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President Obama And Secularists' Difficulty In Understanding Terror Groups Like ISIS....

Updated on February 16, 2015

President Obama And Secularists' Difficulty In Understanding Terror Groups Like ISIS….

Make no mistake, those of you who have read this blog know how I feel about President Obama - but many of you also know that because of my Traditional Christianity that the ‘truth’ is not relative to me and so too is objectivity… at least it should not be for someone like myself who say that I am a Traditional Christian. Objectively, no one, so far, has successfully prosecuted The War Against Terror, via Drones strikes, better than President Obama. One might say, as a critic, that our President is successful only because Drone strikes do not involve ‘boots on the ground’ and the like, but whatever it is, I still must objectively give credit where worthy credit is due… and so it is for President Obama who has been lethal in our Drone strikes that have taken out many a terrorist, especially in the Afghani, Pakistani, and Yemeni war theatres.

It would be great if President Obama prosecuted the rest of the by-products of our overall Foreign policy with such aplomb as he does in overseeing our Drone strikes, but this is not the case when dealing with the other aspects of our adrift Foreign policy. This seemingly inept, laid-back, indolent attitude toward America’s Foreign policy is frighteningly dangerous for our Geo-policies, and moreover, our Homeland Security. With that said, I am still not one of those who thinks that the President and his advisors are deliberately trying to destroy America… in my humble opinion, it is simply, I hope, a case of ideology dipped into narcissism that is hampering our resolve against ISIS so far. I do have a question for the Secular Messiah (President Obama): where is the visceral passion for dealing with ISIS our President displays, along with the banner waving, even going so far as to get his wife and children involved, we see when an athlete comes out and says that he or she is gay?

From the beginning of President Obama’s tenure, he has shown a tendency for not being comfortable with America’s vaunted power and inherent "Exceptionalism." We have heard his speeches given in the confines of Europe and in Egypt, which seem to apologize for our supposed wrongs... and equating the rest of the world’s ‘Exceptionalism’ to that of ours. The other prong of the current administration's regime that is adversely affecting our dealings with ISIS is President Obama's narcissism; like most narcissists, President Obama, apparently, also believes that making a speech is going to have the world fawn and sway in his ideological direction, akin to the same effect he has had on the members of his cult of personality that make up his followers. And just how President Obama and the intellectual, Secular Sheepdom do not understand Traditional Christians on matters of their Faith, so it is too that they do not truly understand or refuse to understand a terror group like ISIS.' One of the first rules of combating an enemy is knowing thoroughly and intimately who it is....

In Grad school, ad nauseam, those who were Christians would hear the constant refrain: your believing in Christ Jesus/and the tenets of the Bible are tantamount to the legal concept of “Willful Blindness,” against, what to them (Darwin’s Evolution), is obvious, empirical evidence of the contrary... and that is probably the kindness thing Secular critics of Christianity have to say. So it is that President Obama and the Secularists do not understand ISIS because what the terror group 'stands for' and its religious believes do not make logical sense intellectually to the former, and, moreover, a President Obama’s speech to the contrary… combating such ignorant beliefs or his support of Ecumenism that should sway ISIS. But alas, the beheading are happening and will continue....

I find it ironic that President Obama and many Liberals are castigating ISIS for beheading two of our citizens; and, do not get me wrong, they are right to feel that way... but does anyone else noticed how similar the be-headings of our citizen journalists are to that of the Aborted children, whose brains, on a daily basis, are sucked out or whose tiny heads/bodies are destroyed under the sanctioned murders, wholeheartedly supported and championed by President Obama and his constituents. President Obama and those even went so far as to carve out a murderous exception to the Hippocratic Oath for doctors - who are sworn to do no harm - to permit these men and women in white lab coats to murder these children with immunity. We have further codified and rationalized our mandate to murder unborn children as a woman's right to choose (Abortion); however, the rhetorical question that begs itself is: are we morally superior to ISIS... perhaps, we may think so because our murdering of children is done in private, unlike ISIS' whose be-headings are on the Internet for all to see.

And just how no one can convince me otherwise - I hope in Christ Jesus - that Abortion is not murder, in most cases or that sleeping with married women is not an abomination or that same sex marriage is not an affront to the teachings of Christ Jesus or that Israel does not belongs to the Jews alone or that it is wrong for me to simply bear false witness against my brother… so it is that we cannot convince or appease ISIS with speeches replete with kumbaya themes. Does anyone thinks that I posit those Christian beliefs above because I am ‘Holier’ than my brothers and sisters who are gay - of course not! I placed credence in those Christian tenets because the Bible, which for me is the actual Word of God, says that, from a plain Traditional interpretive point of view, engaging in those proscribed behaviors are sinful trespasses… and that if anyone dies in said sinful trespasses without asking for Christ’ forgiveness will result in spending eternity in a literal burning Hell.

Now, you may say that such beliefs and interpretation of the Holy Scriptures are utter nonsense - but the fact is that many, including I, truly believe them; and so it is too for ISIS' members who believe that their actions, no matter how 'bloodlettingly' barbaric, will result in a heavenly reward that cannot be had in this life. Until President Obama, the Secularists, and those of us in the West, in general, come to grips with what we are facing, we cannot combat ISIS' threats, resulting in our being in constant, ongoing danger. Ask yourself, why would a Bin Laden - with all his billions and multiple wives - would forgo all those hedonistic perks for his jihad against the West, which had him on the run living in caves and ultimately costing him his life or why would a father from Minnesota leaves his beautiful wife and children to die for ISIS in Syria?

I beseech President Obama to take on the posture of the Israelis on how they deftly handle terrorism because even though that Israel is seen as the Little Satan by Muslim terrorists, yet its airlines are the safest to fly in that quadrant of the world. To further flesh out how the Israelis handle terrorists... years ago, the terror group, Hamas was conspicuous and vocal in its supports to bomb civilians/Jews in Israel. Hamas and its leadership was warned not to support wanton terrorism against Israeli civilians, a warning it leaders/members refused to heed, resulting in the death of its leader, who happened, if I recalled correctly, was actually handicapped and required a wheel chair to move around. The successor also refused to relent and continue Hamas' vocal and operational support of blowing up pizza parlors with pregnant women and children were patronizing - he too paid with his life while traveling down the streets in his Mercedes... and, as it is the wont of Israel, the Jewish state let the world know that it was responsible for the state sanctioned assassinations of the two Hamas' leaders.

President Obama is often accused of being detached and 'professorial,' but this not the time to be so, and if our President is going to be 'professorial,' then he must use those persuasive skills to convince the public at large what a danger ISIS is. Lest we forget that ISIS controls a land mass as big as some of our smaller states combined and it has hundreds of millions in its coffers and it believes that the pleasures of virgins are part of its members respective rewards/entourages for eternity. With ISIS members having access to Western passports and the ability to blend into our Western countries... are all elements that make ISIS a formidable, growing threat.

The time is warp-speed approaching when terror groups like ISIS will have the military wherewithal, via weapons of mass destruction, to lay waste to entire cities in these United States.... I can only hope that we have a posture then to be even more lethal in our response, or moreover, our deterrence. You know the iconic dialogue - as to how to deal with the gangster, Al Capone - between Sean Connery and Kevin Costner, the latter portraying Elliot Ness in the movie, The Untouchables: "He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue." In the same vengeful/deterrent vein: You lay waste to one of our cities, we lay waste to your country - in its entirety!


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