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President Trump Is A Disgrace

Updated on April 9, 2019
jada67 profile image

Trump is a poor excuse to be president of one of the greats countries in the world. The party of the republican live in fear Trump.

Trump Abuse The Power of The Constitution

The president is thinking to bring back family separation, separating parents from their children. Trump is sending a message to immigrants who come across illegally that their children will be taken away from them if they set foot across the border. What human with a conscience could do such a callous act to children.

How can Americans sit back in good faith and watch Trump destroy the lives of innocent children? Donald Trump is a disgrace to America, a country that was once great but now in doubt. This president behavior is not dangerous, outrages and frightening for the safety of the people and our country. The swamp needs to be clean of Trump, Ivanka, Jared, Marvaney, Sarah Sandler, Miller, and Kelly Conway.

Every president has shown their taxes, all except Donald J. Trump. For two years Trump has lied about his taxes with Americans accepting the words of a man who constantly lies. Trump said when it came to his financials, he drew a red line that no one would cross.

No president in history has ever disgraced the White House like president Donald Trump, not even Richard Nixon. He uses and abuses the Constitution of the United States without shame and his Party protecting him by turning their heads to the facts. Trump wants to be a one-man crew with the Republican party being, his little soldiers obeying the words of the master.

Form two years Trump has caused Chaos calling names using bad languages on national television and prevaricating daily without justification. Trump made a campaign promise to get rid of Obama healthcare plan the day he stepped in the White House but for two years he couldn't get it done. Trump is rushing to come up with any kind of plan but the Republicans can't, now he is waiting until the 20/20 after they win the election to get rid of Obama Health care.

Trump made a visit to the border pretending they had built a patched up wall. Trump told the Border Security that the system was full and that America would not take any more. People are coming from all over to cross the border into This country to make a better life for themselves but Trump is making worse. Trump can look at some of the immigrants and see that they are the gang member and bad people from a look.

When Trump was sworn in he took an oath to protect and serve the Constitution of the United States of America, not to destroy the words of our four fathers. The president is a mean hateful man with no compassion for anyone except himself, he is willing to let millions of Americans go without insurances to keep the promise he made to his supporters. The president is manipulating the people Americans he will replace Obama HealthCare not because they have something to replace it with. Trump is trying to destroy anything affiliated with Obama name.


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