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President Obama Is About To Give Almost Two Dozens F-16s To Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood...

Updated on July 15, 2013

President Obama Is About To Give Almost Two Dozens F-16s TO Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood…

I have said before that when America falls… even her most intrepid enemies will genuinely weep because I have never seen a country so lenient to her enemies than the U.S.A. And let us be honest, it is not only President Obama or Democratic Presidents who toy with our enemies or give them the means to our destruction… but under Republican Presidents too - only now, under President Obama, we are down right suicidal. I know to most Americans, it seems to me, that no matter what President Obama does that is a detriment to this storied country, it is always someone else’s fault, yet like Don Quixote, I will still fight what seem like windmills and hope that the truth gets through to some. Those who regular read this blog know that I convey the truth no matter what… and hear we are about to deliver twenty F-16s and 200 tanks to Egypt. It would have been easier to report that America was fulfilling a contractual obligation, but the arms in question are about to be given gratis this coming February; these arms were promised to Mubarak, the former Egyptian ruler; however, the fruition of the largess will take effect under the current Muslim Brotherhood regime that even President Obama does not deem an ally.

There are dire ramifications involved in giving the current Egyptian regime these air-crafts and tanks: the F-16s can travel to Israel and deliver payloads without refueling and the sophisticated technology can and probably will end up in Iran, China, or Russia. I personally care more about the short flight it would take for an F-16 to reach Israel’s soil and gravely threaten our only friend in the region - and furthermore, it is does not makes it any easier when I think that in my humble opinion that the first chance President Obama gets… that he will throw Israel under the proverbial Saracens’ bus. I know that giving this regime these weapons are fraught with danger because the current government in Egypt sits by while the Coptic Christians are slaughtered and their churches burned and I know who they are trying to curry favor with in the region and beyond. Yet, we are scheduled to give them millions and our best weapons, which I know will come back to haunt us. Just the fact that there are those who have to argue against the Obama Administration making this Trojan Horse Delivery tell you what ignorance we are dealing with in the current White House.

I did not do enough personal research on one aspect of this current issue, so I have to wonder out loud what senator or congressman is assenting to these weapons going to Egypt… it is bad enough over a billion dollars is due the Muslim Brotherhood regime, but these lethal weapons too. I take a little comfort knowing that the last major war Israel fought in the early Eighties, the Russian - who gave and supplied Israel’s enemies with her latest air-crafts (MIGs) - were embarrassed by the Israeli jet fighters who shot the MIGs out of the skies during the dog fights and I hope that the same will happen if our F-16s end up in Egypt. As for the tanks, I have confidence in the Israeli Army to defend herself against them too and do so valiantly. But I will say again that the fact that this issue is being debated is shameful and disturbing to say the least… we might as well give Al Queada the suitcase bomb it covets for them to explode it in one of our major cities.

Somehow the Obama Administration's tacit support for Israel’s enemies (like allowing the weapons to stealthily reach Egypt) is conspicuous to me and many of my Traditional Christian brethren and just how many of us knew how he would vote concerning gay marriage, etc, so too we know his private stance on the Jewish State. Indeed… President Obama in many ways is like the Pharaoh that governed during Moses' era and I hope in Christ Jesus that his fate and legacy are not the same because like most Traditional Christians… I pray fervently for our President hoping that the wrath of God does not come down on him/us. As someone who knows scriptures concerning Israel, I know that all the world will abandon her… save for the Traditional Christians and though it makes me sad, I cannot go against the Word of God... yet I do not want to hasten Israel's abandonment, ergo my worries when weapons that could harm her get into her enemies' hands.

The worst sin that can befall human kind is for us to believe a lie… it is where the Lord says that He will allow us to have reprobate minds (Romans 1:28)... believing in all sort of perversions… and so it is in the current White House… manifested in the expressed support we give to some social issues and to our foreign policy, especially involving the late great alliance we had with the Apple of God’s Eye (Israel).


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York

      True - but those guys are known as the smartest guys in the room, yet they do this.

    • anoocre8ion profile image

      Amy 4 years ago from Texas

      You cannot give weapons to those who hate you and expect them not to use them against you.