall set you free!" still rings true in this case as well. President Obama clearly stated his case about what he'd like to accomplished in his second term as President, as opposed to the blatant lies, falsehood and lavish fantasies the Republican (Tea) Party tried to sell to the people of this nation. Let's face it the Republicans are going to need to bench all of the Tea Party members, while they try regain a certain measure of credibility with the America people they're supposed to represent.


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