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Power of Land

Updated on November 24, 2015
The leader
The leader
The Guide
The Guide

How is a leader born

As and when we think about power and politics,we can see it as result of power gained by the support of the public.Its all because of the blind faith and belief of the people which makes them follow a person, regard him as ideal and finally make him a leader.

The leader who craves for fame and power always looks for medium through which he can gain power.Not only in politics and power we can find such cases in other aspects where there is large number of people following a person, only because of the blind faith they have for him.

I still remember the story "The Guide " written by Mr.R.K.Narayan, where a common man who is a guide by his profession, goes through all ups and downs in his life and finally reaches a place where people start believing him as a saint and he continues to win them using the blind faith they have for him as medium.

The dandi march
The dandi march
Sri Subhash chandra bose
Sri Subhash chandra bose

Vision of a leader

"A leader is born and never made". There were times during the freedom movement when people would follow a person simply because they would feel that he had the same ambitions,aspirations and persistence which they had.And he would never crave for the fame or power.
He never demanded anything from his followers. He would never use any mediums to popularize himself.He would only do his duty and had only one emotion "sacrifice" which was shown as and when needed.
The only goal he had was "freedom" which was not for him alone but was for the sake of the nation and people .That was the only vision of the leader then.This was followed by people of the entire nation and thus they were born leaders.
Whenever there was an achievement of the goals set during the movement, it was regarded as success by the entire nation and celebrated by each and every member who took part in it. It was a success achieved as a group.
The same thing was followed whenever there was something odd.Every member felt the pain and experienced the trauma.There was brotherhood among all the members and the entire group participating in the agitations was a family.

Medium for power

When the goal of a leader is for himself and himself alone it becomes a selfish act.The selfish leader always uses mediums to achieve his goals.The most common goals of a selfish leader are power and fame.He always has the fear of losing them and so he uses various mediums to grab them and possess them.

One of the mediums used by such a leader is land.Land has got its own value which can not be compared with any other mediums. This has been followed by even the kings who fought for power and go to any extent to own another kingdom which is nothing but land.
A piece of land which has got its significance due to the person owning it.But why only land is given this importance and why not anything else?

Power of land
Power of land
Land as a medium
Land as a medium

Importance of Land

The importance of land has been mentioned in our scriptures even.As we all know, the whole world has got two main groups which are differentiated as living and non living.

The living organisms are further divided into groups on the basis of their origin. One comes out from seed,one from womb and some other from the spontaneous chemical reactions.These are all considered as living and originated from earth which nothing but land.And they even expire on the same land.

The non living components like air,water,fire,sky and land are all being a part of creation.Taking them one by one,sky has got only one feature :sound which shows that there is sky above.Air,has got two: sound and feel.Yes,wind has got sound and we can feel the air or wind.Fire has got a third feature :some form, which distinguishes itself from the other two.Water has got Taste added to the above three features and Land has got all the other features and the most important one that is smell.So Land alone has got all the five qualities which we can know through our five senses.That is the reason Land is so valuable.

But, the thing is, its being used as medium for attaining power which is in turn misused by the leaders or the owners of the land.If at all people can realize that the leader's power is not of any value for them and they alone can make a leader as well as destroy his power, land will have its importance and will never be misused.

Lastly, I conclude with a story which is taught in elementary classes,about the importance of land.A farmer who is very poor works hard to possess his plot, where he cultivates and gets some money out of the harvest.Some has to be given as tax.Due to drought he fails to pay his taxes for a couple of years but never gives up the hope of possessing the land.The village head finally puts a challenge that he can own the whole part of land if he goes round it for a couple of times.Though the farmer was old, he has the greed to possess the whole plot and so starts running from dawn to dusk and finally by late in the evening gets exhausted and falls down and expires.The next day while cremation, the piece of land needed was only 6 feet. The moral of the story is,one should never have the greed to possess something which he cannot handle or doesn't deserve !

Power of Land

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    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      3 years ago

      Soumya it's an interesting hub, you have dealt with the subject with useful informations. Thanks for sharing. Voted up.


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