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President Obama’s Cowardly Betrayal Of Israel....

Updated on December 25, 2016

President Obama’s Cowardly Betrayal Of Israel….

For almost five years, since I have been writing for this forum, I have warned of President Obama’s/the Democratic Party’s intention to formally betray Israel… completing the troika of abominations against the Biblical tenets of Christ Jesus. First, it was the Democratic Party’s adoption and codification of the right to murder babies (Abortion via Roe V. Wade 1973), even in their ninth month; second, the Supreme Court’s decision to re-define marriage - an abomination wholly supported by President Obama and the Democratic Party; and three, the formal betrayal of Israel that was done yesterday by abstention by the United States in a vote in the United Nations, which basically compels the carving up of the land of Israel that the Lord gave to Abraham for the Jewish people... as recorded in the Book of Genesis.

I posit again my recent refrain -- how could anyone claims to be a Christian, or moreover, a Traditional Christian, and supports the Democratic Party? I am no Prophet or Seer, however, I simply was given discernment and sight by the Holy Spirit to see the demonic forces working within President Obama and the Democratic Party. To that end, I say for the umpteenth time that there is nothing more vile or wicked when we, as Human Beings, partake in the wholesale murder of babies and that once we crossed that threshold - over 50 million murdered so far in our Holocaust of the Unborn – then breaching other Biblical moral rules becomes academic. It is why President Obama and the Democratic Party can so easily and so nonchalantly re-define marriage and now has prepared and paved the demonic darkened pathway for the formal betrayal of Israel… it is akin to the old adage that says: in for a penny in for a pound, which can be translated that if President Obama and the Democrats have wholeheartedly support the right to murder babies… then nothing else to President Obama/Democrats is morally off limits!

Where Are The Pillars of The Black Churches?

You are not going to hear nary a peep or sound from the so called African American church, especially from the mega-preachers. This is shamefully so because President Obama is Black and that trumps Christ Jesus and his teachings… and so that the very ‘pride’ that caused Satan to fall like lightening from his heavenly abode has become a demonic stronghold in our churches… including mine. The contrary thinking is that because President Obama is Black -- he has carte blanche to pervert the tenets of Christ Jesus, no matter how egregious and abominable the perversions are. In my church and elsewhere, when one dares to criticize President Obama for his Un-Godly policies, including the recent defacto betrayal of Israel, we are going to hear that one should pray for President Obama - and right they are - and that the Bible says that 'these things' must come pass and right they are again. However, the irony of 'these things' coming to pass is that all these issues just so happened to fall under President Obama’s/the Democratic Party’s watch.

Incidentally, this is how one knows that the demonic stronghold of Pride is rampant in the Black churches, because, had a White President sanctioned and presided over Abortion, same-sex marriage, and the betrayal of Israel, that White President would not have been given any quarter by those same Christians who are supporting President Obama. There are those in the Black churches, who, with straight faces, will tell you that had they known if that President would have sanctioned same-sex marriage and now Israel’s betrayal, that they would not have voted for him -- this is a bold face lie from the pit of hell because many of these same Christians cast their unholy vote for Secretary of State Clinton who believes in the same abominations that President Obama do!

I say to every Christian who supports President Obama and the Democratic Party… that every baby that is murdered through Abortion; that every child who believes that it is morally ok for same-sex marriage because he or she heard so from President Obama’s bully pulpit or from the Democratic platform; and that every child who believes that the land of Israel is occupied territory and that it should be partition… that the blood of the Aborted children and the other grave, abominable sins of blatantly going against the stated teachings of Christ Jesus, are on these Christians proverbial backs. I was searching for an apt analogy to describe the responsibilities of the Black and other Christians who vote Democrat… knowing the latter’s anti-Christ Jesus’ political/social platform and my beloved mother gave it to me. My mother said that if a friend told me that he or she were going to rob a bank and I saw said friend with a gun and then I still decided to drive the get-away car… and during the robbery, someone is shot and killed inside the bank – will not the Secular Law that governs Criminal acts also charge me with Felony Murder like my friend who actually pulled the gun trigger? How much more the Lord will hold many of us Christians responsible for knowingly and willfully vote for those Democratic politicians, including President Obama, for advocating, supporting, and making laws against the Lord’s teachings?

Now We Know Why The Lord Worked A Miracle To Put Donald Trump In The White House. The Lord sees around corners and foresaw President Obama’s betrayal like I have been warning about for the last five years or so.In addition, the fact that the Lord is omniscient and notwithstanding the other shameful fact that most of the members of the Black Churches will also betray him too on this latest issue of Israel’s betrayal, is why Donald Trump is the President Elect. It is ironic that last week, and some might say that the President Elect Trump was prescient, when he chose a bona-fide hawk as his pending Israeli Ambassador and that the President Elect also saw fit to float the idea of moving the current Israeli Capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. More to the point at hand that whatever President Obama thought that he had done in the United Nations yesterday to stab Israel in the back… will be voided when President Elect Trump takes office in January. By the way, does anyone really thinks that President Obama would have betrayed Israel if the voting on that issue - of Israel's partition - that took place in the United Nations were scheduled before the Presidential Election?

I suppose that President Obama want more curses to be heaped upon him from the Lord… does he not realize that his only signature legislation (Obama-Care) is now at the mercy of President Elect Trump and that this is the only noted legislative legacy President Obama has to show for eight years of apparent Presidential indolence? Moreover, the Black Christians, who support President Obama and the Democratic Party, must be intimately familiar and privy to what the Lord gave Moses to record in Genesis 12:3: I will bless those who blesses Israel and I will curse those who curses Israel or the admonition of the Lord, as recorded by the Prophet Joel, about the grave and dire consequences for those who dare to partition Israel (Joel 3)? It is a fearful thing to be the Benedict Arnold of the Apple of the Lord’s eye (Israel) - Zechariah 2:8… but alas, apparently, President Obama, the Democratic Party, and many Christians in our Black churches want to be remembered and be recorded in the annuls of Heaven as such….

As it is my wont, I have used music -- here, Hezekiah Walker’s, Every Praise, to help flesh out the themes of this blog. Drill down into the hyperlink and enjoy!


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 13 months ago from New York

      Yes it is - even more grating when it is coming from Christians who are placing racial pride before the Gospel... unable to objectively call out President Obama for the damage he has done to the Body-of-Christ. Merry Christmas and longevity in Christ Jesus.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of pissants promisem and deantraylor 13 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      Well said and well written in the spirit of calling a spade a spade VP (no pun intended).

      It's amazing, after all the lies and race baiting Obama participates in that his minions call anyone who calls him out on what he does and says for what it is, a racist. Yet if you explain how nutso they are they accuse you of a personal attack.