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Prejudice and Freedom of Speech

Updated on May 29, 2011

I recently read this shocking comment about Muslims, from a reputable hubber which stunned me…..

He/she wrote, I Quote ...

"I mean, what has the Islamic world given us in the past 500 years? Oil? They didn't know it was there, how to get it out of the ground, or what use it had if they did. Camels don't use oil.".....

Some may say, “What about freedom of speech?” This person should have the right to say whatever they want. Well let me tell you this, do you know that Hitler also had the freedom of speech when he wrote Mein Kampf. In the book, this sociopath wrote that the Jews were the inferior race. This freedom of speech he was granted, proved to be dangerous and affected millions. Who would have thought that his words would lead many to the gas chambers. Twenty years later, the same man who published this book was also responsible for the extermination of six million humans.

In many cases, yes I do believe that we are entitled to freedom of thought and speech. And I as a writer at times do cover some controversial topics that could attack certain characters, social issues or political groups. But for me or any other writer to write discriminatory comments or articles about a certain race or religion is a hazard. And it troubles me, when words as these to put Muslims in the same category as “Camels” is used freely on a respectable revenue generating website as hub pages, by a reputable hubber who’s as I type this is at score 100 with over twenty five hundred followers. Then I’m sure he/she will have a great influence on many people, who trust him/her and their judgment.

Others may also say, “Well maybe this person is making an accurate statement?” Then let me ask you this; Do you think it’s fair to say that all Christians killed witches at the stake? The problem is not whether or not Muslims have contributed to society, but rather putting the whole belief system into one box. As we all know, we have Muslims in every race who have made many contributions to the world. And did you miss this sentence in this writers comment? “Camels don't use oil." Now I find this attack not only extremely red neck like, but also a threat to peace. For any human to think that he/she is above another because they belong to a certain race, is disturbing, yet more so when they call themselves a respectable writer.

Finally, a true writer to me, is an artist, a lover of humanity. A writer is someone who can put themselves into every race and religion’s shoes and goes deep with an understanding of empathy, analyses with an open mind. A writer is someone who not only influences the masses, but his words may hold true power. Their words of hatred and bigotry may spread like a disease, to nations far. Their words are as forceful as a gas chamber, with the annihilation of nations.


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