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President Trump: Is There Anything Good About Him?

Updated on April 23, 2019

The Mueller report showed POTUS' white house full of lies, deceit among themselves, and to the general public. There is betrayal and backstabbing from the King himself. His claims of numerous accounts being "fake news" were not. Trump, like many of his devotees, are arguing just to save face, to obstruct, to divert attention, to scandalize, any story or fact reported that is unfavorable. It is Nixon revisited in an age of instant communication and tweets.

Anyone who is unbiased and reads Volume 2 of the Mueller Report on Trump's obstruction can only come away with astonishment. Astonishment about how Trump tried to steer the investigation into him. Tried to "advise" his attorney and others, to conduct questionable activities to get rid of Mueller, just as Nixon did. It was obstruction then, and it is obstruction now. The obstruction can fail (as it did with Trump's attorney and with Sessions, both men Trump appointed. When they refused to fire or impede Mueller's investigators, Trump called them names. They were loyal to the rule of law of America, while Trump was and remains, disloyal to the rule of law. He is a despicable person in so many ways and not only in presidential terms.

But, if we can look at the good he has done over the past two years, what can we identify?

  • Job growth is certainly doing well as compared to prior president's
  • The stock market and IRA's are certainly rebounding very well, at least, mine are
  • In foreign policy, one can say that how he has dealt with Iranian sanctions is a good thing, even though, they now threaten to close the Strait of Hormuz and have a serious presence in Syria and Lebanon. As to his claims that ISIS was destroyed by himself and it is dead, seems to be moot in light of Sri Lanka terror attack killing 300.
  • Jewish supporters and many Americans will look at his strong support of Israel a good thing. I agree, with his moves there so far, but the game is not over yet. Syria has created odd bedfellows- Russia and Israel being allied against Iran. Russia is also allied with Iran.
  • The overall economy seems to be robust for now, but Trump has had his ups and downs.
  • The repair of infrastructure across the USA never began despite his campaign promises. If it has, where?
  • His Tax Reform did make the filing of income taxes simpler, but they are still complicated.
  • His immigration policy is still a mess and there is little doubt he will try to stop all asylum seekers and make legal immigration harder and longer. He can limit the number of visas available and make it a longer process to discourage.

So, to sum up, Trump has done a few things good, so give him credit. Nearly all of them deal with the economy. But, except for these few things, he will go down as one of the worst presidents and one of the least liked presidents. Of course, things can change and get better or worse.

Stay tuned.


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